Swiss cops' dawn raid snags top FIFA officials

Most of the top executive of international football’s (notoriously corrupt) governing body were arrested at the crack of dawn in their Zurich hotel by Swiss police acting on a US criminal corruption warrant.

Sepp Blatter, the Mr Big of international football, was not in the group of arrestees.

The Swiss-US extradition agreement gives Swiss authorities a lot of leeway in civil matters, but it’s got a lot less wiggle room when it comes to criminal charges.

The charges – racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy – relate to decades of corruption. Blatter has not been cleared of wrongdoing. He is up for re-election as head of FIFA this year.

FIFA isn’t just a source of corruption when it comes to pushing balls down fields. Giving the World Cup to Qatar, for example, guaranteed the enslavement of thousands of workers (many of them are from Nepal, and have been prohibited from returning home to their dying families after the quake).

When I was working at WIPO on the Broadcast Treaty, FIFA were among the top advocates for creating a new sort of copyright over non-copyrightable works, held by broadcasters who had added no creative input to the works. They’re also major players in the fight against the single EU digital market.

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I mentioned yesterday that I had to throw Toffee’s climbing log out because of a mould issue. Not wanting him to get bored, I tossed in a few toilet rolls, hoping he’d make do. He’s been doing this since last night. Wiggling into a tube, resting his chin on the water dish, and then wiggling into the other one. When I let him out last night, he decided to wear the cardboard tube; this is mostly accomplished by trying not to lose his grip on it while moving, and then looping back around once it inevitably slides off to keep carrying it on the same direction.

I think about him most
the days I try not to;
a loose tooth my tongue comes back
to wiggle.
I think about his driveway,
the blankets in his basement,
the blue in his bedroom;
I smell the spices from his kitchen,
hear the splat of pancakes
on the tiled floor.
I don’t choose for these
to  come back to me.
They are the trips back home
I try not to make;
will never say I still lean
to the window, to look,
to stare at our seats
at the sandwich shop
and eat all of the ache
from my chest.
I don’t think about him anymore,
but here,
on his back porch,
in a dated Thai restaurant,
in a flea market too crowded to catch us,
we are still the same people we were.
—  Schuyler Peck, Memory Lane
Cravings — An Everlark AU prompt

-It’s 2 am but you’re craving cake and we’re both up anyway so let’s bake in our underwear AU-

Okay, so I couldn’t resist this AU prompt, so I took it into my own hands to deliver you this disgustingly fluffy and slightly kinky AU. Enjoy.

Obviously rated NC-17 for sexual content and such— you know the drill.


She’s lying awake— has been for a while. Staring blankly at the wall in front of her for a good hour or more has caused more than her vision to begin to become bleary. And through the haze of sleeplessness, she feels movement behind her. An arm tightens it’s hold around her stomach as his voice resonates into her skin, blowing forward the loose hair from her neck.


She sighs, wiggling in his arms until his grip loosens just enough for her to swivel around to face him. 

“I was going to ask if you were awake, but I think I already know the answer to that.” With the moonlight gleaming through the cracks in the blinds, she’s just able to make out his boyish grin as he looks down at her. 

“I’ve been awake for a while,” she whispers, reaching up to run her fingers through his unkept curls. “Couldn’t sleep.” And as if on cue, her rumbling stomach swoops yet again, the emptiness making itself evident. She reaches down, then, rubbing soothing circles across her belly.

“I heard that,” Peeta chuckles, shifting so that he’s leaning up on his elbow. “I can’t lie and say that I haven’t been up for a while as well— also not going to lie and say it’s not because I’m incredibly hungry.”

“You’re always hungry, though,” she says pointedly.

“So are you,” he retorts. “Well, since we’re both awake, why don’t we make something to eat?”

She lifts herself into a sitting position, rubbing her eyes tiredly before glancing being Peeta at the clock. It flashes 2:04.

Peeta…it’s two in the morning.”

“So? If you haven’t noticed, it’s our house, and we can do whatever we please at two in the morning.” She rolls her eyes, shaking her head. “So, what would you like?”

“I can choose anything?” she asks, raising her eyebrows questioningly.

Anything,” he affirms.

“Well, in that case… chocolate cake?”

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Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

a/n: sort of based off my favorite Nirvana cover of all time, I would highly recommend listening to it.

 Holding my heels in my hand, I tip toed down the hall towards my apartment. Luke was usually a heavy sleeper but I wasn’t taking any chances. Sunlight flooded through the window at the end of the hall, casting light across the carpet. I checked the handle once, hoping it was unlocked. It wasn’t. I wiggled the key into the lock quietly as I could, turning the handle and pushing the door open. If I was lucky Luke would still be fast asleep, which meant I would have a chance to take a shower before he woke up. A body shuffled on the couch and I froze, my belongings in my hands. He stopped moving and I proceeded cautiously towards the staircase. “Where did you sleep last night?” Luke’s voice startled me and I tripped over the first step, dropping whatever was in my hands. “Uh-” I racked my brain for a good response. “Don’t lie to me,” Luke’s blue eyes peered over the back of the couch, watching me. “I know where you were,” Luke stood up, letting the blanket fall to the floor. “Then why’d you ask where I was?” I crossed my arms over my chest. “Because it’s fun to watch you try to come up with a believable lie,” Luke smirked at me. “Ya know, it’s not really your place to question me about where I’ve been. You’re not my boyfriend,” I pointed out, stepping down from the stairs. “I can worry can’t I?” He folded his arms over his bare chest. “Yeah, but you ask too many questions all the time. Don’t babysit me,” I glared at him.  “Silly me for caring,” Luke remarked bitterly. He disappeared into the kitchen. Rolling my eyes I carried my stuff upstairs and headed for the bathroom. 

 Let me just explain something. Luke and I were best friends, roommates, and occasional fuck buddies. I may happen to have a habit of sleeping with guys that I don’t particularly know well. Every morning when I came back to our shared apartment Luke asked the same question, “Where did you sleep last night?” And I gave the same non answer when all I really wanted to say was “it doesn’t even matter because I wasn’t with you.” 

Luke had no room to talk on this subject, however. Especially when it came time for them to go on tour. He had groupies at every stop. A natural born ladies man. But for some unknown reason he was worried about whether or not I was keeping myself out of trouble. 

 Stepping out of the shower I wiped off the mirror, taking a good look at last nights bruises. I had no intentions of telling Luke who I had seen last night. He had a tendency to get jealous and overprotective when it was someone he knew well. Also, a rule that had been put into place the first day we moved in together: “No sleeping with my bandmates.” What he does not know won’t kill him.

 I grabbed a clean t-shirt out of Luke’s dresser before finding a clean pair of panties to wear. I could still hear Luke in the kitchen so I made my way down stairs again to find him facing the window, watching the cars go by on the street below. “Why do you do it?” Luke asked without turning around. “Because I can. Who’s going to stop me?” I shrugged, rummaging the fridge for some breakfast. I could have sworn he said he would but I chose to ignore it. Clearing his throat Luke turned around and looked at me, “So who was it last night? Anybody I know?” He knew. Some how he always seemed to know when I had slept with his bandmates. Had I ever truthfully confessed it. No way. “Don’t remember his name,” I avoided Luke’s stare, reaching past him for the sugar. He caught my arm and held me against the counter. “I do quite like the smell of Michael’s cologne, don’t you?” Luke asked casually. “It’s nice,” I breathed out. “So much that you decided to wear it?” He challenged. Swallowing hard, I looked up at him. His eyes were dark blue and his hair disheveled. “Or maybe it just happen to get caught on your clothes and on your skin after you spent the night rolling around in his bedsheets,” Luke’s grip on my wrist tightened. “I’m not blind sweetie. I can tell when you’ve been fucking around with my bandmates.” “It was an accident?” I squeaked out. “An accident? An accident every time or an accident that you made it a habit?” Luke stepped back. “It only happened once,” I lied. “Now sweetie would you like to tell me again, where did you sleep last night?” Luke asked me. “Michael’s,” I whispered. “And how about the night before that?” “Calum’s.” “You wouldn’t leave Ashton behind would you now? So where did you sleep last Friday night?” “Ashton’s,” I kept my eyes trained on the floor. “Where did you plan on sleeping tonight darling?” Luke tilted my chin up to him again. “Here,” I mumbled. “That’s right,” Luke smirked. Gripping the back of my thighs, Luke lifted me onto the counter and wedged himself between my legs. “I’m gonna make you my girl tonight,” he growled at me, pressing his lips onto mine.

  His long fingers trailed up my bare thighs, causing goosebumps to rise across my skin. My fingers tugged at his hair as his lips trailed down my neck. Pulling back, he looked at me, “These are lovely hickeys y/n. But, I’m about to give you double as many to cover up.” He went to work, sucking harshly at the skin along my collarbone. “L-Luke,” I moaned breathlessly. “Hmm?” he hummed against my neck. “Please do something,” I panted, tugging at the bottom of my shirt. He yanked it over my head, tossing it aside. “You won’t be needing that for a while.” His hands cupped my chest. My head tilted back against the cupboards as he continued his assault on my chest. Luke pressed his fingers against my covered clit, making my gasp and grip his arm. “You like that?” he looked up at me through hooded eyes. I nodded, not finding words. Luke slid my underwear down my legs. “You’re already soaking baby girl and I’ve barely done a thing,” he ran a finger up my slit before putting it in his mouth. “Please Luke,” I whined. “What do you want? Use your words,” he prompted, getting down on his knees. “You-y-your mouth and-and your fingers, please,” I stuttered. Without warning he licked a long strip up my slit, making my squirm. He gripped my thighs, holding me still. My hands tangled in his hair again, pressing him closer against me. He sucked on my clit teasingly while his tongue licked along my folds. Luke slid two fingers in, curling up. I jumped in surprise before letting out a moan, “Fuck.” His mouth worked at me clit in perfect time with the pumping of his fingers. “I’m so-shit-Luke, I’m so c-close,” I gasped for breath as I reached my high. “I know baby, I got you,” he attached his lips to my clit once more, edging me closer. I moaned loudly as I came, releasing all over his fingers. “That’s it baby girl,” he smiled, pulling his fingers out and licking them clean. “From now on you’re my girl. And the only place you’ll be sleeping is with me,” Luke stated, kissing me hard. “Fuck, we waited way to long to do this,” I breathed, pulling back. “Well, I had to let you have a little fun,” Luke teased, running his hands down my legs. “Now, we just get to have fun together,” I smirked up at him, pulling him in for another kiss. “Why don’t we have some more fun right now?” Luke winked, pulling me behind him, ascending to the bedroom.

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Are better at wiggle or twerk ? Just wondering :) - Chen


lets see… butt wiggle

eyebrow wiggle

shoulder wiggle

arm? wiggle

Hip wiggle

and the possible twerk?

I think its the wiggle

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so what are all your guy's true feelings for one another? *wiggles eyebrows*

Terry: I want to tell him. She’s my purpose, he is my life.

Melody: I’m not good enough for either of them. They are both strong, but not in a sense of fighting back.

Finnick: They mean so much to me, but it’s my fault we fight and bicker. I love him. She doesn’t love me.

Adorable names for the little man in your life

°baby boy
°tiny one
°little one
°baby buck
°little prince
°little duck
°buggaboo (our original and fav)
°diaper butt
°little buck
°subby baby boy (for the subs)
°cutie patootie with the diapered booty
°baby love
°suga pie
°wiggle bum
°bashful baby boy
°little tiny love

These are all one ones I call my little leevi.
In the right moment using a certain name can take him from 19 to 9 months in seconds.

just a tease because that’s what I am

“Alistair!” She hissed, wiggling a little bit in an effort to wake him up. He only grumbled, shifting his head so his face became buried in her hair. Evelyn moved her hand and reached back to his side, giving a small pinch before yelping as Alistair nearly crushed her beneath him as he jolted awake in surprise.

Maker!” He pushed himself up from her so most of his weight rested on his arms but she could still feel the pressure of his legs and hips resting against her own. “What was that for?” Alistair asked, his eyes wide in alarm as he evened out his breathing.

Evelyn blinked up at him, her face flushed red at the feeling of his morning arousal brushing against her thigh. Alistair seemed to notice and immediately rolled off of her, laughing even as his face turned beet red.

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Hi! Can u do a 5sos 4/4 where he finds out you're extremely ticklish?

Luke would love to pretend he would use your ticklishness against you, always wiggling his fingers menacingly as if he was about to torture you because that alone was enough to get you giggling but he’d never actually tickle you because he knew you got kind of feisty were you were tickled and the last thing he wanted was to get punched by you.

Michael would have no issue with absolutely torturing you once he found out you were ticklish. In the most inappropriate moments he’d snake his arms around you and start tickling your sides whether you were in the middle of a sentence or out in public on a date just to get a rise out of you

Calum would always make sure you were absolutely trapped whenever he tickled you. The two of you would be snuggled on the couch and he’d wrap on arm snugly around you, but by the time you realized what he was doing it’d be too late. He’d hold you down and tickle you until you couldn’t breathe, and swore to him that you’d find a way to get your revenge.

Ashton would really only use tickling when you were in a bad mood. It was a sure fire way to make you smile, so if you were ever feeling down or not in the mood to talk (or it was one of those rare instances when you were giving him the cold shoulder) he’d sneak up behind you and tickle you just to put a smile on your face.

  • *walking out of le army base health clinic. Sees familiar red car driving toward me with a handsome young soldier behind the wheel*
  • Husband:*leans over and opens door with a debonair grin* Hey there. Get in. *eyebrow wiggle*
  • Me:Hey! You found me! :3
  • Husband:Yeah. I was scoping out hot chicks and then I was like, "Wait a minute. I know that walk. I know that dress. It's my wife! :)"
  • Me:Aw. Well, I'm sorry I ruined your game.
  • Husband:Pfft! No, you didn't. I was searching for hot chicks and I found one. And she's my wife. That means I fucking win.
  • Me:*laughs* That's like, the third time that's happened--you see me from far away or from behind and think "Damn, she's fine." Then surprise, it's just me.
  • Husband:...That happens a lot. I just don't tell you about it.
  • Me:<3

~ I can’t hide this gryphoooooon
  Deep inside of meeeeeeee~

Ok, I just gotta reveal this guy after the new ep that just happened. This charmer here is Saladin. (Or maybe Galadin because Gs… NOPE.) Spirit’s first encounter with him goes badly and she’s going to be very unimpressed with his antics.

He’s rather playful with his line of “work” and given the situation needs Spirit’s assistance. But will Spirit be willing to help him or even have a choice in the matter?