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(we hurts you cause you asked us to hurts you knight of flowers; that meme is one of our favorites, yes precious Loras that is why [I -- was going to delete that and right something not creepy but I'm forty-five minutes away from getting to leave my office and the only one left on my floor so no. creeper gollum impression can stand. But -- still. "Break my heart" memes are my favorites :) ])

-narrows eyes at gollum athos-

dont like u even more now

u sleep with mah sister

u cause me pain

~judging u~

Today in my sterile products prac I accidentally stuck the needle into my hand and then it was just hanging out there in my hand and I didn’t know what to do.
I just yanked it out and continued the prac.
When I finished and got out the lab my glove was full of blood. I didn’t tell the lab Demi becos I didn’t want to get marked down for like lab safety or something.
It was a new needle though, and I think it was just like saline in the syringe.
It’s all swollen and bruised looking now.

hmmsnndwwch replied to your post:i sorta regret not going to the hs photoshoot at…

I think I have a photo of you though! I can probably get it posted today.

WELL YEAH U i think youre the only one really. theres a couple other people who got me and ambers (admiral fef)’s pix but god knows if theyre even tagging otastuck or if ill have to sift thru THE WHOLE OTAKON TAG. im too lazy to go all the way through either tag ill live with ur picture.