Title: Stellarium | ステラリウム
Author/Artist: Aoi Aki
Rating: PG

Summary: Kanata is a scientist. After his former lover died, he became a workaholic and alcoholic. He is working on an experiment when he accidentally makes a mistake and a boy suddenly appears. He tried to shake off the boy’s existence by trying to dispose him because he is not human but his friend stopped him. Their relationship started to broad anew journey when Kanata gave him a name but deep inside his heart, Kanata feels an incredible pain caused by the reality that appear before him, a boy came from nothing whose resemblance with his former lover is undeniable…

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Note: Last chapter!

Sigh… Had a long talk with Minh about the possibility of taking medication for my anxiety and A.D.D issues… I know she only wants what is best for me but I avoid taking medications at all cost. I just don’t like the idea of it. I know it will “help,” but I hate consuming synthesized stuff. I’d rather do yoga and meditate… I don’t know what to do. I think the overwhelming amount of free time I have on my hands is getting the best of me. Maybe I am a workaholic… I have issues… Or maybe I’m just too excited about life… Whatever it is, I am definitely not going to take medication… I like my mind and body the way it is.

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Korra didnt need ti be humbled. Her true problema was that she was kind of workhacolic. She didnt side whit her tribe because the avatar shouldnt. She was a compasionate person since the beggining. With tarlok, her uncle, asami, kai, mako.

I think Korra’s issue was less that she was a workaholic and more that she had trouble accepting herself as a human being rather than as a perfect paragon of world-saving Avatar-ness.  She needed to learn to be compassionate towards herself so she could share that with others like her instead of “just” being sympathetic.

What’s up, I’m Tee!

Well I’m really bad at these, and I rather people directly message me if they want to know something about me. Anyway, I live in Wisconsin for now and yes I am a Packers fan. I just turned 20, I consider myself a soft stud, and I’m short (5’2). I’m kind of a workaholic (okay I am a workaholic), real chill and I LOVE food. I’m looking for new people to talk to, new friends and maybe a girlfriend if things go in that direction. I love femmes! So ladies hit me up! ;)

URL: http://bacondreamsandwomen.tumblr.com

i think i’m becoming a workaholic. it’s my first day of vacation and i miss my job. what kind of person have i become? lol


CRANK DOWN to this hot clip of Adam getting caught! This scene is SO HOT and I love how he keeps on CRANKING it! GET IT BRO! #FULLY TORQUED! Workaholics: Welcome to College

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mulls I had a panic attack at school recently so now my school nurse knows about my ocd and I stayed at her office to talk for quite a while and now she's like practically forcing me to tell my parents (they know about ocd anxiety part but have no idea bout the panic attacks), but the thing is that I can't :D my dads told me that he can't wait until I turn 18 and he gets rid of me and my mums a workaholic so yeah. + I remember when they heard of my first diagnosis. wasn't pretty. idk what to do

tell the nurse abt that + make sure she knows it isnt safe for u to tell them


Bang Bus Workaholics Episode- Mail Order Comedy. I REALLY wish this was a real pornog clip! Adam looks SOO cute. I would love to see it happen! #JUSTSAYIN’

The most annoying Zodiac Cliches

A Pisces Most Annoying Cliche: Being an escapist.

An Aquarius Most Annoying Cliche: Being aloof

A Capricorn Most Annoying Cliche: Being a workaholic

A Sagittarius Most Annoying Cliche: Being tactless

A Scorpio Most Annoying Cliche: Being possessive

A Libra Most Annoying Cliche: Being indecisive.

A Virgo Most Annoying Cliche: Overthinking

A Leo Most Annoying Cliche: Being arrogant.

A Cancer Most Annoying Cliche: Being temperamental.

A Gemini Most Annoying Cliche: Being Fickle

A Taurus Most Annoying Cliche: Being stubborn.

An Aries Most Annoying Cliche: Being impatient.

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