• Korra:HONEY!
  • Asami:What?
  • Korra:Where's my blue staff?
  • Asami:Wha~t?
  • Korra:WHERE. IS. MY. BLUE. STAFF?!
  • Asami:I uh... Put it away!
  • Korra:Where?!
  • Asami:Why do you need to know?!
  • Korra:I need it!
  • Asami:Uh-uh! Don't you think about running off to do no darin' do! We've been planning this dinner for two months!
  • Korra:The public is in danger!
  • Asami:My EVENING'S in danger!
  • Korra:You tell me where that staff is woman! We are talking about the greater good!
  • Asami:Greater good?! I am your wife! I'm the "greatest GOOD" you are EVER going to get!

Kai ran home as fast as he could, sweating and panting from running all the way from the place he was at, his hair sometimes getting in his eyes, causing discomfort. Once he got home he stopped to take a few deep breaths. He looked up with a smile at Morishige but his smile slowly faded away once he said it. “W….wh…wha…what…?”

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Have you gotten to play Five Nights At Freddy's yet? :) Ps: LOVE YOU *WHA-PISH* 👋

Yep! made it to night 4 so far and recorded it all. It’ll be up on youtube starting today

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I have soooo many stuff going on between school and NJHS and I don't know how to juggle meetings, tutoring, homework, school, & my sanity! Since Tony is always super busy with iron man and Stark industries, any advice??

Pepper: He makes me do everything.

Tony : Yeah I am a shit person to ask something like this. I’ve gotten lazy to the point that I made Pepper her own suit. I’m a teenager wha’cha gonna do.

Cold Case (3)

AN: There will be a lot of mystery and fun in this ficlet.


Cold Case 3


Onyx eyes broke through the night, air had escaped his lungs and struggled to come back. He couldn’t scream even if he wanted to. Sasuke jolted upright, sweat beaded over his back and chest. He brought two shaky hands to his face in an attempt to calm his racing heart.

“Sasuke?” asked a small voice.

He flinched when some random woman touched his back. He looked over at her with a confused face. He had forgotten that someone was even in his house. He panted and removed her hand from his back. “Wha-What?”

“Awh,” she started as if he was some fucking child. “Did you have a nightmare?” Her hand found his back again, stretching over his damp skin. Sasuke felt sick. She bit her bottom lip seductively and continued, “Tell me about it, baby.” Her other hand rubbed his chest, pulling him closer.

“Get out.”

She gave a humored huff. “Excuse me?”

Sasuke looked over at the stranger. “I need you to leave.”

Gray eyes. Her eyes were a deep gray, full with confusion and rejection. “S-Sasuke, what’s wrong? Tell me.”

She seemed genuine and he figured kicking a woman out of his house was reckless. He didn’t want to find her cold body somewhere tomorrow. He wasn’t that much of an asshole. “Fine, stay here.” He got up, naked, and went to the living room.


“So you planned on sending your mother to prison?”

The blonde woman shook her head. “I loved my father I wouldn’t do that!”

Hinata glanced at the judge before continuing. “Loved?”

She blinked twice, her hands in tight fists. “No, I-” the woman looked into Hinata’s eyes and paused again. Her mouth gaped a few times.

“Your own mother? Your quiet, sweet mother? Your warmth…”

“I…I…It’s her fault!” She pointed at the silver haired woman. “She d-did it!”

“Did what?”

“She stayed quiet! She was always quiet with him!”

Hinata nodded and took a step back. “No further questions, Your Honor.” It was that moment when Huryia started to cry. So then it was true.

After another successful case, Hinata found Sasuke leaning against the wall as he always was. Dark eyes focused on something different. She didn’t know what to say and so she remained quiet and headed home. Although, she wasn’t pleased when she arrived and he was sitting on the porch. Taiyo was playing in front yard.

Hinata made a mental note of telling the babysitter to not leave her son with him.

She parked, took a much needed breath because something told her that he was going to get under her skin today. Maybe that was every time she saw him, on the occasion that she saw him. Maybe it was a rash? She rubbed at her at the very thought. Hinata adjusted her purse as Taiyo ran into her arms.

“Mama,” he hugged her tightly. “Did you win?”

“Always,” she kissed his nose. Opal eyes drifted the frowning blonde male. “Shi.”

“Hinata,” replied Shi. “I need to talk to you.”

His dark eyes scanning over her appearance. Shi had black eyes, deep holes of nothing if she was being honest. There was a time where she would have sighed dreamily at those “warms pools of love and care” and all that bullshit. Taiyo took one black eye and one opal eye, hence why she shouldn’t have her lecherous, dark eyed co-worker shouting that Taiyo was his son.

She went forward to open the door for everyone. “Baby, go ahead, pack up.” She ruffled Taiyo’s hair. The little boy ran into his room.


Hinata turned to him with a pressed line. “Please tell me that’s not the same ‘actually’ from the pass three weeks, Shi.” Her voice was low, calm and fluid. Just like her father taught her.

He pushed a hand in his pocket. “I can’t this weekend, I have to go to Kumo.”

“Take him with you, you know, like a vacation.”

“That won’t be possible.”

She smiled despite the building fire in her chest. She remembered back in her first year of university, she would have cracked. She would have stuttered and stumbled over her words. She would have been so upset that she couldn’t speak. Now…

“Its fine,” whispered Hinata. “Just tell him that. He’ll eventually stop caring.”

“Hinata,” he started.

She just took off her blazer. “Taiyo,” called Hinata. The boy ran out with a bright smile. “Papa needs to talk to you.”

He grinned happily and pushed navy tresses from his face. “Woof!” barked the boy. Hinata smiled. Today was a dog. How convenient?


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SpaceGhost: *Comes into the office and steals the socks from each guard*

Mike: “HEY!”

Jeremy: “… What just happened?”

Charles: “Well, this is new.”

Richard: “Give those back!”

Fritz: “Good thing I’ve brought some extra ones, just in case.”

New Guy:  Wha-. .  .Why?”

Cophine Urban Fantasy AU (2/5)

Part 1

Several hours later, Cosima was no longer grinning. She scowled down into the froth of her matcha latte, replaying her meeting with S.

“You… you’re suspending me?” Cosima’s mouth dropped open.

“Not suspending,” Mrs. S sighed as she poured a pot of steaming Earl Grey into two ceramic cups. “Just giving you a little break.”

“Wha… why? Just cuz a few people didn’t live happily ever after?”

“It’s not just that, love. We provide an important service. One that’s supposed to help people find their life match, not help them make painful mistakes. They can do that easily enough on their own. Do you understand?”

Cosima huffed and rubbed her forehead. “I guess… yeah. It’s not like I’m trying to fuck up.”

“I know. That’s why I think it would do you well to get a bit more guidance.”

“Guidance? From who?”

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