2855. Every Valentines Day, Pantha’s room if filled up to the brim with flowers. Some from fan’s, A lot from Wildebeest, because he loves his mommy, but most are from Mas y Menos and Red Star. Once, the twins accidentally sent Pantha the ‘big bouquet’, that was meant for Starfire, when they were sending flowers to the women Teen Titans. In order not to feel outdone, Red Star sent her even more, bringing the two into a friendly, and funny, competition on who can send Pantha more flowers. Wildebeest always wins at the last minute and Pantha prefers chocolate.

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wxey said:

I'm hoping to improve/practice my pastel work, do you have any sketches/lineart/screenshots you want me to color?

Ooh. Instead of a screenshot, what about a comic scan? There’s a panel that I love but I’ve always wanted in color. 


I’m not even sure if it’s possible to color this? So if you can’t I understand. If you can, I can provide the colors they’re supposed to be if you’re not sure. Also, would it be asking too much to ask you to try to remove Pantha’s whiskers and the speech bubble?

I can provide something else instead if you want.

Ich wurde von der lieben casper-ist-so-perfekt getaggt, dankeschön :)


Bei meiner Familie und Eastbourne finde ich wundershön
2. Auf was freust du dich zur Zeit?

nächstes Jahr Dockville und meinen 18.
3. Wo würdest du gerne mal Leben?

Ich finde Hamburg immer noch super. ich könnte mir aber auch vorstellen in England oder Australien zu leben.
4. Lieber Winter oder Sommer?

ich bin ein totaler wintermensch. ich hasse den sommer so.
5. Was ist das schönste was man je zu dir gesagt hast?

Das ich wunderschön bin und sowas von bestimmten personen zu hören ist so toll.
6. Lieblingssüßigkeit?

7. Bist du lieber alleine oder unter Menschen?

Ich bin gerne unter Leuten aber wenn es Menschen sind die ich hasse dann bevorzuge ich es alleine zu sein.
8. Wer ist dein Lieblingsmensch?

Opa. Auch wenn er nicht mehr da ist . <3
9. Lieber normal oder verrückt?

Richtig bekloppt ist immer gut.
10. Was für filme magst du am liebsten?

in letzer Zeit guck ich lieber so liebesfilme wie the notebook oder rubinrot oder horrorfilme

und mein lieblingfilm ist könig der Löwen und die tribute von panem 
11. Gibt es etwas, dem du gar nicht wiederstehen kannst?


Meine Fragen:

1. lieblingssänger/in oder Lieblingsband?

2. Was hast du in den Sommerferien gemacht?

3. Bist du schonmal mit einem Flugzeug geflogen?

4 wie alt warst du bei deinem ersten Kuss?

5. Welche berühmte person würdest du gerne mal treffen oder hast du bereits getroffen?

6. Lieblingstumblrblog? (Sagt jetzt nichts falsches spaß :))

7. Welche Festivals würdest du gerne besuchen?

8. Langschläfer oder Frühaufsteher?

9. Bist du verliebt?

10. Was findest du eklig?

11. Kennst du Sierra Kidd? wenn ja Wie findest du seine Musik? 

Ich hoffe ihr mögt meine Fragen haha :) Viel Spasß eim beantworten

Ich tagge:






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I was tagged by irishtacos (eee I’ve never been tagged in one of these :D)

1. What band or song do you listen to when you’re sad?

Lately it’s I See Fire by Ed Sheeran but overall it’s The Mess I Made by Parachute.

2. The boldest thing you’ve ever done?

I’ve admitted to someone that I like them while I was still with another person :/

3. If you could have any job without worrying about your qualifications (like you want to be a singer even if you suck at singing) or worrying about the pay, what job would you want?

I would want to be an artist.  It is always so calming to draw.

4. What’s a book that has impacted your life?

Fat Cat by Robin Brande just because I have had a lot of issues with my weight and what not.

5. Who’s your favorite celebrity?

I am obsessed with Jeremy Renner. Ugh those arms.

6. A movie that always makes you ugly cry?

Titanic.  I can never watch it all the way through. Ever.

7. What fictional world would you want to live in?

Hogwarts! I’ve really wanna be able to do magic.

8. If you had 3 wishes from a genie (with the typical genie wish rules) what would you wish for?

1. being able to shape shift into anything or anyone

2. being able to magically produce whatever food I want whenever I want it

3.be able to have the exact change for anything I want every time I go to the register

9. What fictional character would you want as your best friend?

Definitely Bolin from Legend of Korra.  

10. If you could have the same voice as any singer who would you choose?

hmmm either Ariana Grande or Meghan Trainor.  I really like that old fashion voice style that can hit the high notes but it almost bass-y.  It’s so beautiful.

11. What do you think you blog about the most?

It’s probably either pictures of animals or Legend of Korra I think

Here are my questions for you!

1. What food do you constantly have to have in your house?

2. Who do you go to when you are sad/ emotional?

3. What kind of tattoo would you want?

4. If you could have any animal as a pet (and it would be nice to you) what kind of animal would you want?

5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

6. What book would you want to see created into a movie?

7.  Would you prefer living on your own or with roommates?

8. Have you ever wished to live in a movie world? If so, which?

9. What electronic could you never live without?

10. Do you sleep with a nightlight or in pitch darkness?

11. What do you turn to when you can’t sleep at night?