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#GospelCover :: Episode 13 :: Seattle :: #WhiteStripes

anonymous said:

I've been wondering this,,, isnt it weird that HTTYD people has really white teeth. Won't they be like a bit yellowish coloured tint?


Have I ever talked about this before? I dunno if I have—but srsly—teeth. I love that they’re uneven and odd in HTTYD, but something tells me they don’t sell Crest whitestrips on Berk.

And it’s not just HTTYD, it’s all animated movies.  Since I was a small child this has annoyed me to no end.  No matter what time period they’re in or the story—how about we get some gd realistic colored teeth in?  How about someone to represent the coffee-stained/tobacco-stained/life-stained teeth, eh? *cheers*

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Would You Fight For My Love?

It’s not enough that I love you…


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Clip of #R5 singing the #WhiteStripes #sevennationarmy cover! #r5concert #orlando #hardrocklive @officialr5

Don’t you hate it when u arguin with a ho with bad teeth

And she try to come at you sideways on some irrelevant shit like “Well, girl why don’t you lose some weight!”

Ok, boo, I got you - I’ll hit up the gym when you hit up a pack of Crest Whitestrips to fix the corn kernels that you like to call teeth

Log out, bitch

ive been whitening my teeth every night and they look so nice :) i highly recommend Crest 3D White Whitestrips in Glamorous White because they really work. i drink at least 2-3 cup of coffee a day and my teeth dont have any stains.

(id like to also note i dont use a whitening toothpaste but i do brush 3-4 times a day (im a freak ik))

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Posted this video earlier, but I love this part. I miss Meg! 😭💕💖

#megwhite #jackwhite #thewhitestripes #whitestripes

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The Edge Telling A Little Story In Of The Deleted Scenes From “It Might Get Loud” Where A Classical Music Teacher Came To His School & Heard That He Knew How To Play “Stairway To Heaven”.
P.S: Jimmy Page’s Laugh Is Infectious!.
#JimmyPage #LedZeppelin #U2 #TheEdge #JackWhite #WhiteStripes #ItMightGetLoud #Guitarists #ElectricGuitar #StairwayToHeaven

10:48-11:30 shower, change into desi clothes, makeup
11:30-1 orgo
1-4 bio notes
4-5 math
5-8 fam party unless younger ppl don’t come
8-12 design

Also order orgo lab manual, phil textbook, face cleanser system, crest whitestrips, pp

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I miss them!!! 😭💝

#megwhite #jackwhite #thewhitestripes #whitestripes