Okay I just have to go on about The Princess and the Frog a little deeper, alright?

Here’s what’s great about this movie: All of my life, films had told me that women can only choose between a career or love. Do you know how many movies I’ve seen where it starts, “She was a workaholic, who was never going to find love. But once she stopped working and following her career goals for a dude, everything was perfect,” ? So many fucking movies. It’s like the desire for a career means your lady parts instantly wither and die. 

But then Tiana comes along. Tiana is taught that passion is only a part of making her dreams come true. She also needs to work hard. And she’s appreciated for having a dream. Like, her love interest fucking supports her working hard on what she wants to achieve. In other movies, it’s like they’re insane if they keep working after finding a love interest. Seriously, check half the rom coms out there.

Growing up, I always told myself that if I wanted to get a great career, then I’ll ignore finding someone special. Like, I’ve even been teased because, “Hanna, you’re like the character in the beginning of the movies, because just needs to get laid.” Because obviously all your problems are solved like that. It was always more important to me to find success in a career than with a significant other. The Princess and the Frog was the first film to tell me it’s okay to do both.

I’m sorry if this sounds stupid, but this has always been really important to me. I know this movie has a lot of great messages, but I’ve always thought about this.

30 day Skip Beat! challenge! Day 12: Character you want as your sibling


Well.. look at him. He’d be the perfect oni-san to introduce to your friends! But aesthetics aside, I have other reasons:

  • He’s a very reliable and capable person. And organized. I’m a bit of a workaholic so having a sibling who I can share my work woes and experiences and get advice from is perfect. 
  • I want to fangirl over Ren and Kyoko with him. Self explanatory. This includes setting up date traps for the two. Haha! I want to be his accomplice!
  • He’s very perceptive. He knows Ren inside and out, it would be awesome if I have a sibling who knows what I’m thinking of without saying a word! 
  • I’d like to know why he has the ability to destroy gadgets (and hopefully develop that skill too so I have a valid reason to skip work! Lol)

Skip Beat! Manga 30-day challenge list

Skip Beat! Quotes 30-day challenge updates

sharmainebartolome said:

11. trying to turn the other on w/ 12. successfully turning the other on :)

Excellent choices. ;) This fic was sort of inspired by this (x) because I really liked the idea and was looking for the chance to incorporate it into a fic, so I used it here. Hope you like it~ :)

The supply closet at the Beacon Hills police station is tiny and congested with barely any room to move, but Lydia Martin finds it the somewhat perfect place to have some alone time with her workaholic boyfriend.

That is, if she can get him to cooperate.

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