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So today i went to megacon 2015. Where i decided I just HAD to meet Norman Reedus. I had a long morning, fighting to convine myself to pay the 80 bucks to get my autograph by his man. So finally after convincing my self (along with he help of my girls in the inner circle ) I began the 4 hour wait to meet and greet Mr. Reedus. Four long hours later, of me needing to go to the bathroom and aching feet, its finally my turn . I had my sketchbook that I wanted him to sign and pay my bill. I walk up to him . Right off the bat, he greets me by taking my hand and pulling me close to the table. And then says “hi cutie nice to meet you ” from there I start saying its nice to meet him and such which he proceeds to smile at me and grip my hand tighter before pulling me in ,hugging me almost pulling me over the table and kisses my cheek. I’m already still kinda reeling from that so i shakily remove my hand from his to fidgit with my sketchbook and go to grab my picture that I was giving him as a gift. Every time I let him go, he grabbed my hand again and pulled me closer to the table. This man had me flustered beyond my expectations , and I’ve been around actors a lot , so that’s saying something for me. So I finally, Then give him one of my drawings of beth and Daryl to where he stopped mid sentence to look at. He asked me if I drew it , in just nodded , he . went. crazy! telling me how talented I was and amazing . took photos of it on his phone and then photos of me holding the photo with his phone. And then kept pulling me practically over the table to hug me some more while still praising me and telling me happy birthday (since this is what I wanted for my birthday on the 22 of April. To which BTW i might add ,he turned me around and tell the crowed to wish me happy birthday before yet another hug and telling me it was nice to meet me ).. He then took the drawing and tapped it to the poster or his booth next to his picture. 😍. Im completely overwhelmed,and blown away !!!! This was beyond amazing and I’m so happy and honored… Norman reedus.. I’m humbled by you.. Thank you!!

I had a lovely flight with all around super nice guy and friend, Scott Wilson. We’ll be seeing ya at @calgaryexpo this weekend! Ill be in the Big Four Building, table BF3812 all weekend! Friday- Sunday I’ll have photo ops, panels, and signing.

Today I’ll be signing from 4-6. See ya there!
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