J’kebbe Feh

My attempt at making a golden cat. ciaaraaa mentioned possibly changing to a seeker (the beautiful result is pictured in the first photo) and so naturally, I had to cave in and buy more fantasia and a name change and who would have thought, it motivated me enough to finally level this alt x all the way up to 48.

This whole change made me realize a few things:

1. working with these colors is HARD (you can see I changed her hair over and over and I’m still not sure I got the right color + highlights yet), as anything golden / yellow / orange and the likes is highly out of my comfort zone for anything really.

2. I think too much about creating characters when I don’t even have the time to play them much.

3. I’m leveling her as WHM and if you’ve been following me for a bit, you might know that was my first level 50 in this game ever and it was a really stressful experience the first time around. It’s a piece of cake now. It’s funny to see the kind of progress you have in your own playstyle and what a difference knowing a bit more about the game, the classes etc. can make! It’s super fun and I really hope I’ll have enough determination to get her beautiful high level gear.

4. I like change.

5. I can’t change Kiwi. She’s perfect.

6. The items in the mog station are cheap as hell compared to what I’m used to (WoW) so no regrets, ever.

7. You’re all CRAZY and EXCELLENT for sticking around on this blog because I know I’m the crazy alt lady and no one will ever comprehend the amount of characters I have, me included. Let’s spam the tag a bit more soon, shall we? :)

TGIF! Big game against Dalton Academy tonight, our last game before Homecoming next week. Hope everyone comes out—this is the Titans best year in ages and everyone should see how WHMS clobbers private school dudes. For the fkirst time in weeks, I’m mostly in an awesome mood.



Dear Secret Smilebringer,

For this starlight celebration, I would love to get an illustration of my Character Terri Wambold!! ( The Female WHM Lalafell  pictured above! ) Feel free to simplify her outfit! She often wears a big red ribbon in her hair , and her hair is 2-3x the length as pictured in the screenshots. SE needs longer flowy hairs ingame :<

Personality:Shes somewhat shy, but bubbly, and worries a ton. She often gets very nervous and anxious during battle, especially since her husband Steve is often cocky and takes on tough enemies often. She knows he’s very skilled but worries he’ll get hurt. She is somewhat of a klutz and while she is very good at what she does, she worries that something bad will happen and she will be at fault. Steve often gives her confidence though, and she is most relaxed on the battlefield with him at her side.

If you are feeling generous, feel free to draw her with her husband Steve Wambold, the male lalafell in the screenshots above. ( Also, if you decide to draw him without his sunnies, he has blue eyes.  ) Again, feel free to simplify the armor :>

Steve’s personality: The cocky confident paladin who knows hes badass and can back it up. He often teases Terri about everything, especially her anxiety during battle, and always reassures her he will protect her.

stares at armory chest

okay, so like

…i have several combat classes at 50 now. SMN/SCH, BLM, BRD, WHM, and DRG. i have gotten relics for all of these.

i still have four atmas. total. since the questline was introduced.

admittedly it’s because i’m very lazy.

right now i’m using an unweathered book of spades on smn and a tidal wave codex on sch, and i’m sitting on another UAT for when i stop blowing all my soldiery on thavnairian mists and radz-at-han quenching oil thanks to getting two classes to 50 in the span of a month.

i figure soon i should actually commit to the atma grind for at least one of my classes, and i will eventually use the UAT to get a weapon for another class.

out of WHM, BRD, BLM, and DRG, what should I be putting those into the most? I’m comfortable not upgrading my SMN weapon right now, and though my SCH one isn’t the best it’s still pretty decent. UATs and atmas are kind of my best bet right now, since the leviathan weapon was kind of a fluke and for the most part i don’t have the time, skill, specs, or dedicated group to run EX primals and it’s unlikely that i’ll be running or clearing ramuh or shiva anytime soon.


Shiva Ex down! First ex I’ve killed pre-echo actually… :|

Fight is easy and fun. 10/10 would farm.

Got the WHM staff too. Stats are atrocious for WHM (crit crit crit and more crit) but it matches the ironworks stuff pretty well. :D

You’d think that drama wouldn’t happen in a random SB party in Urth’s Gift. You’d think. But you’d be wrong.

See, one of the WHMs in the party was a member of a linkshell that I’m party of, and we’ve butted heads before. They’re rude, insensitive, and inappropriate on a regular basis, and have previously made running content with said linkshell and associated FCs a living hell. We’re not normally on actively bad terms with each other, but relations have always been prickly.

At the time, I was playing on BRD. We didn’t have a tank, and the party made me pull using Foe’s Requiem. Of course, since I was decked out in crafting gear and gathering accessories, I was rather squishy. I died a couple of times because the WHMs were more focused on doing damage with Holy than keeping me alive long enough to get the mobs into position. This individual joked about how we would all die if they weren’t around, and their spotty connection and lack of commitment to healing resulted in this. They made fun of me for dying thanks to them. They also made constant jabs about how I hated fun, claiming it was alright because we were in a linkshell together. Of course, this was also a person who had been a major cause of me leaving the interim FC I’d been in during the Lansquenet hiatus. It wasn’t exactly good-natured fun. The party leader gave them a warning, and we continued on our way.

Then things got heated over something much stupider. We’d started out as a full party, but a number of people left a few pulls after I’d joined, and the remaining members summoned our chocobos to work on leveling them. Of course, we were still in party finder. Every once in a while someone new would want to join, and someone would have to dismiss their bird. But we hit a point where all three people who had their chocobos out refused to dismiss them. One person had theirs out to assist with healing, since we only had the one WHM from my linkshell at the time, and defended their keeping the bird out via its role. One person who had a bird out was the party leader, and said that since they were the one running things, they had more of a right to keeping their bird out. The third person, a BLM, was neither of these things. They were far more stubborn about their bird than the other two. It hit an impasse, and the party devolved into arguing about who should dismiss their bird and whether the party leader was on a “power trip” by saying they had more of a right to a bird by virtue of being the leader. Then the WHM called them “useless” for being a monk in an SB party- never mind the fact that not everyone has WHM, BLM, or BRD at level 50. This was the last straw, and the leader dismissed the WHM.

The WHM stayed in the area, pulling mobs independently from the party. At this point, it wasn’t so bad, though there was clearly some animosity between the groups. They stuck to the kalongs and keds in the western part of the area, we stuck to the water sprites. But the person who refused to dismiss their chocobo and the party leader kept fighting, now about whether it was right to kick the WHM from the party. Despite attempts from me and other party members to calm this bickering, it continued until chocobo-BLM left the party.

This is where things got ridiculous. The BLM joined the WHM’s party, and invited two more people. They put up a PF simultaneous to ours, and started trying to pull every mob before we did. The smaller party wasn’t even aiming to SB effectively at this point- they were just trying to do it in a way that antagonized and inconvenienced the party they were no longer part of. It turned into a passive-aggressive war between two SB parties, featuring some of the messiest pulls I have ever witnessed. And this chocobo-based feud lasted through at least two full sets of patrician’s gear. One really has to wonder about the people in this game sometimes.

  • Episode 178 - Johnny Mnemonic
  • We Hate Movies
  • We Hate Movies
Episode 178 - Johnny Mnemonic

On this week’s episode, the #WHMLRM continues as the guys tackle the 1995 cyber-punk thriller, Johnny Mnemonic! What’s with this narration-less scroll? How is Udo Kier not a vampire in every film? And what’s with Ice-T dropping cars on everybody? PLUS: The guys debate Catfish and also show their love for the great Keanu Reeves. 

Johnny Mnemonic stars Keanu Reeves, Ice-T, Dolph Lundgren, Henry Rollins, Dina Meyer, “Beat” Takeshi, Barbara Sukowa and Udo Kier; directed by Robert Longo.