Alto: Narcoleptic Agoraphobe and Space/Mind mage that lives in a bus

Virtuous: Another mage and Alto’s roommate that is also a therapist.

Virtuous: I have a plan!

Alto: I’m listening.

Virtuous: You’re not going to like it.

Alto: …I’m gonna have to leave the bus again, aren’t I?

ALRIGHT! Crossfit 9/18

HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT. So I have been extremely sick (not like a little congestion, I’m talking I haven’t left my bed in almost a full week). Buuut I decided enough was enough and I figured by this time I’m not contagious anymore so I should try to sweat the rest of my cold out. Well #1, I have had absolutely no appetite for the past week, feeling like I could puke at any moment.. so I had zero energy. And of course this was todays WOD: 

A.) -Technique WOD-

5 min emom

5 above the knee hang power snatch.

All reps performed with an empty bar. Serving more as a warmup than anything.

B.) “The Seven” - 30 min cap

7 rounds

7 push-ups

7 thrusters 115/75

7 knees to elbow

7 Deadlift 115/75

7 burpees

7 KB swing 32/24

7 pull-ups

I scaled, of course because I’m still not feeling well & made it to 6 rounds + 7 push ups. SO this may or may not have been a bad idea for a few reasons. 

1) I felt like I was going to throw up all over the floor the entire time 

2) I tested out my new StrongerRX gloves (these are supposed to be tear proof) 


aaaaaaaand some how ……



MY HANDS JUST FUCKING HEALED FROM THE MUSCLE UP WORK LAST WEEK. I literally give up. I have tried every glove, wrap, strap, fucking contraption on the planet and I still manage to rip through my gloves. And yes, I chalk the gloves. 

So that was my day. Now I’m carefully trying to sip on my protein. I really want to feel better soon :(


Daily download:
1) ootd- black J. Crew pixie leggings, J. Crew boots and a target oversized sweater.
2) protein oatmeal for breakfast (and my hair, which I air dried/ slept on wet)
3) I ordered a scarf from ree-lifts!
4) one of many snacks today
5-7) workout selfies. Just did cardio today.
8) coq au vin for dinner
9) packing the essentials for a weekend away 😂

Have a good Thursday night!!


HSPU + KB snatches // RD + Bulgarian Split Squats // 21-15-9 DL + BJ

Hey there goats, how ya doin?

Well I’ll be damned if I can properly do a kb snatch. My forearms will be purple and huge tomorrow.

EMOM 1: open gym

12 min
Odd: 3-6 strict hspu
Even: 6-8 single arm kb snatches alt. 35#

What a mess. I couldn’t do 1 hspu from the ground. I needed mats. For rounds 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 I used one ab mat and got at least 2 strict. Sometimes I got stuck on the third and did a small kip to get out of it. Round 2 I did two mats and 6 hspu. However I decided to go for fuller ROM and less reps with 1 mat.

Kb snatches just weren’t great. I stayed at 6 each round. Twice on my left arm the kb hit my forearm so awkwardly I thought it was going to hyperextend my elbow. Not fun. Coach came over to me after and told me i had to turn the bell for my starting position and keep a light grip at the top. Oooooh … Great. Now I know for next time.

EMOM 2: class

10 min
Odd: 6-12 Bulgarian split squats ea. leg
Even: 5-10 strict ring dips

Total- 170 reps. I got all 24 squats each minute and all 10 ring dips. I don’t think I’ve ever done 50 strict rd before. The last 2 were a struggle and to the last second, but I got it. All good reps.

Rest 3:00. Then -

Deadlift 225/185#
Box jumps 30/24”

5:54 RXd

Deadlifts weren’t pretty. I knew it. At 185 I just can’t kept form. But I can move the weight no problem. I think I need to work in a deadlift program. Find a heavy weight I can keep form and work it 3 times a week. Box jumps were easy.

And folks, again I just looked at the board to see the range of times before starting. No names. Just looked at the range. Figured it would be a 7 min workout. Especially at 185.

I got the top score for rx for male and female. I barely ever beat all the guys! Felt good.

I’m debating what to do tomorrow because I have to go into the office and will miss all the class times. Hmm…

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9.18.14 WOD

100 Burpees for time.

Done in 7:08.

Yuck. Who had the bright idea of doin 100 burpees as a road WOD? Yuck. About 30 in I was like, “screw this,” but I went ahead and finished it out.

Would’ve been much faster if I’d been competing against someone at CFR. That is one of the biggest benefits to me of being in a box- the accountability.

My conference starts today!