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Wait what's happening with Clint I'm confused I'm seeing it on my dash too

apparently, there are some parts in the aou trailer where we see kid chairs and toys etc. so speculation is that the mcu clint barton is following the ultimate clint barton storyline (x) where clint has a wife and 3 kids
let’s just all pray it isn’t true :))))))

RP Hiatus [Lurk mode Engaged]

//So for those of you unaware I’ll be away for the next five days

Why you might ask? I’ll be at Pax East. As an employee, aka an “Enforcer.”

I’ll be working at the eSports rooms and the BioWare (Yes, BioWare) panel rooms.

Come bother me if you’re there. As for here, I’ll be lurking, sending messages reblogging, etc.

But replies/RP’s will have to wait. Feel free to send me stuff though. I’ll gladly respond once available.


Preference #17 ~ You're Out In Public And A Fan Takes Pictures Of You


Dan: "So, what’s your favorite band?" Dan asked y/n.

"At the moment it’s Fall Out Boy."  She replied before taking a sip of her coffee.

Y/n and Dan were on their first date and they had agreed to just grab some coffee and get to know each other. 

"Since when do you have a girlfriend?"  A random girl asked Dan.

"I’m sorry, I don’t think we know each other."  Dan said.

"We don’t." Before Dan or y/n could say anything, the girl took a picture of the two of them with her phone and then left. 

"That was weird." y/n said.

"Yeah.  She was probably just a fan, don’t worry about it."  Dan replied.

Phil:  Y/n and Phil were waiting in line to ride the London Eye.  Phil usually wouldn’t have taken a girl on a date to the London Eye, but y/n had never been to the UK and she really wanted to ride it.  Phil happily agreed to take her and well, there they were.

"You’re amazingphil, right?"  A guy asked.  He couldn’t have been any older than 16. 

"Yeah."  Phil said, trying not to show his awkwardness.

"Who’s the girl?"  He asked.

"My girlfriend.  Why are you asking me this?" Phil asked.

The guy pulled out his phone and snapped a quick picture of y/n and Phil before he (literally) ran off. 

"He could’ve just asked for a picture."  Y/n said.

Phil wrapped an arm around her and kissed the top of her head.  “Some people are just really, really, really strange.”  He chuckled.

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"Wait you’re joking right. Finn deserved to be executed for his crimes. He slaughtered 18 innocent people. He didn’t die for nothing he died because he murdered."

Everybody on this show has killed somebody! I’m not excusing Finn, I hated what he did as much as anybody, and you may be right that he deserved to die… BUT Finn’s death was what was required in order to secure the alliance between the grounders and the arkers. “Our truce begins with his death”. Finn’s death formed the alliance, and the alliance was just torn to shit when Lexa abandoned Clarke. 


i have your tab, but you might not get a reply until my next day off since i have to basicaly hover on my dash and wait for a reply to make sure i can reblog it since your site doesn’t have a has a missing button for that. doop. thank for patience.

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You should interact with more kagomes

//agreed!! I started a thread with timetossedmiko, but I’m waiting for her reply. :) And I interact with kagome-miko quite a bit, but more so on her kikyou. But I’d love to develop Kagome’s and Naraku’s relationship more since they don’t touch much on it in the show.

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wait I'm so confused... isn't felicity gonna get hurt during the flash as well? hence why mama smoak is in town? and then she gets hurt again 2 episodes later? homegirl be setting up camp in ICU at this rate lmao

LMAO I don’t know if she’ll get hurt in the flash but I know she’ll be hurt in 3x18. Maybe she’s still hurt from episodes 3x18-3x20 to make it realistic ya know?

so I checked my grades and found that I have a 101% in latin class; I was really excited and told my friend
I wasn’t trying to brag or anything, all I said was, “Hey I got a 101% in my latin class!”
and she replied with, “wait was the point of you telling me this just to brag that you got over 100?” 
I honestly wasn’t trying to brag, I wasn’t rubbing it in her face or asking for praise or anything. I don’t understand why everything has to be considered bragging when most people are just trying to share (and not trying to rub it in their face)

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The one that hit me the most was the “I hope you realise how rude and horrible you are and I hope you get raped by Murdoc and understand why we have him do that with 2-D or Noodle” I didn’t fall asleep last night buggy.

Send these people to me so that I can break their spines.  I will not bat an eye if they accidentally fall off a cliff.  These sound like the most despicable human beings.

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I will but only if you gimme 1lb. of blue dream ganj FIRST

I’ve got so many drafts to answer so here’s the deal.
Here’s the list of people waiting on replies. If I missed
you please tell me. Cause I’m having a hard time keeping
track of everything.

masked-immortal (2)
devoidofxxxx (2)

In the mean time, if we’ve never interacted and you like
the looks of Gabriella or even Two, like this post or let
me know which muse you’d like to interact with and I’ll
try to post a short starter.

Happy rping guys!

I apolgoize ahead of time. I’m celebrating my birthday a few days early since tomorrow is a snow day. I’m a little tipsy. So if something seems off, I’m sorry!!

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1016 on a new story!

YAY! I know you finished what you were working on (it’s next on my list to read now that it’s done!) Can’t wait to see where you go next!!

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1589. ^_^ I’m satisfied with that.

As you should be! That’s an awesome number!!

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1055… Second to last chapter of AFD is a go!

Yes and NOOOOOOO at the same time! I know it has to end, but I love that verse!

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1316! Best I’ve done in a long while

OOOO, I’m jealous! I’m hoping to get those kind of numbers in tomorrow and this weekend. Good for you!!

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1047!!!! the words are coming out so much better now that I’ve gotten the worst scene over with ;w;

You know, sometimes you just have to get past THAT SCENE! I completely understand!

Sorry guys. I have no excuse. Grading done. I just needed a night off. With wine. lot’s of wine. Sorry I didn’t play. Feel like I let you down! 

((Wow hey sorry everybody for the absence!  Things have been nutty and I needed just a bit of a mental break.  Broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years the other day so that was a trip and a half, and I’ve been working on a lot of stuff, soooo that’s most of it.

Sorry to everybody waiting on replies!  I should be getting to them tonight or tomorrow, I hope.  Somebody just kick Archie in the rear okay.))