i find it amusing how hollow and paradox were those people who i wanted to be friends really bad but wasnt sure if it was a mutual thing and then a lesson on duck genitalia, several very late nights, a 300+ person orgy, and an out of hand joke later paradox and i are drawing fanart of hollow and dave and i just think thats beautiful

Ahhh, I just got back from my month-long break in my hometown and I’m now back in my boarding house. I was feeling really shitty, both emotionally (I miss my siblings already) and physically (I even puked eww) but seeing notifications and messages from familiar and new followers really, really cheered me up. Seriously you guys are awesome. Thank you. 


  • Friend:Wanna go outside? You've been watching netflix for 12 hours straight.
  • Me:haha HaHA HAhA HAHAHAHAHA *laughs maniacally, turns into a ball of fire, summons the king of hell, commits homicide, falls off a building, flirts with a dinosaur
  • Me:*wipes single tear off cheek.* have you met me?

AU where at some point Jason dyes his hair black and wears it all spiked up all punk rock to be like his big sis Thaila and everyone is like


But Thaila just wipes away a single tear like

i’m so proud 

Bonus if as a joke Percy dyes his hair blonde and it’s even worse than Jason’s black hair, it’s so bad Annabeth grabs him by the throat and drags him to the bathroom to change it back.

Double bonus if they both convince Nico to dye his hair snow white and when everyone see’s it they’re all speechless at how pretty he looks like

He look’s like a fairy how precious 

maplesyrupidiot said:

also that person should be on neopets but neopets is down for two days as they switch their servers to Jumpstart's so dw they'll be gone in a couple of days when they can go back to playing Hasee Bounce.

NEOPETS IS DOWN…… GOTTA WIPE MY SINGLE TEAR….. they probably are just so stressed out over their poor neopets that they took it out on me