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wait why was everyone asking what color a dress is, i looked and i see white/gold.. how do you see blue/black? what the hell, is everybodys color receptors not working

my last ask about the dress, thats not fair, theres 3 versions of that picture.. i saw the ‘gwite’ one *shrugs* im so annoyed lol

The weirdest thing, I sent the photo to my mom and when I sent it I saw white/gold. Then she replied and upon reading her reply, I glanced the photo again and it was distinctively blue/black. My brother see’s blue/black and hasn’t at all seen white/gold. My dad said it’s an optical illusion, I don’t know how else to explain it. It has to be an illusion. 

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i’m so fucking angry. why the fuck does EVERYTHING go to rachel. rachel got a main plot in chris’ episode, now she’s getting darren’s song? fuck. this. unless darren’s actually wrote THREE songs and they’re trying to hide it.

Doesn’t sound like it. So we get his great music, but not his great voice. Disappointing af.

I drew a broken heart
Right on your window pane
Waited for your reply
Here in the pouring rain
Just breathe against the glass
Leave me some kind of sign
I know the hurt won’t pass Just tell me it’s not the end of the line
—  Up - Olly Murs & Demi Lovato 1/4

Is it always like this when we fall? We smile at little things they do. We laugh at their corniest lines. And wait endlessly for their replies on our texts. Unknowingly, they make the littlest details but the biggest effect on us.

My apology to those who waiting reply from me (inbox, email, or maybe other sites). I need some time to pull myself together I got overwhelmed with uncomfortable feelings lately (5 times close to delete my blog and close my galleries) which I trying to overcome… somehow. 

This issue I been battling against since 3-4 years already and grown a bad habit of disappearing without word (and trace) for few month, half a year, a year and often nuked all traces behind myself and start everything from scratch. I trying to be smarter this time, but it is hard when those feelings come to me causing stress, making me nervous and chocked and making my mood waving rapidly from very good to very bad. 

I hope I did not say anything to anyone lately could make them feel uncomfortable or hurt. 

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pls give a recap of BB! I love him and wish we could go when he’s in CO next week

I’ll try my best! He moves so quickly that I know I’ll forget things and I definitely won’t remember specific lines. Sorry!

  • The show was very similar to what. just with different songs, bits and topics. So you should have a good idea of the vibe.
  • I think my favorite moment was when he did his own version of Kanye’s rant segment during the Yeezus tour and had the dramatic lighting and auto-tune mic all while talking about Pringles and how they need to make their cans bigger. Brilliant.
  • He did what were basically the country and rap versions of “Repeat Stuff”. The country bit was about how with current “stadium country” you can just sing about trucks and dirt roads and play a guitar and all of a sudden it’s so deep and real. The rap version mocked how you can have a great beat and just say whatever over it and people will ignore the lyrics and praise the song just for it’s beat. And after seeing Hannibal last week do his “gibberish rap” bit I really want Bo and Hannibal to write songs together. Make it happen!
  • He did some improv in between the more planned bits which was great. One moment he made some comment about a recess in the ceiling and how it was shaped like a hexagon, then someone pointed out it was actually an octagon and he went on a great improv bit about hexagons and octagons and the shame he felt for making that mistake. Jokes about shapes probably sounds ridiculously lame but it was wonderful.
  • There was a song about the difference between the sexes and another about everyone needing love in their life.
  • He did a bit about a recent break up where he played both parties in the breakup and he ended it by sing-songing (is that a thing??? whatever) “Lick my clit!” over and over as the girl responding to the guy being immature and saying “suck my dick” over and over when she was trying to be mature in breaking things off. Wonderful.
  • He did an encore that included “From God’s Perspective” and had people sing along if they wanted.

I’m sure there was a ton more, he has lots of quick bits too, but that is all I can think of at the moment. Basically Bo is wonderful. The crowd was WAY younger than I had expected so there were lots of dudes yelling dumb things and girls screaming they were “of legal age, can drive stick and single” which he had great fun with. Sad you can’t go but he did promise to put out another special so I’m sure you will see it soon enough!

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i cant wait to see P5 Protags friends react to him showing his true colors cause im sure they were like "Omg who is this loser nerd??" [later] "Holy shit this loser nerd is the devil."

I’m sure his friends are scared of him sometimes.

Except Morgana, because she’s a cat. Cats have no bothers.