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summary: au; the kingdom of misthaven’s prince killian jones is on the hunt for a bride. enter emma swan, and a whole slew of women from all over the land, in a massive dating game in the middle of building turmoil with the dark one and evil queen. captain swan. (loosely based on the selection by kiera cass)

word count: ~4500

rating: T

also on: ff.net

catch up here: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen


During breakfast the morning after the ball, everyone’s excitement is still wild and loud. Emma finds herself smiling as she sits at the table, ready for a new day and a fresh start with Killian. 

She’s been really thinking about it and she’s ready. She wants a relationship with him, but she needs to set boundaries and she wants to be wanted. She knows he’s going to be more than willing to give her what she wants and maybe it’s just the airiness of the dining room, but she truly thinks, for once, that things will be different. 

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Have updated the story timeline so I can start planning where I want to insert fics. 

There’s a LOT of time in Kattegat that isn’t covered in canon. If I have my years right, Horik dies in late summer 801, and then s3 picks up in winter 802. They sail to Wessex again in spring 802, then back to Kattegat later that summer. Then there’s a giant hole between when Judith knows she’s pregnant/the attack on the settlement (fall 802) to when the babies are born the next spring. 

There is, in other words, an awful lot of space for me to fill. 

*cracks knuckles*

OK, muse. Let’s do this thing. 

Finishing What Was Started

Seconds turned to minutes turned to those hours. Faervell lost track of them at some point, as he commonly did in his evenings. Especially as the time seemed to drag on when he had his eyes glued to the pages of the books before him. Endless numbers lined the pages, scribbled notes, odd combinations of letters and numbers made paired with names. It was a book written in it’s own private language that only those that were privy to the authors thoughts would ever understand the true meaning.

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Kitty update - 30 March 2015

A few of you may have known behind the scenes that I was full of cold a couple weeks ago. About 10 days ago that turned into a nasty chest infection with a high fever which eventually devolved into pneumonia. 

I am feeling much better now. It no longer feels as though both kitties are sitting on my chest and I am able to speak without coughing and gasping for breath. My voice still makes Lauren Bacall sound like a soprano - probably a good time to re-record my outgoing voicemail.

Thank you to all of you who sent me messages asking if all was well. Apologies to those of you who heard nothing in reply. I am still very tired and still recuperating, but I will be back in my usual purring form in due course.

And now that Mydhilde’s Pre-Alpha is launched, here’s what’s going to happen:

  • I’m going to write an update log soon, to talk about the new features I added since I went Alpha-silent.
  • I’m going to take a break from production. Maybe catch up with drawings or something, but I gotta chillax after working hard on getting that release ready.
  • Going to get that March entry for Zodiac Jam done soon.
  • I’m gonna get to making those major updates on Mydhilde when I’m done with my break.
  • I’ll be resuming frequent posting about Mydhilde development, Mydhilde Weekly Updates, and pushing out occasional content updates. Game updates will be free to everyone until we reach Alpha status.
  • Mydhilde updates will now be posted on the Mydhilde Blog for now on.
YMYL Update

Title: “You are my Magic, You are my Light”

Summary: “It’s okay not to be motivated,” he says quietly, his face still pointed at the ceiling. He seems far away, as though thinking back to a different time. “Sometimes you just have to be interested, and then slowly your motivation builds itself up.”

Beta’d by: Sky Veneziano

Disclaimer: I do not own Tokyo Ghoul nor do I own any of the characters. I don’t own Fairy Tail, either.

Chapter: “Escapes and Magical Possibilities”

You can also read this on FF.net  AO3


Hide grins from ear to ear, his laugh loud in the quiet streets of Moirai, and Kaneki finds himself smiling with him.

Hide knew jumping out the window wasn’t a good idea, but the rush of free-falling was just so tempting that he couldn’t resist. The bottoms of his feet hurt as they hit the ground, an audible smack ringing in his ears. Pain shoots through his ankles, quickly climbing up the rest of his leg. He clenches his teeth, keeping the smile on his face and laughing to keep from focusing on the ache of his bones.

“Told you it’d be fine,” he chuckles, sprinting down the sidewalk with Kaneki’s hand still in his. He looks back at Kaneki, and their eyes meet, and then there’s a smile on his face, and Hide’s grin widens.  

“Yeah,” Kaneki wheezes, nearly tripping over his own feet, “Y-yeah, you did.”

Hide’s smile fades from his face as he watches Kaneki’s panting increase. He turns his head back to watch where they’re going, looking for a place that would be empty at this hour. Kaneki’s aunt wasn’t dangerous, but her husband wasn’t someone Hide wanted to fight.

Hide runs down the path they went down earlier, the trees overhead providing shade and cooling down the area. Sunlight filters through the leaves, causing patches of light to appear throughout the quiet neighborhood. There’s a warm breeze that hits him, and the dry air causes his face to feel parched. He squeezes Kaneki’s hand without thinking, both of their hands feeling slick and clammy in the others.

The only noise is Kaneki’s wheezes and pants, and Hide knows he should slow down, but he also knows that stopping would result in a battle, and a battle would leave Kaneki worse off than running. Hide’s intuition tells him to keep going, but with every quick glance back at Kaneki, Hide feels like stopping to get the boy a drink of water.

By the time they’re at the end of the street, Hide sees their escape. An empty building. It looks old and dusty, and the windows and doors are closed up by crudely hammered wood. There’s a window up on the second story that’s open, leading into a mass of darkness, and Hide grins. Perfect.

“Kaneki,” he calls back, not taking his gaze off of the hole, “Hang onto me, we’re going up.”

He hears Kaneki whine out quietly, as though he doesn’t quite approve of going into the building, but Hide ignores him. He slows down to run side by side with Kaneki, wrapping his arm around his waist. He pushes the painting onto Kaneki, who instinctively holds it against his chest.

Hide jumps up to land on the small roof that covers the main door of the building, then launches up towards the window. He helps Kaneki climb into the room, and with a quick glance around the deserted area Hide pulls himself in.

“Woo,” Hide sighs out, feeling his body’s creeks and groans of protest, “You’re not as heavy as you look, Kaneki!” He laughs, holding back the cough he feels building up in his chest. It’s been a while since he’s had a partner to help. The thought leaves him warm on the inside, though there’s a voice in the back of his head that cackles at him.

“Won’t last, won’t last,” it giggles, mocking him. It wraps around his mind and causes him to blank out, completely absorbed into his own head. “You know why it won’t last, won’t last~”

“Just be quiet,” he whispers to himself, sighing. He takes a few deep breaths, getting his thoughts in order and calming himself down before activating his magic. He wills the light to go slowly, not wanting to blind Kaneki with a bright flash.

Hide’s body glows a dim light, steadily getting brighter and brighter. He takes the time to look around. Immediately he sees Kaneki, laying on his back, limbs spread out and his chest heaving up and down as he breathes. There’s sweat on his forehead and neck, and his shirt is damp. Hide feels bad, but decides not to mention anything for the moment. The painting lies next to him.

Hide scratches his face, peeling off the band aid from his face. He touches the exposed skin, feeling the smoothness of his cheek. The scratch is gone, but Hide knows there’s a scar. He can feel the slight difference in texture from the rest of his face. He just hopes it isn’t too noticeable.

Hide’s brown eyes turn to the window, seeing the green leaves of the trees and the very tops of buildings. He notices a flock of birds resting on one of the roofs, three white seagulls. They seem to stare back at him, and even when he turns away he can feel their gazes. It’s an unpleasant feeling.

There’s not much natural light shining into the room, but it isn’t a problem. Hide can provide all the light they needed.


The blond blinks back to reality, looking over at Kaneki, who is now seated up, his back against one of the bare walls and his legs still stretched out in front of him.

His gray eyes are wide, shining with fear, and Hide’s mind fills with confusion and dread.

There’s a sinking feeling in his gut, and instinctively he lowers the brightness of the light to a low glow. He looks over at the single door of the room. He figures it’s near a staircase, because the footsteps he hears are slowly climbing towards them.

“This is- this is the-“

Hide shushes him, looking for a place to hide. There’s a pile of boxes and a trunk. Hide curses silently.

“Kaneki,” he whispers, standing up slowly to keep from making noise, “You hide behind the boxes with the painting, I’ll go in the trunk.”


“C’mon, man,” Hide chuckles quietly, flashing one of his bright, toothy grins to mask his unease, “Just do it. It’ll be fine.”

Kaneki gives him an unbelieving look, and Hide’s grin feels forced. He is a joker, able to conceal his emotions through smiles and laughs, but Kaneki seems to be able to see right through him. The feeling of having those gray eyes analyze him was both pleasant and uncomfortable. Hide wanted to be deciphered, but the thought of being seen through was terrifying.

“Okay,” Kaneki finally mutters, hesitantly crawling behind the boxes. Hide realizes his smile has slipped from his face, and his throat constricts. He takes in a quiet, shaky breath through his nose. Hide moves a few of the boxes around, making sure Kaneki isn’t noticeable before moving to get into his own hiding spot.

Hide closes the lid of the trunk just as the doorknob begins to turn. He leaves the lid open a little, leaving a thin strip that he can see through. He makes sure he’s not using his magic, and the room is pitch black once again. The door opens, and Hide can feel the heavy footsteps of the two men entering the room. It leaves a him feeling hollow.


“I thought you heard someone in here?”

“I did! I was downstairs, and then there were loud thumps!”

Hide wants to smack himself. Shame washes over him. He had been in chases many times before, he knows what to do to keep from getting caught. And now because of his sloppiness he had put Kaneki in danger. The blond pinches his arm, making mental notes to be more efficient until they got to Anteiku.

“There’s nothing in here,” one of the two people sighed. His voice was low and gruff, like verbal sandpaper. He was a large man, taller than Hide and Kaneki combined. His arms were muscular, and on his right shoulder was a black heart with an anchor hanging off of it. Hide let out a quiet breath.

He remembers Kaneki’s disapproval of going into the building, and he once again has the urge to smack himself. This was a Guild. Kaneki knew that, and had tried to stop Hide.

Through the thin strip, Hide could see the pile of boxes that Kaneki was hidden behind. He could almost see Kaneki behind the wall of cardboard, shaking with fear. He felt bad, getting his new friend caught up in this situation.

“Check behind the boxes,” the same gruff voice states, running a hand through his hair. Hide’s blood runs cold, watching as the muscular hand glides through greasy black hair.

The other man nods his head, advancing towards the pile. Hide gulps. His eyes dart between the two men and Kaneki’s hiding spot, the blond’s mind running a mile an hour, trying to form a plan that would get them both out unharmed. If Kaneki got out without a scratch, everything would be fine. Hide steels himself. A minor injury would be worth getting Kaneki out unscathed.

Think, think, think, the voices mutter, laughing and giggling at his panic. Think, think, think.

Shut up, he yells at them, brown eyes glaring at the two men. His light magic surrounds his body, causing a light glow to peak out of the thin crack between the trunk and the lid. Not very obvious, but just the right amount of brightness to attract attention to the trunk and away from the boxes.

Hide’s learned that people are prone to notice brighter objects. Ever since he was a child, he was able to use Light Magic, though it was subconsciously. There had always been a dim glow around him, the reason why he was well-known throughout his home town. People naturally swarmed around him because he stood out, even if the difference was subtle.

When he wanted more attention, he would glow brighter, and when he wanted to be alone, he’d go dark. It was a good ability to have, especially for the jobs he took. It was easy, diverting other people’s attention away from him and to something else.

Hide just hoped it worked now.

The man advancing towards Kaneki’s hiding spot stops, a look of confusion crossing his face. Slowly, he turns towards the trunk, and Hide knows it’s because of his light. His panic disappears almost instantly, and he lets out a quiet sigh of relief.

“Hey,” the man says, “Why is the trunk glowin’?”

“What,” the other asks, looking over towards Hide. His eyes widen by a fraction, before a grin spreads across his face. “Cause a lil’thief is trying to pull one over on us.”

Hide lets out a noisy sigh, feigning annoyance of being caught. He stands up, arms up in surrender, a grin on his face. “Ya caught me!” he laughs, stepping out of the trunk. He stretches his legs, and then his arms, making sure to keep his eyes on the men and not on the boxes. Step one of his plan had worked, now he just needed to stay calm and try not to blow Kaneki’s cover.

“Sorry, fellas,” he chuckles, scratching the back of his head sheepishly, “I wasn’t stealing anything, promise! I just-“

“Don’t play that crap,” the muscular man laughs out bitterly, and the grin on Hide’s face falters for only a moment, before he’s laughing along to cover his break of character.

“Trust me, I’m not pulling your leg,” he sighs, wiping a fake tear from the corner of his eye. He cups his hands behind his neck, leaning back to stretch out his back. He lets out a satisfied groan when his spine pops. “I just needed a place to stay while I’m in the city. I don’t have any money on me, so I just checked myself into Casa de Free, ya’know?”

Hide’s attempt at humor does little work. The atmosphere is thick and tense, and the dry air streaming in from outside leaves an unpleasant feeling. Hide keeps the grin on his face, and allows the light surrounding him to glow just a bit brighter.

“Mr. Apollo of Anteiku wouldn’t step onto another Guild’s turf just to relax, now would he?”

Hide’s smile drops. He lets out a sigh, shoulders slumping forward. “To be fair, I didn’t know Moirai had a Guild, so,” he mumbles under his breath, looking up at the large men through his eyelashes. “Figured you all got beat out of town by the AMG, ya’know?”

Greasy-hair man grins, his yellow teeth on full view. “Let’s just say these parts’re gonna be under new management.”

“Is that so,” Hide chuckles, trying to appear careless. He takes a step and a half forward, a step to the side, and half a step back, keeping his motions loose and attempting to keep them from seeing his next move. He stops moving around once he gets closer to the boxes, leaning back onto the cardboard wall. “Well, I guess I should be leaving, then.”

“Oh, really? Well, just tr-“

“Thanks for the info,” Hide interrupts, giving a fake solute and winking, “You should try charging people for it!”

Hide lights up, blinding the two men, though his own eyes adjust easily to the sudden brightness. “I’m called Apollo for a reason,” he grins, his full body glowing white. He sees the two Guild members stumble back, covering their faces to try and shield their eyes. Hide takes the chance to get Kaneki.

“Close your eyes,” he murmurs to his partner before knocking down the boxes, helping him to stand up. Kaneki’s holding the painting flat against his chest, his eyelids pinched together tightly, his scrunched up. Hide holds back his laughter, finding the sight adorable.

“H-Hide?” Kaneki stammers out, gulping thickly.

“Yeah?” Hide tugs Kaneki towards the window, sticking his head far enough out to look up and down the street.


Hide turns to look back at his companion, and his smile slowly fades as his gaze meets dark brown eyes. The greasy haired mage’s grin is dark, and Hide feels the air in his lungs freeze. The mage raises his fist, glowing with a magic Hide can’t identify quick enough, and then everything is going too fast but too slow.

Hide’s reaction is sluggish. The blond pushes Kaneki behind him, hands raising to block the attack, eyes wide and feral. His light is gone, and even the usual dim glow of light that surrounds his body is lost. His hands twitch, his fingertips buzzing with magic, and the murky shadows dance along the walls in compliance to his will.

Gravity pulls him back, and Hide’s concentration is broken, and the magic thrumming up his arms dies down. The tingle in his fingers is gone, leaving his hands feeling hollow, empty. There’s a loud scream in his ears, and for a moment Hide thinks it’s himself. Kaneki’s hand grabs onto the blond’s arm, though, and Hide realizes that Ken is the one yelling.

Their eyes meet, and Hide sees pure fear in those gray orbs. Hide’s shoulders tense, and he closes his agape mouth, brown eyes steel-hard as he grabs Kaneki’s shoulders with either of his hands. Hide grins, allowing his body to glow lightly once again, trying to calm down his friend.

Hide wraps his arm around Kaneki’s mid, turning their bodies in midair to where the blond’s back faced the small roof above the Guild’s door. Hide wills his body to loosen, knowing that the crash will hurt more if he’s tense. He closes his eyes, tightening his grip around Kaneki, and then the sound of wood breaking and splintering fills Hide’s ears.


Kaneki doesn’t open his eyes. Not when he feels Hide push him, not when the light from behind his eyelids is gone, not when he feels himself falling. Kaneki keeps them closed, his throat rippling as he screams, his arms flailing, looking for Hide. Only when his hand wraps around a warm limb does he open them.

Immediately, his gaze looks at the blond. Hide’s brown eyes stare back at him, wide and glazed, as though he’s not quite seeing Kaneki. Ken feels the terror rise up inside of his heart, and his eyes sting. Then Hide’s hands squeeze Kaneki’s shoulders, and Ken lets out a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding.

The grin that Hide gives him is bright, beautiful, breathtaking, and suddenly everything is okay. Kaneki lets Hide wrap his arms (strong and warm) wrap around his middle, and he doesn’t resist as their bodies move. He doesn’t realize what Hide is doing until he looks back, and the wooden roof comes into sight.

Hide’s eyes are closed, and Kaneki looks up just as the blond hits the roof. Hide doesn’t make any noise as the wood breaks around them, but when his body hits the ground the blond lets out a grunt of pain. Kaneki’s breathing hard, his arms wrapped around the painting, his gray eyes wide open.

He’s staring up at the trees, the sight of their green leaves familiar and pleasant. He can tell that the sun is shining thanks to the small strips of light filtering through, one strand flickering as the wind rustles through the treetops. Kaneki lets out a shaky breath, blinking his eyes and looking around. He looks at the window, though it seems as empty as ever. His ears are ringing. They weren’t out of the clear; they needed to leave.

Kaneki becomes aware of his back being pressed up against Hide’s chest, feeling the heartbeat of the blond beating at a well-known rhythm. Ken’s face burns, and he rolls off of the blond as gently as he can.

“God, that hurt,” Hide groans, arching his back to stretch. He winces, and Kaneki gulps. “My back is gonna be bruised forever, damn.”

“Hide,” Kaneki chokes out, his shoulders shaking and trembling. “Hide, wha- we nee- are you okay?”

Hide cracks open his left eye, peering up at Ken. He smiles gently, and Kaneki’s breath stutters. “I’ll be fine,” the blond pauses before sighing, face scrunching up in a wince. “But we need to leave.”

Kaneki wants to protest. He watches as Hide sits up hesitantly, wincing and clutching at his ribs. He doesn’t reach to feel his back, and Kaneki doesn’t look at it. Hide stands, legs wobbly, and his shadow shades Ken.

“C’mon, man,” Hide laughs, grinning easily and staring down at Kaneki. He offers Ken one of his hands, and Kaneki doesn’t hesitate to reach up and take it. He squeezes Hide’s hand, rubbing his thumb over the rough skin of the back of his hand as he stands up. “We gotta go, hurry up!”

Hide pulls him along, their pace slow at first, but gradually building up in speed. Kaneki doesn’t let go of Hide’s hand, and Hide doesn’t let go of his.


Hide’s legs burn from running, and his back aches. Each step he takes causes pain to shoot up his legs and settle onto his shoulder blades, slowly seeping into his lower back and his ribs. Hide swallows, trudging along the slightly familiar path in the woods that outskirt Moirai. His warm and clammy from holding onto Kaneki’s, but the feeling of slick skin touching is strangely reassuring.

The only sound is their footsteps, the occasional snapping of twigs and crunching of leaves under their feet. The soil is soft under their steps, moist from the light showers of rain that frequent the area. Hide can still smell the metallic scent of rainfall.

“Here we are,” he grunts as they come upon the tree that he’d hidden his supplies in the day before. He reluctantly lets go of Kaneki’s hand, keeping his face pointed at the tree. There’s a lump in his throat, and Hide swallows to try to get rid of it. “I put my stuff inside the trunk.”


Hide walks to the tree, touching the rough texture of the gray-brown bark before squatting down. “’Cause? I don’t know, just had a feeling I should leave it here.” He grabs out his bag. It’s small and light, and the straps are made of thin but sturdy material. The red color is still bright, and Hide’s spirits raise a bit at seeing it.

He takes out a couple of items, one of which is a water bottle. He hands it over to Kaneki, their fingers brushing. Hide turns back to his bag. He shuffles through the objects, tugging out his black elbow braces. He turns to look back at Kaneki as he pushes them on, bending his arms to get adjusted to them.

Kaneki stands awkwardly, looking around the forest with curiosity. His gray eyes are shining, and Hide smiles subconsciously. A stream of light highlights his black hair, making it look glossy and soft. Hide’s fingers twitch. He turns back to his bag, shaking his head to clear his mind.

“Hey,” he says quietly, tone gentle. He doesn’t look back, but he can feel Kaneki’s gaze on him. “Would you mind helping me with something?”

“What do you need help with?”

Hide lifts up the first aid box, turning around to grin at Kaneki. He winces at the pain that flares up in his back, and clenches his teeth to keep from focusing on it. “I’m not very good at bandaging myself up, especially my back. Would you mind-?”

Kaneki’s face is red and the nervous glances he gives to the trees makes Hide avert his gaze. The blond’s own face is a light pink, and he gulps.

“S-sure?” Kaneki whispers, tightening his grip around the painting.

“Thanks,” Hide murmurs.

He takes the painting from Kaneki, handing him the bandages in return. Hide sets the painting down next to the tree, setting the bottom on top of his bag to keep it from getting dirty. He tugs his over-shirt over his head, and the shrugs off his undershirt. His bare back faces Kaneki, who sits down on his knees, hands shaking as he unrolls some of the medical bandages.

Hide holds down the first strip on his side, observing the large tree as Kaneki wraps the bandages around his torso. Kaneki’s hands occasionally touch Hide’s back, and the blond can’t control the goosebumps that cover his skin in response.

They stay silent through the whole ordeal, Hide’s brown eyes scanning up from the base of the tree to the green-yellow leaves on the branches. A bird flies from one branch to the other, looking down at Hide for only a moment before fluttering away. Hide watches it as it goes, eyes following the blur of movement.

“Done,” Kaneki sighs, sitting back on his legs. Hide turns around, wincing slightly as his back bends. He sits crisscrossed in front of Kaneki, both of them gazing at anything but the other. Hide scratches the side of his face, brushing against the barely visible scar on his cheek. Kaneki’s hands are clenched tightly in his lap, and his shoulders are tense.

“Thank you,” Hide mumbles, staring at the glossy shine of Kaneki’s hair. Ken mutters a “No problem” under his breath, and Hide smiles gently.

“Quite a busy day, huh?” He laughs, breaking the uncomfortable silence that had surrounded them. Kaneki turns his head to face Hide, smiling shyly, a light shade of pink dusting his cheeks. Hide’s throat constricts, a fluttering feeling filling up his gut.

Don’t fall, teases a voice in his head, Don’t fall! Fall, fall, fall.

“We should be fine here,” Hide murmurs, rubbing his head. He tugs his hair a bit, squeezing his eyes shut to drown out the voice. “Let’s rest for now. We can continue towards Tyche.”

Kaneki watches Hide’s hand go from his hair to his side, and without looking away whispers an “Okay” absentmindedly. Hide curls his fingers under his palm, resisting the urge to brush away a stray strand of hair that had fallen into Kaneki’s face.


Kaneki shrugs the straps of Hide’s bag over his shoulders, looking back in the process. The blond walks slowly, hands in his pockets. His gaze is far away as he stares up at the treetops, as though thinking of different times. Kaneki can’t help but watch as the small streams of light hit his face as they make their way through the leaves, falling on the blond’s face.

Kaneki ponders if Hide not only created but attracted light as well. His thoughts are interrupted when he trips over a large root, stumbling forward. He squawks in surprise, nearly falling before regaining his balance.

Hide erupts into a fit of laughter, wincing slightly. He presses the painting into his side, his grip tight against the gold frame. Kaneki realizes that he’s never actually looked at the painting. He had glanced at it a few times, but was never actually paying attention to what was painted onto the canvas. He feels his curiosity peek, but ignores it and starts to walk again.

The forest is quiet and it calms Kaneki’s nerves. He’s able to think about the events that had occurred the day before calmly, his gaze glancing at the different plant life. The trees are taller than the ones above the city, and their trunks are large, wide, unmovable. The bark is gray-brown, with some having more of a gray tint and others appearing more brownish.

The leaves that grow from the branches are green and yellow, and their translucent skin allows light to pass through, creating different patches of faded colors on the ground. It reminds Kaneki of a kaleidoscope, of the colored broken glass that sometimes littered the streets of Moirai.

Kaneki lets a shaky breath out through his nose. He feels nervous, being outside of the city. He had never left; he hadn’t planned to leave, either. And then Hide arrived. Kaneki steals a glance behind him again, this time only for a quick moment before turning his gaze back to the path in front of him. A few yards away is a break from the forest, and beyond it Kaneki sees a large field of rich green grass.

“Woo,” Hide sighs as he stretches, going slowly as he arcs his back. Kaneki can see his jaw tighten, and looks down at the grass. “This field goes on for a couple miles, but Tyche is right at the edge, so it’s not too bad of a walk.”

Kaneki ‘hmm’s in response, watching Hide shrug his shoulders. The blond walks a few steps forward, and Ken watches as the muscles of his back move underneath his shirts. He notices the freckles that’re speckled across the tan skin, a white streak of skin standing out in contrast.

Hide turns to tell him to hurry up, and Ken blushes at being caught. He stammers out an “okay”, and then they continue to walk. He doesn’t mean to, but Kaneki walks slower, gaze continually setting onto the back of Hide’s neck. He eyes the white streak, though he doesn’t know what it is until they’ve walked several miles.

Kaneki’s body feels cold when he realizes it’s a scar.


Tyche is very different from Moirai, and Kaneki notices this immediately. The buildings are tall, made of metals that are painted in silvers and golds. There are no trees that shade the bustling occupants of the city, and many have sweat rolling down their faces as they walk about. The heat of the sun seems to be magnified now that they’re in the city, and Kaneki blames it on the metal.

“Okay, we just need to drop off the painting and get our payment,” Hide states, lifting the painting over Kaneki’s head to shade him from the sun, “And then we can get out of here and start heading towards Eirene. Or we can stay in a hotel, whichever sounds more appealing to you.”

The thought of sleeping in a bed sounds nice, after running and walking for nearly two days. But part of him wants to be outside, away from other people, alone with Hide in the cool air of the outdoors.

The two of them walk down the busy sidewalk, passerbys giving them a look or two before continuing on their way. People bump into each other left and right, and Kaneki worries about Hide being pushed around, with his back as bad as it is.

He picks up his speed, his arm lightly grazing Hide’s as they walk side-by-side. The constant looks he had been gaining suddenly stopped, all of them looking towards Hide. Kaneki turns his gaze to the blond, and he’s mystified by the dim glow that settles around him. Ken realizes that Hide must be drawing the attention to himself, just as he had done when they were in the Guild back in Moirai.

Kaneki tilts his down, staring at the ground with wide eyes. He smiles to himself, cheeks turning a light shade of pink.


They stop at one of the smaller buildings in the city, though its decorations are just as extravagant as the rest. The walls are all gold, as well as the roof, and the windows are stained glass mosaics.  

Hide enters without hesitation, and Kaneki follows him like a lost pup. Kaneki’s eyes scan the inside, which is equally gold and shining as the outside, though twice as warm. He feels sweat roll down the sides of his face and twitches at the uncomfortable feeling.

“Rizzzzeeeeeeee,” Hide yells into the vacant building, spinning on the heel of his right foot. Kaneki eyes his back as Hide rotates, holding the painting over his head and his brown eyes squinted shut, “I got your paaaaiiiiiintinnnngggggg! Come get it!”

“Shut up and wait down there patiently!” a voice calls from further inside the building. Kaneki gulps at the irritated tone, looking from Hide to the door nervously.

“One thing about Rize,” Hide murmurs under his breath, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. He sighs, looking drained of energy, eyes focused on the polished marbled floor. “She’s kind of…how do I put it? She’s-“

“She’s what?”

Kaneki’s gaze is drawn back to the door at the question, eyes widening. His heart races a bit in his chest, and he gulps. In the doorway stood a girl slightly shorter than him, with long purple hair. She wore a simple dress, not exactly fancy but flattering nonetheless. The glasses she wore were red, bright against her pale skin.

“She’s the most gorgeous girl in the world,” Hide replies without missing a beat, though he can’t quite kill the sarcastic undertone of his words. He grins brightly at Rize, and Kaneki can’t tell if the blond is faking it or not.

“Here you go,” Hide bows, arms outstretched with the painting balanced on the palm of his hands. As Rize walked over to take it, Hide faked a curtsey, winking at her. She paid him no attention, though, instead taking the painting and looking it over.

“My magic ruins are still on here,” she mutters to herself, touching the painting with one hand. Her nails were long, painted a light pink with black symbols that Kaneki couldn’t recognize. “It seems okay. You did well, Nagachika.”

“Thank you,” Hide says with a fake bow, one hand stretched out. “Now, my payment?”

“Come in the back,” Rize commands, turning on the heel of her shoe and walking gracefully back into the backroom. Kaneki blinked himself out of his trance once she was out of sight, turning to look at the grumbling blond.

“W-who?” He stutters out, a lump in his throat.

Hide gives him a side look, usual grin missing. His brown eyes seem to read Kaneki like a book. “She’s my client, Rize. That’s all I know of her.”

The bitter tone in his voice caused Kaneki to tense. He watched silently as Hide put his hands behind his head and walked to the back room, only following the blond after he disappears behind the door.


Kaneki sits stiffly, keeping his gaze on the floor as he waits for Hide, who had gone to use the phone. Rize sits across from him, leaned back leisurely, one arm resting on the table next to her. She eyes him, and Kaneki shutters at the heavy gaze.

“U-um,” he mutters in an attempt to break the uncomfortable silence.

“Hmm,” Rize hums back, propping up her head with her hand, “Hide said you were just a civilian, but…”

Kaneki blinks in confusion. “But?”

She sighs heavily, tipping her chair back. Her purple hair swishes as she leans her head back, staring intently at the ceiling. A large grin spreads across her face, and Kaneki gulps. “Suppose I shouldn’t believe anything that guy says,” she mutters to herself, allowing gravity to pull her chair forward. When she looks at Ken, her eyes are sparkle, though unlike Hide’s, Rize’s purple irises send a foreboding chill down Kaneki’s spine.

“You seem to have quite a bit of magic potential,” Rize stands up, her dress fluttering behind her as she glides around the room. She looks through piles on the desk, knocking over stacks of papers and books. “Just wait there a second…”

Kaneki watched in surprise, not quite processing her words. Him? Magical potential? He wants to laugh at the thought. He stares at the palm of his hands as Rize continues her search, gliding his thump across the smooth skin. It was pale and soft. His palm was bruised lightly from hanging onto the painting too tightly, his pale skin fading into a light purple.

“I found it!”

Kaneki’s head snaps up at Rize’s gasp, and the world spins slowly around him. He watches as Rize walks over, dusting a small pocket book. The cover was dark brown, worn out from many years of being carried. On it were the same type of figures he had seen earlier; magic ruins.

He takes the pocketbook from Rize, his hand warming up as he touches the bumpy cover. He inspects it for a moment, and then opens and flips through the pages. They’re all blank.

“It’s a magic book,” Rize states, voice lower than it had been a moment before. When Kaneki looks up, the grin on her face looks evil, her purple eyes squinting with dark amusement. For a moment, Kaneki swears her eyes are red. “You can learn how to summon it on your own.”

Kaneki gulps. What was it?

“Try not to die before you master it,” Rize whispers, smiling sweetly down at him. He feels tiny compared to her, as though she is a wolf and he is a squirrel.

“What’re you two talkin’ about?”

Kaneki physically jumps when Hide appears in the door way, slamming the Magic book in his hands shut.

“Nothing important,” Rize giggles, turning to sit down in her chair. She and Hide seem to have a mental conversation, the blond’s gaze narrowing by a fraction.

“Okay, then,” he sighs moments later, stretching his arms above his head. A quiet whine escapes his lips, and he lets out a deep sigh through his nose. When his gaze meets Kaneki’s, the usual shine seems just a bit duller than before. “I called Anteiku, and the Master told us to get back ASAP! So c’mon, we gotta go.”

Hide waits for Kaneki to stand from his chair before pushing him towards the exit, telling Rize it was a “pleasant visit” and a “pleasure doing business for ya!” before further digging his palms into Kaneki’s back.

“Nagachika, wait just a moment?”

Hide pauses, looking back at her. “Yes?”

“Tell Mr. Yoshimura that I’ll stop by sometime soon, okay?” Her smile was sickening sweet.

Kaneki can feel Hide’s hands clench and unclench, his fingers turning icy cold as the twitch. Silence stretches between the three of them, the air becoming stiff and raising Kaneki’s anxieties.

“Yeah, I will,” Hide finally mutters, his voice sounding rough. His tone is thick, dangerous, and not nearly as bubbly as it should have been. Kaneki worries up until they walk out of the building, and only when he feels Hide’s hands warm up against his back does he breathe easily.


AN: OH WELL LOOK AT THAT. I MADE MY TWO-WEEK DEADLINE (just barely but whatever). I hope you like the chapter! ( > 3 0)~


-Moirai: “The Fates” (Greek Mythology)

-Eirene: Personification of peace (Greek Mythology)

-Apollo: Sun god (Greek Mythology)

-Tyche: goddess of luck and chance (Greek Mythology)


replied to your post

“Wait!!!! Your running gladiator? How did I not know that? I love your…”

Anon could be me! I followed you cause of all the Olitz (and Terry) and then…mind blown when I saw you linking RG stories. Took me a while to realise you were actually RG and you weren’t just reblogging. LOVE your work! /csb

All of this RG love the past few days. I’m not sure all of you realize how much you’ve helped me keep myself writing. There will be updates and there will be one-shots.

swyh update about updates

Hello, my lovely followers!

I have some unfortunate (don’t freak out please it’s not that bad) news for those of you following boxing au. 

I started my spring term today and while I have a lighter course load, I have a lot more writing for my classes. This means that boxing au is going on a little hiatus. I have a story due on the 15th (that i haven’t started….) so i need to focus on that. After that I will have more time to work on fanfic because I won’t have any new original stuff that i will be working on. 

So don’t expect an update before the 15th, but it might be closer to the end of april. Again I’m sorry. 

But on another note: I’m going to start outlining and plotting the rest of boxing au. And then I might start doing some research for the mickey in a wheelchair au bc i need that. 

thank you for understanding!! 

May Fic Get Us Through Hiatus (TBH)


Celebrating My Birthday and Marathon Training While Travelling

Celebrating My Birthday and Marathon Training While Travelling

I couldn’t be more excited to be writing this blog update from my condo in Boston! A week ago, I was en route to NYC for a shoot with Fairfield Inn & Suites and CBS Interactive. 

Working on my Bday in NYC

I’ve been on the road a lot lately and last Monday was actually my birthday. I tweeted on the train down that all I wanted for my bday was dinner from Sweetgreen and macarons. The social team…

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writing fanfics constantly is a bit more stressful than I had originally thought it would be

for those of you who regularly write/update fics HOW DO YOU DO IT WITHOUT WANTING TO CURL UP AND CRY

this is interlude

summary: liam figured a gunshot wound, a mysterious stranger, and a clear sign of betrayal was enough excitement to last a lifetime. however, in the process of it all, he didn’t take into account the fact that what he thought he knew would be challenged, provoked and possibly crushed, all because of a little four letter word that shouldn’t have even crossed his mind.

warnings: zayn/liam (ziam), M, 77k, gang!au, graphic violence, abuse, derogatory language, sexual content

author’s note: fic inspiration. this is something i need to make clear before anyone reads the fic. this isn’t me stereotyping or thinking that zayn or liam, in particular, would be associated with what happens in the story. this is strictly fiction and an attempt to explore character development.


anyone who wants to read this fic, you’ll have to message me for a link, off anon.

Update: the paperback is now available on AmazonDreamspinner is out of stock, and they are apparently not in the habit of restocking. 

Out now: No Place Left to Run
by Zarah Detand

After a lengthy world tour, pop star Samuel Gibbs is looking forward to a nice, quiet break—sleep in, write a bit of music, do his own cooking for a change. He doesn’t want his time spoiled by the constant presence of bodyguards, and he is certainly not willing to have someone tail him each time he so much as goes to the shops. No way, no how. It’s a good thing, then, that his head of security relents on the matter—or so he leads Samuel to believe.

The break is starting to look even better when Samuel runs into his new neighbor. Ryan Halston is smart and hot and, quite possibly, everything Samuel wants. However, he doesn’t know that Ryan is part of the rejected security detail, tasked with protecting him from the dangerous attentions of an unknown stalker.

Pages: 210

Available now as: 

AO3 Authors

Here is a list of AO3 authors that write Dragon Age or Mass Effect (some of us write both!) related stuff. This is for our followers to use in order to find our writing.

Update: If you write for either of these and would like to add your name, send me an ask with your pseud in it and I’ll add you! ASKS ONLY PLEASE. If you reblog this and then add your username in either the notes or as an addition, I will most likely not see it and you will not be added. I cannot go searching through all of the notes trying to find people I’ve missed.





















































































































































breathing life in the dust on a countdown to zero

Pairing: Liam/Zayn (Ziam)
Word Count: 47k
Warnings/Rating: M, AU, angst, fluff, supernatural elements, smut
Summary: death is supposed to be permanent. at least, that’s what zayn thought. so when liam, a former patient of his, ends up defying those odds, zayn’s left questioning everything he knows. or simply put, the story where a doctor falls in love with a ghost.

also read on ao3.

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anonymous asked:

Any elsanna fan fiction recommendation?

Ooh, yes!!

It’s a list of my absolute favorites. Some are finished, some are one-shots, and some are still being updated. I write more than I read, though, so it’s somewhat short. I need to start reading waaaay more because there are so many good ones out there! But here are the ones I’ve had the pleasure of reading:

With You and Crash Into Me by freudianslip13 (I’ve yet to fully read The Company but totally check that out, too. Also, if you like Helsa, check out her fic The Helsa Files!).

Anna Summers PA by hmselsanna

A Snowflake In Spring by celerysticks4life

You Are by livinglamb

A Formal Arrangement by requetude

Untouchable, Stoplight Party, and Hand Prints and Good Grips by TheSyndra (pretty much everything they’ve written like… it’s all really good)

In Service of the Queen by Malthazar Lord of Shadows

Succumbre by heyreadysteadygo

r9kElsa is Suffering by kate—-kane

Never Have I Ever by isn’t-it-pretty-to-think-so

An Awkward, First Something by talkstopaintings (a story which I desperately need to catch up on)

And you know what, I’m throwing my own damn work out there, too!

Scars of a Façade
Sun Kissed
Catch Me
Creature of the Nightlight (that bat!Anna,vampire!Anna fic everyone’s freaking out about lol)

If I added their tumblrs, do please follow them! All of them are fantastic writers and our fandom is wonderfully blessed to have them!

The List, Captive and Crimson Bliss update

I managed to finish my first draft for The List part 2 this afternoon, all it needs now is some final editing and I can share it with you guys, and I should have some time to do all that this week :)
It turned out exactly how I wanted it: a little bit of fun and a lot of smut, and somehow I can’t write Tom without putting some feels in there too, what can I say, I love the bastard way too much…

Now I also have that other fic running, Crimson Bliss, which sadly I haven’t written anything more for and the next couple of weeks are not looking good.
Here’s the thing: I’m pretty proud of what I have so far, but it takes me a while to get into that zone and the horror/creepy feels don’t always come that easily. Combined with my writing time being cut short because we’re moving in less than a month, I’ll be honest: you guys are gonna have to be patient with me on this one. BUT I pretty much have the whole story in my head, I know where I’m going with it, I just need time to put it all into words and make the next chapters as good as the first ones, and right now I just don’t have the time for that so it will have to wait until I can give it my full attention.

On to better news: I don’t know how many of you have read Captive, the one story I have ever put On Hiatus, but the past weeks I finally found some inspiration to continue telling the story of Loki and Mia and Clint. 
The next chapter isn’t finished yet but a big part is already written and it’s been slowly forming and growing in my head, so Captive will definitely return from hiatus!

And I want to take this opportunity to once again thank everyone for their support on Down, I am over the moon with how it’s going and I know most of my downloads and sales come from you guys so thank you all so very much!
I bow down to all you lovely ladies!