Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.
—  Oscar Wilde

Issue #1 of George Pérez's new series Sirens is on sale now! Please pick up an issue at your local comic book store today! Why should you check it out? 
Sirens is a beautifully drawn, well crafted story with a diverse group of well developed characters, all based on real people (yes, one of them is based on yours truly). The plot will not disappoint a comic book fan looking for a truly interesting read. In George’s own words, the Sirens are

"caught in a futuristic war that hopefully will allow me to explore a lot of themes from the POV of all these women: environmental destruction, genocide, prejudice, imperialism, love, hate, loyalty, betrayal, heroism, sacrifice, politics and even some commentary on the comics industry itself."

Sirens is a space saga with connections to various eras in history and the heroines from them, including the Roman gladiatrix Agony, gunslinging Wild West school marm Ammo and 20th-century maid/computer-construct Sherita.

They and the other Sirens once teamed to fight off a threat to their Terran home world of Earth, and they’re brought back together in the future in order to change a reality that takes out humanity — although the rest of the universe has labeled them as terrorists.

The main plot takes place in space but he intends on using the time-jumping element to challenge himself to drawing certain historical settings, from Victorian England to feudal Japan to pre-statehood Arizona.

I cannot wait to see the saga of Sirens truly unfold and I hope to see many of you guys reading it with me! Pick up Sirens today!

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Awakening the Bear

Perhaps you’ve seen Surrak Dragonclaw, the khan of the Temur clan. Perhaps you’ve even seen him punch a bear. But the Temur aren’t all face-smashing and bear-punching. They’re also a deeply spiritual people, and Surrak represents that duality of reverent respect for the wilds and utter pragmatism in dealing with them.

But the position of khan is not hereditary, and Surrak wasn’t born into it. He was once just another young Temur warrior trying to make a name for himself. Until one wilderness encounter altered his destiny forever…