On mobile, so no cuts, but WTNV spoilers below!

There is so much I love about this new episode, but the thing my brain can’t let go of is that we got CANON ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of Cecil’s character development!

That sounds so obvious, I know! But Cecil functions as not only our main character, but also our storyteller. So, it’s sometimes difficult to point to specific events and say with confidence they are meant as character development, and not just the narrative of the show.

Like, we’ve all commented on how DIFFERENT Cecil sounds in the early episodes when compared to the newer ones. Bit I think a lot of us sorta wrote it off as just the show itself finding its footing, and hesitated to attribute it to character progression. (Or maybe that was just me?)

But no! Cecil HAS changed. *Softened* Found things to do outside of the studio, apparently! I’m just… ahh! So DELIGHTED. It isn’t just in our heads!

I mean, maybe it did come from the natural development of the podcast finding it’s voice (of Joseph and Jeffrey and Cecil finding, well, The Voice of Night Vale), but it is also now the development of Cecil’s *character* and that makes me so happy!

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It seems Rob and Garret have used the time machine together on at least two occasions… we’ll just pretend they aren’t related…

Gladys Burch (YA) - neurotic, athletic, bookworm, gatherer, and diva

Laura Burch (TN) - workaholic, over-emotional, virtuoso and frugal

Episode 53, the September Monologues

They gave information on Steve, Cecil and their relationship!! I’m going to write it here, so skip if you don’t want spoilers!

Steve Carlsberg can’t think of the term for Cecil and mentions him as his possible brother-in-law, stepbrother, brother outside of the law, half-brother, double brother (wut?). But later he mentions his wife, who loves her brother, and this comes back several times, so I guess we know he’s Cecil’s brother-in-law now! He met Cecil for the first time at the wedding because Cecil was a total workaholic before he started dating Carlos!

He says Cecil liked a scones the first time around… Also his scones usually go first, and he says Cecil’s store made hummus and wheat free peanut chips aren’t popular… Which contradicts Cecil saying the scones are always too dry.

They’re first conversation was about the weather. Apparently you can’t talk during the weather? And I’m not sure if they were listening to it on the radio or if it plays in the air, but it was there at least! (Also, all theories that the weather is an accident by Cecil are now debunked… or at least require more details).

Steve is able to see the arrows and dotted lines and knows the truth about things?! Considering Cecil considered it forbidden knowledge that he spoke I’d say he actually does see more than others (Also, I now want to cross WTNV with Harry Potter so he can meet Luna Lovegood).  And he wants his daughter to be an independent thinker as well, though Cecil hates all this. This is a very different viewpoint than Cecil gives.

I feel sorry for him. Fighting for truth is a city that doesn’t appreciate that at all….

We already knew Cecil was a very biased observer, here is more evidence of that!

As for the rest:

Chad… what have you done?! I figured it was a ritual after the candles, but wtf is unknown to and more powerful than the Old Woman without a Face?! Is this going to be the Big Bad this year? Or is it a small thing like that guy that tried to mindcontrol Night Vale and didn’t succed and was only mentioned once?

Also, never go to Dark Owl Records. Parody of hipsters I think?

No music in this episode (apart from 3 seconds during Steve’s monologue). Also no quotable proverb!

anonymous said:

I haven't the faintest idea what is going on. I just feel really sad for Steve AND Cecil. Oh god Steve I think you could be getting into a WHOLE lot of trouble and Cecil oh god bb. It was such a smack in the face, it all came home to me just now. I mean picked for the job as a child, mother gone the whole Welcome to the wedding thing... He is just a work obsessed as Carlos :( He and Steve should be friends :((((

Yeah, I feel bad for them both too, for different reasons. Cecil’s had a pretty rough time of it, the poor guy, though it sounds like he has a fairly decent relationship with his niece and sister (hating her husband notwithstanding) so it’s not like he was entirely abandoned, but he still had a difficult time :(

It certainly seems that Cecil was a bit of a workaholic (though he still had time for things like the bowling team, at least), so he really has no leg to stand on when he complains about Carlos being a workaholic ^^ At least he’s been finding a bit more of a balance to that, though I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s gone back to being a workaholic now that Carlos is stuck in the desert.

I wonder if a long-term development might be Steve and Cecil becoming… maybe not friends, but at least civil? I think Steve will always irritate Cecil, and their fundamental differences in how they see the world might never be reconciled, but at the end of Old Oak Doors Cecil thanked Steve for his help and admitted that Janice “could do a lot worse”, so he is at least (grudgingly) willing to admit that Steve has good qualities. But he does find Steve annoying and they are very different, so basic levels of civility might be the best we can hope for there ^^ Cecil’s proud and antagonistic, he’s probably never going to go all the way to buddying up with his brother-in-law.

anonymous said:

If grace suffers from anxiety, I thought people with anxiety can't do stuff that she does like her shows or go to events with large crowds ect... Just wondering

Well anxiety is a complicated thing, and it differs from person to person. For instance, I have anxiety, but it’s only for certain things. We know Grace is a workaholic. She’s always been, and I think, quite honestly, she keeps herself busy because when she’s alone/with nothing to do she gets anxious. As for the whole big events/crowds thing, that’s probably what her anti-anxiety meds are for. I used to be on klonopin, and that shit works wonders. So I think she’s fine, though. So don’t worry. xoxo

#wtnv spoilers

(I know, I know, I’m on break from the fandom, but today’s episode GOT ME.)

  • feeling some validation ‘bout that long-standing affection I have for Steve right now. laughing it up over here.
  • also feeling some validation on the ‘Cecil has actually become more emotional due to his involvement with Carlos and it’s not just early-instalment weirdness’. (called him having been kinda a workaholic.)
  • wondering if Steve’s ability to understand things instinctively even when everyone else in Night Vale turns away from it is gonna contribute at any point to plots about things seen as incomprehensible.