Women's History Month - Abby Bobé
Ms. Bobé is a technology activist and a social entrepreneur.

A former community manager at Black Girls CODE, she successfully managed a $100,000 crowdfunding campaign to help educate 2,000 girls and seed fund 7 chapters across the US. Prior to this, she worked internationally, creating a Computing Technology Programme in Tamil Nadu, South India that taught 80 school children and 20 women digital technology.

During the rising of the #handsupdontshoot movement, Ms. Bobé moved to Missouri to give activists tech tools and taught them how to manage web pages and gain publicity. Working with HandsUpUnited, she envisioned and developed the Clay Sr. Tech Workshop with activists. The workshop was a 6-week programme which taught de-coding, and had the aim to strengthen black-owned businesses, nonprofits and social movements in the area. 

Her twitter is here : https://twitter.com/abbybobe


blackgirlflymag​ X toharrietwithlove​’s Who Taught You. A celebration of the Black women who taught us to be great. Prominent. Illustrious. Significant. Impressive. Our ancestors taught us well. There aren’t any obstacles that can’t be overcome. They taught us. Who taught you?

When I do bad runs as WHM it’s almost always a Lalafell BLM with a Vivi glamour that ends up being the most tolerable person in the run by virtue of being quiet and doing their job without dying.

Then there was that one time a Monk was dying more than the two Dragoons in a HM Titan and that was just embarrassing.