Parents: Libra and Capricorn

Parenting Style: the worker and the stay-at-home parent

Positives: the stay-at-home parent can really be either Libra or Capricorn. Both are ambitious in their own way but under the right circumstances both have the ability to stay home and take care of the kids. Capricorn is prone to being a workaholic but because of their devoted nature will sacrifice to stay at home with the kids. Libra needs to be out and about and always doing something but at the same time, likes to make a happy and peaceful home. Libra brings grace, adaptability, and calmness to the family. Capricorn brings stability, direction, decisiveness, and discipline to the family. There is a bit of tradition in this family unit. Both will enforce society’s rules and expectations. These parents can balance each other to a point.

Negatives: they might care too much about image and status. When the parents do fight it truly is a vocal battle. Fighting might not actually happen enough and when it does it is unexpected and intense. These two can disagree on a lot of things when it comes to the kids but never do anything about that issue.

stevetony said:

enjolras, combeferre and courfeyrac for the 'get to know your ami' thing? :)


  • Their first name - i really like julien or maybe even gabriel whoops
  • Their romantic/sexual orientation - demiromantic, grey-ace. 
  • Where they come from - paris born and raised, which is part of the reason why he’s so political. it happens when you grow up in the capitol. but his family has a summer home on the southern coast and enjolras will never admit that he loves going there and just lying in the sun and tanning and not thinking about things. partially because both joly and combeferre would admonish him about tanning for the sake of tanning.
  • What do they study or what’s their job - political science student, law school, volunteers at a pro bono law office whilst interning for a different law office, where he gets paid. also, obviously, does a lot of work with the amis. funnily enough, enjolras is not a workaholic. he does not love work for the sake of work. he loves work for the sake of helping people.
  • Their family - parents now live full-time in their house in the south, and they’ve left enjolras their home in paris. they call him occasionally, and have now set up a trust for him to use for bail money because they are very tired of wiring funds to paris to get their son out of jail because it just happens so often. they are very good friends with combeferre and courfeyrac, whom they count on to call them if enjolras is in trouble or being an idiot about his own welfare.
  • Their hobby - the amis. and also volunteering, when he can, at youth support groups. he sponsors someone in alcoholics anonymous every year. one time it was grantaire. nobody else knows about it but them.
  • The running joke about them among les Amis - that he is a replicant from blade runner. he does not confirm or deny this fact, but often stares people in the eyes when he talks without blinking to freak them out, then smiles secretly to himself when they, you know, get freaked out.
  • A random fact about them - enjolras can play the piano. really really well. and he can also dance ballet but the only one who knows about that is jehan, who takes lessons himself and sees enjolras every so often.
  • Bonus : Any fancast ? i really like niels schneider or whatever his name is. i’m bad with fancasting oops


  • Their first name - Isaac or Olivier?
  • Their romantic/sexual orientation - homoromantic, demisexual.
  • Where they come from - paris as well. was basically raised alongside enjolras and courfeyrac.
  • What do they study or what’s their job - studies medicine, but dabbles in lepidoptery and history. works at a hospital - not the same one as joly - and has had to stitch bahorel up more times than he can count. he always sighs heavily as if it’s going to discourage bahorel from getting into scrapes. it never works.
  • Their family - his dad died when he was in his teens, and his mum moved house and lives in brittany because paris got too busy for her and her nerves.
  • Their hobby - lepidoptery. astronomy. does a loooottt of yoga.
  • The running joke about them among les Amis - that combeferre is archimedes from the disney movie “the sword in the stone.” he really loves this joke, but never lets anyone know. he and courfeyrac laugh about it all the time, and joke that if ferre is archimedes, courf is merlin and that means that enjolras has to be wart. they’re both blond! it makes sense!
  • A random fact about them - combeferre owns contacts and only wears them when he goes to protests. he looks really really hot without them. like, more so than usual. it always surprises the amis and combeferre gets really flustered.
  • Bonus : Any fancast ? NERDY CUTE BOYS WITH UNDERCUTS


  • Their first name - Adrien!
  • Their romantic/sexual orientation - pan/pan!
  • Where they come from - the south of france, but moved to paris when he was five with his family. met enj and ferre at school and the rest is history.
  • What do they study or what’s their job - studies creative writing and political science, works at a liberal newspaper in paris. sometimes slips dirty words into the editorials and enjoys gleefully pointing them out to the amis at meetings. never manages to get in trouble for it.
  • Their family - mum and dad still live in paris and take courf, enj, and ferre out for dinner all the time. enj pretends he’s going to a meeting. courf laughs and sends all the amis snapchats of enj blushing when courf’s mum compliments him.
  • Their hobby - yoga with ferre, taking walks with jehan, boxing with bahorel, playing scrabble with bossuet and joly, tinkering with things around the house when feuilly comes over, drinking a beer with grantaire and complaining about silly things. he loves doing things with his friends. the amis are his hobby.
  • The running joke about them among les Amis - courf is actually cupid, because his matchmaking skills are unparalleled.
  • A random fact about them - courf is very very good at knitting. it mystifies everyone.
  • Bonus : Any fancast ? NO I AM TRASH. elfin boys with wild hair and mischievous smiles?

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Romance is (Maybe, Possibly, If you Squint and Wish for The Star Hard Enough) Not Just a Word
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The fic where Zayn is a workaholic lawyer (because suits and Zayn is just), Liam is a famous R&B singer with a hot, perfect girlfriend, and surprise, they got accidentally married and all things ensued, Harry and Louis is HarryandLouis, and Niall makes perfect sense sometimes.

Words: 5958, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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