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au where tae is a massage therapist and kook makes monthly appointments with tae and only tae to destress oMG ???? I JUST HAD TO SHARE ???? bye

oh no oh no this is cute

like jeongguk is rolling his shoulders back one day and commenting on how hes been super stiff lately, and jimin recommends for him to check out this massage place. so jeongguks all “ok what can i lose anyways,” and goes to happens to get taehyung, whos got really strong hands and chatters pleasantly about everything under the sun, which is nice because then jeongguk doesnt have to think about anything else besides how nice taehyungs touch feels. yeah. nice.

maybe one time taehyung has to go home to visit his momma or something so hes not in, and the other in-house massage dude (seokjin) offers to cover his appointment, and jeongguks like “Um, Thanks But I’ll Reschedule Or Something” and eeks his way out the door again. so when taehyung cheerfully returns back to work seokjins like “(രᴗര๑) so your hot regular came in again.” and taehyungs like “I DONT HAVE A HOT REGULAR” and shuffles through the appointment book for a couple minutes before he whispers “he did?”

and when jeongguk finally comes in for his appointment the next month taehyung starts immediately and is like “tsk tsk youre so stiff!!! what would you do without me!!!” and jeongguk (lying face down) buries his face against his arm and mumbles something that sounds like “yeah, what would i do with you” and taehyung is a lil jittery the whole time even as jeongguk relaxes under his hands!! ahh!!!!! and finally at the end when taehyung opens the appointment book to schedule jeongguks next one, jeongguk fumbles with the little bobblehead rabbit on the counter (someone gave it to seokjin as a gift probably) and is like, “could i possibly see you sooner than next month? um, like a date?”

(ノ≧∀≦)ノ –nikkumeul

Haha. Uh. Good afternoon, Tumblr.

For those concerned, I am pleased to report that save a mild headache and sleeping to a truly ungodly hour this afternoon, I am perfectly fine after last night’s festivities. I did wake up to the contents of my clutch and also the pieces of my filtered water pitcher scattered in three separate places around my bedroom, as apparently pouring said water into a glass was simply too much and my lack of manual dexterity required me to disassemble the pitcher instead. 

Also I can type again. I know we’re all relieved.

Also also, I’ve received about a dozen asks over the last few days but obviously have not had time to get to them all. I plan on doing my best to answer them this afternoon, but if you’re still waiting on a reply (or two!) from me, don’t worry! I almost certainly got it; it’s just taking me a bit longer to answer them this time. <3<3<3

(The poorly-spelled sentiment from last night, for the record, still stands. Love you guys, especially for putting up with me during times like last night. <3)

Okay so just a quick personal update!! If finals and end of the year packing up just wasn’t enough for me, my laptop is currently out of commission until further notice :( I’ll be trying my best to reblog and do what I can in what little free time I have available to me, but please be patient in waiting for replies to asks and fanart posts! Reblogging and posting things on my phone will be a bit of a pain since I can’t tag the way I prefer to BUT I WILL GET THROUGH THIS!!

Really this isn’t the end of the world! Just a minor frustration! I’ll survive, and can’t wait to get back to normal soon :)

Thanks guys!!

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Wait wait so you requested for people to tell you why they don't like you, then when someone does it, delete the original post and the anon message? Wtf do you want

Okay hi I assume you are the anon from before, a) I didnt realise I reblogged a post it was a queue as I was at work all day. b) found the post still on my blog so here: x c) What anon message? They are all there still. d) I just want peace around the world

Stiles Imagine (Requested)

Warnings: Swearing

You go up to greet Scott and Stiles after their lacrosse game. Weaving your way through the crowd you finally find the two boys.

“Scott! You were amazing!” You yell over the loud people and go to hug him.

“So did you Stiles!” You add and hug the sweaty boy as well, and he gives you a bear hug back.

“Thanks (y/n)!” They both reply, slightly embarrassed.

You all wait as usual, for the other guys to empty out of the locker room so you can go in there with Scott and Stiles. When Stiles says it was okay for you to come in you see them both in towels.

“H-h-hi Scott,” you blush, and start to stutter not used to seeing him half naked.

“Hi (y/n),” he laughs not used to seeing you so embarrassed.

“Hey guys-” Stiles starts but then goes quiet, just staring at you and Scott.

“Dude-,” Scott starts, but Stiles goes off completely mad.

“What the fuck Scott!? You said that you wouldn’t try anything with her! You know that I-.” But Stiles just stops, storming off, leaving both you and Scott absolutely speechless.

“Stiles!” Scott yells after him.

“Scott, Scott, I’ll go after him okay?” You declare before he can go after Stiles.

“Okay just be safe.” He hesitated before letting you go off. Running out of the locker room and going to the parking lot just in case he left.

“Stiles! Stiles!” You shout trying to see if he would shout back. Trying to rem/ember where he parked his jeep, but soon you see the said car, with Stiles in it.

You knock on the window on the passenger side. Stiles unlocks the car and you slide in the passenger seat.

“Hi Stiles,” you greet him softly and grab his hand running your thumb across the back of it.

“Hi (y/n),” he looks up at you and goes to wipe his eyes with his other hand.

“Stiles, why did you run off?”

“I-I don’t feel very well.” He lied.

“Stiles don’t tell me lies,” you demand.

“Why don’t you just go back to Scott.” He raises his voice, but he soon gets quiet once he realized what he said.

“Oh Stiles, is that what this about?” You ask but he doesn’t say anything, he just looks down embarrassed to say anything.

“Because Stiles if it is, I don’t like him, you know.”

“You don’t?” He inquires, looking back at you again.

“No, in fact, I like someone else.”

“You do?” He asks getting disappointed again.

“Oh my goodness Stiles!”


“I like you, you dummy!” You laugh out at the awkward and clueless boy.

“You do! I-I mean you do?’

"Yes Stiles."  He starts to lean in close to you, and you can pick out the different browns in his eyes.

"Well I like you too.” He whispers leaning in and closing the gap between you. His kiss  is soft and his lips are warm from the blush on his face. You soon break away and you both laugh awkwardly, blushing at each other.

“Maybe we should et back to Scott,” you tell him.

“Eh Scott can wait. I want to spend more time with you.”


(Not our gif, credit to owner)


“I was thinking…you always sleep on the couch when you stay over, so maybe if you want to you…you can start sleeping with me in my bed?” My heart thumped against my chest as I waited for his reply, he didn’t seem to have a reaction on his face at all.

“It’s ok, the couch is fine,” he replied before slowly letting go of my hands and returning to his painting, my heart sunk within seconds as a horrible feeling washed over me.

“Y-You don’t want to be with me? I thought we were ready for that step…I’m sorry,” I managed to sputter out feeling an embarrassed heat rise up in my cheeks,

“No, Lacey that’s not why I said-” I cut him off to save myself even more embarrassment.

“It’s okay I understand,” I whispered before hurrying back inside running to my run.

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Donnie I was wondering if you still skype ? I asked for you screen name while looked in tumblr but I haven't got a reply back :( I'll patiently wait to skype with you one day. Thanks don the man...eh turtle !

That’s because I don’t give my skype to anons, anon. Get off anon and give me a real name or account and I’ll be happy to talk to  you. 


So um believe it or not I actually have a lot of reqeusts hence why this is taking me a while. But I’m talking to my girlfriend about the reqeusts and I’m in denial about how many reqeusts I have piled up. Don’t worry dears, I will get to them! And please don’t let the wait discourage you from sending in reqeusts! (Bonus: she just replied to me saying ‘ho don’t do it’)

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I’ve secretly been waiting for this one. I’m also waiting for another otp of mine to drop in my ask box hehe ^-^ thank you nonny!

  • who takes longer showers? Kuroo! Daichi normally yells at him about it tbh, but when Kuroo pops out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel with that snarky look on his face, Daichi relents.
  • how do they make up after a fight? They squabble all the time, lightheartedly, but if its a serious fight, it can get pretty ugly if they don’t break away to cool down. The makeups are quick though, Daichi doesn’t like staying angry for long, and Kuroo honestly hates when someone is upset with him. Their conversations post-fight are awkward, but they turn into funny little challenges, and suddenly they’re laughing until they realize they were dumb for fighting in the first place.
  • who prefers rain and who prefers sun? Kuroo likes the rain, Daichi likes the sun!
  • what’s their favorite place to go together? Official sports matches! They love getting tickets to any kind of game and getting the thrills of watching the match. they also love taking bets on whose gonna win. They don’t always bet money if you catch my drift B)
  • who’s more likely to be voted prom king/queen? Oh wow, actually I think Daichi might earn it. 
  • do they celebrate anniversaries, etc.? Honestly they don’t celebrate them much. Or at least they don’t plan anything big for it, because they’ll get right up to like two days before and go “oh, yeah that’s right we’ve been dating for a while now, huh?” and the other just “oh yeah… should we get gifts?”
  • who’d pressure the other into singing karaoke? They both didn’t want to, and they both dared each other to do it, and the dare was that they had to serenade the other into a mushy puddle of feels. Kuroo lost.
  • what’s their nightly routine? Kuroo can get pretty lazy at the home front, so it honestly depends on how they feel. 
  • who’s more likely to burn dinner? They’re both actually decent at cooking! Daichi might let dinner burn, but that’s because Kuroo teased him, and Daichi went chasing him out of the kitchen because Kuroo can act like a literal five year old

I heard the door creak open and someone enter, they sat down next to me on the bed and judging from their shadow, it was Hayate.

I felt an arm wrap around my waist and a hand rest on my thigh, there was a silence before I looked to him and he began to speak.

“You know you never let me finish what I was going to say,” The whole time he looked into my eyes as he spoke,

“I have a feeling I know what you were going to say, I just didn’t feel like hearing it,” I replied mumbling miserably playing with my hands to calm my nerves.

“What I was going to say, was I don’t want to pressure you into feeling like you have to sleep in the same bed as me, or with me, because you think I want that,” he gently gave my waist a squeeze waiting for a reply and I shot a confused look at him, his cheeks were bright red.

“B-But I didn’t ask you because I felt like I had to…I-I wanted to sleep in the same bed as you,” I admitted gingerly feeling my cheeks heat,

“But you always act so nervous when we get anywhere near that stage…I thought I was pressuring you so I backed off,” he admitted slightly confused, 

“Because I get embarrassed!” I hit his arm and tried to hide my blushing cheeks.

There was a silence between us as we both looked away from each other, 
“So you do find me attractive?” I asked gingerly already knowing the response,

“Of course I do Lacey! Are you crazy!?!” he let out a small laugh looking into my eyes, “Come here,” he uttered, with a swift movement I was pulled onto his lap.

I actually have two memes for this person, but I think that I’ll just go with this one to give you the idea.

This is the kind of person that tells you that they want to ship. I didn’t want to, but I kind of wanted to see how my character would react, so I agreed to a thread where I told her that we’ll see where it would go. She replies for a while until she just saves it in her drafts. She then complains about no one wanting to rp with her, and I see her on my dash trying to ship with everyone—that is, until I unfollowed her.

Gee, I wonder why no one wants to rp with you when they’re all waiting on the replies from you and you ignore everyone else for your forced shipping threads.

I’ll submit the other one later.

The Receiving End of Sirens Tease 'The Lost Tape'

Since The Receiving End of Sirens’ debut album, Between The Heart and The Synapse turned ten yesterday, it only makes sense that the band would tease something on us. Late last night Triple Crown Records uploaded a video to Youtube called “The Lose Tape trailer.” Maybe we’ll finally get the TREOS DVD we’ve been waiting for. Head to the replies to check it out and post what you think it’s going to be.

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wait, did i miss the thing about rey actually being a skywalker?

Well, at this point it’s more of everyone wildly guessing that it’s going to be her with the combo of rumors that everyone is desperately hoping to be true. So nothing’s confirmed yet, but the fact that Daisy Ridley looks like she could have played one of Padme’s handmaidens in the prequels certainly is making everyone highly hopeful

//Hello! Just a heads up for these 2 days without posts - as some may know (or not) I’m working on a huge headcanon post right now. So far there are 9 new images to it just from the story and regular ones that I will probably recycle.

I have still 1 picture to go so I hope to finish it in a few hours BUT those are just the pictures - I haven’t written anything yet SO I may post it tomorrow in case I can’t write it all up today. Apologies for those who are waiting for replies XD I will try to get to you asap after this is done haha.

have you ever been waiting on a text back from somebody and when you see them start typing you exit out of the message really fast so it doesn’t look like you were waiting on them to reply back lol