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Just because you’re a workaholic doesn’t mean you can’t the have time to exercise properly and stay in shape. Now with the treadmill desk workstation you keep your buns tight and your heart healthy all while staying productive at your computer work area.


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I’m not a workaholic… but goddamn do I have some tendencies. THANKS DAD. No but seriously I JUST NOW noticed I was in extreme pain and realized I’ve needed to pee for like six hours and I was working too hard to notice. If you ever want to see a cripple move really fucking fast, just recreate that scenario. My hips actually hurt from how awkwardly fast I walked to the bathroom.

And for some reason I decided to tell you all.

Okay back to work :D

Oscar losers club anon

I guess, in today world better not get something. All these prizes, including Noble and Oscar, went down in value so much that in a few years it will be humiliating to get one. Most people get awards today did not deserve them.

Not getting Oscar means that the doors of the most prestigious “Oscar loosers” club will be opened to Benedict. Such Grands of industry as Leo, Pitt, Depp, Ford, Cruise etc. are much better company than uncle Harvey and his cinderella Sophie. People, don’t you think so?

p.s. Certainly, I wish Ben all the luck. That super talanted workaholic deserves this fuckin award by all means and like no one else. Yes, those “else” are not bad too this year, I know, but I don’t care about them, I care about Ben.

SoGo: I know I said I wasn’t going to bring up Sherlock shipping in this blog but there is a classic of Johnlock fan fic called Performance in a Leading Role, in which Sherlock and John are both actors.  Sherlock has this to say about the first time he was nominated for an Oscar (he eventually won one): “ I didn’t expect to win. First time nominee, nobody knew who I was. The nomination was a sort of welcome-to-the-club acknowledgment that I’d have a future in the business. The attitude is typically that someone in that circumstance will have other chances.”

Benedict will have plenty of other chances. 

anonymous asked:

mulls I had a panic attack at school recently so now my school nurse knows about my ocd and I stayed at her office to talk for quite a while and now she's like practically forcing me to tell my parents (they know about ocd anxiety part but have no idea bout the panic attacks), but the thing is that I can't :D my dads told me that he can't wait until I turn 18 and he gets rid of me and my mums a workaholic so yeah. + I remember when they heard of my first diagnosis. wasn't pretty. idk what to do

tell the nurse abt that + make sure she knows it isnt safe for u to tell them

The most annoying Zodiac Cliches

A Pisces Most Annoying Cliche: Being an escapist.

An Aquarius Most Annoying Cliche: Being aloof

A Capricorn Most Annoying Cliche: Being a workaholic

A Sagittarius Most Annoying Cliche: Being tactless

A Scorpio Most Annoying Cliche: Being possessive

A Libra Most Annoying Cliche: Being indecisive.

A Virgo Most Annoying Cliche: Overthinking

A Leo Most Annoying Cliche: Being arrogant.

A Cancer Most Annoying Cliche: Being temperamental.

A Gemini Most Annoying Cliche: Being Fickle

A Taurus Most Annoying Cliche: Being stubborn.

An Aries Most Annoying Cliche: Being impatient.

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ohletsmakebelieve asked:

can you do stereotypes that are commonly true?


One word that defines the potential negative truth of each type.

The different types must fight against these natural tendencies.

ENTJ: workaholic.

INTJ: arrogant.

ENFJ: insecure.

INFJ: elistist.

ESTJ: dominating.

ISTJ: literal.

ESFJ: mothering.

ISFJ: fearful.

ENTP: unreliable.

INTP: lazy.

ENFP: scatterbrained.

INFP: indecisive.

ESTP: reckless.

ISTP: impulsive.

ESFP: hedonistic.

ISFP: self-destructive.


Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer photographed by Gavin Bond for Vanity Fair

Ilana: I really wonder if Workaholics or It’s Always Sunny or Key and Peele get asked – I wonder if Key and Peele get asked if they fight.
Abbi: I hope they do. I hope they do cause we do.
Ilana: But I bet not.
Abbi: I bet not too.