Can we talk about how Bea and Ben both lean in like they’re magnetized to each other or something? And can we talk about how it’s both intensely passionate and soft and sweet simultaneously? And can we talk about how for a couple seconds afterward there they just sort of stare at each other and smile those big, doofy smiles and it’s like nothing else exists in the whole world except them and they’re just so in love?  I just…



Also, let me just say, kudos to harriettstella and awkward-manatea for that one. That kiss hit all the right notes. 


Prue and Phoebe have just come home from a fab late-night shopping spree and what’s not to love about this scene SERIOUSLY? Prue thinks she’s spent too much money and Phoebe assures her it’s fine (please forget that I didn’t screencap that, I AM A TERRIBLE PERSON). But while Prue’s fretting that Piper might not approve of all the money spent, Piper comes in with Leo.

The big question is what were Piper and Leo doing before this? SHE IS WEARING LEO’S SHIRT. Why? How? Were they making out in the kitchen after she’d cooked him a delicious dinner? Had he slipped her dress off to feel her up (AND MAYBE MORE OMFG SOMEONE GET ME SOME ICE WATER)? But then it got too chilly in the kitchen, so he gave her his shirt and suggested they go somewhere a little warmer aka the bedroom?

In the first gif he’s jogging backwards and tugging her like he was trying to convince her to go upstairs. Maybe she wanted to stay right there in the kitchen because she was having too much fun. Maybe he had to basically drag her out with promises of all the things they could do on a comfy mattress (WHERE IS THAT ICE WATER ALREADY?).

So they’re heading upstairs, him coaxing her along, when Sistus Interruptus come along and she accidentally freezes him in her panic. She trips on his ankle and skids along the ground and OUCH that looks like it hurts. Look at her adorable sheepish expression. It freaking kills me every time I watch this episode.

But you know what else kills me? Phoebe’s little snort, because OHMYGOD THESE GIRLS ADORE EACH OTHER SO MUCH. They both help her up. There’s no judging, no horror. It’s a funny and ridiculous situation, the type you’d have with BFFs. Prue’s expression in the 6th gif is totally: “you are such an idiot and I love you.”

Like holy shit we are basically a minute into the episode and I am at this stage already.