fosters meme: character you liked and now dislike: wyatt + reasons why
+ bonus: I also didn’t like it when he asked her to tell him about Liam and called her screwed up when she didn’t. I also didn’t like it when he left his family to live in a car - that was just stupid. I hate that I liked him in the first place purely because he has cool hair - that was shallow. 

Being that my job is soul-crushingly repetitive, I tend to get very bored. The only way I can entertain myself is by latching onto whatever odd thought pops into my head. It’s usually pretty random, but today takes the cake. Today, it was “the opening song of Cats, performed by WWE Superstars.”

I… I don’t even know anymore. I can’t begin to explain how that happened. But I’m definitely tempted to script the thing so you all can experience the madness, too. XP


Well.. Wyatt and I (and my siblings) officially have THOSE kids. We were eating our lunch and our kids were having fun but being loud. We had an older man, eating, come over to our table and ask us to leave. Regardless, it was a good time and we enjoyed it.