Forget about him…

He broke your heart. He hurt you, so stop trying to reach him. You’re sitting alone inside your room, hugging a pillow with your knees tucked up, while you’re thinking of him, you better stop wasting your time and effort thinking of him while he’s probably thinking of another girl. You’re losing sleep waiting for his reply on your message that was sent early this morning because he didn’t even find time to read your message because he’s busy having a deep and sweet conversation with another girl. Stop visiting his page and read his posts that’s probably dedicated to his girl. You’re crying over him who’s probably making his girl smile right now.

You are just wasting your time. You deserve better. Things happen for a reason. There is someone better waiting for you.I know it hurts every time you breathe, it hurts every part of your body, but your heart. Your heart is the most damaged. It is broken. And it feels like there is nothing left. But let me tell you. It will be fix, maybe not now, but eventually. You are allowed to miss him. You are allowed to be sad about it. You are allowed to feel every emotion because those feelings are yours to feel and those memories are yours to reminisce. But then again, what you are not allowed is wasting your life just because of him. You are not allowed to throw your life just because he chose to walk out from your life. You are not allowed to be so miserable just because he made you feel that it is not worth being with you anymore. You are not allowed to destroy your life just because you think you will never be good enough to anyone. You are not allowed to stop your life and destroy your future just because you keep on wanting to take something from the past.

Maybe, he is not the one for you. Forget about him. It’ll take some time to stop loving him, but wait patiently and someone better will come.

Okay this is lovelyrugbee's screen cap of her working on the colors of That Night Tokka fanfic comics Page 07. (Sorry Jen and 3holmes if I didn’t wait for you to reply when I asked your permission to post this, but I guess there’s no harm, right? [^^]” )

lovelyrugbee is really doing a wonderful job at the colors, I take it that there are still few more pages to color since Part 2 consist of 14 pages. I hope guys will be a bit more patient ;D

I’m sure Part 2 is worth the wait ;)

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So my best friend looks like the female version of Chen... omfg

Does your best friend know who Chen is though because you should totally introduce her to her Korean idol twin like

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I was just wondering when my commission was going to be done -miriam

couldn’t you send me an email about this?? cuz i actually sent you a WIP of it a few days ago and im still waiting for your reply, because i wouldn’t continue it until i got your yes that you like how it looks and i can keep going. and i’ll email you the picture so you can receive it personally. 

and you being on anon really doesn’t help because i like keeping my commissions private and such, you know? 

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And also, thanks for all the rest of the comments and things on the baby post, aha. I don’t have enough gifs or ;-; faces to reply to all of your screamings but I loved reading the things and you guys are dah best.

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My Axent Wear co-founder won’t agree with me on what to update the backers or even let me post an official update at all, so I’ll just say it here, we’re still working on the headphones, but we’re sorting through some stuff slowly but surely.

And while I continue to wait on other people to reply, I worked on my drawings a bit more.

Hi. Please read this.

My name is Sara, my url was swiftlysivan. Yesterday I hit 17k followers, one of which was my idol troyesivan. Today, tumblr terminated my blog due to “copyright” issues due to some mashups I posted of taylorswift's songs. I never thought they were against the rules as they are not the original songs, but I was wrong. I've emailed staff and I'm waiting on a reply but please if you can do anything to help me get my blog back, It would be so appreciated. ((This is my old depression blog but it's the only one I have left now))


First, look at how long the hair on top of my head is getting! Second, look at how wonderful my new book is! I can’t wait to reply to the creepy, unsolicited flirtatious/sexual messages I receive with the knowledge I obtain from this book.

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Aaaa i f*ckin LOVE you! The way u hate sasusaku so logically. But i just wanted to ask what do you think of hinata? Or naruhina in general. I mean at least her love wasnt shallow and it did make her stronger?

I’m really sorry you had to wait so long for this reply anon, I was really busy with school, and i got sick. I’ve also got an iron deficiency so i don’t have much energy at all at the moment. Those are all cheap excuses though, and i’m sorry. 

Now for my thoughts on hinata/naruhina:

I don’t like her. Honestly. Dear anon, if you were looking for a SNS shipper that does like her, you’ve come to the wrong person. (sorry!)

I actually used to be very neutral about her, but her ‘confession’, and neji’s death in particular changed that.

 Lets start with her confession during the pain arc:

That’s it. That’s all there is. She confesses, head-first attacks pain, and goes down.

She doesn’t even actually try to save him as they so desperately tried to make us believe in the anime. SP desperately tried to make us believe she honestly tried to save Naruto, but that’s not what she did. 

She’s not there to save him. Unlike in the anime, she didn’t even really try. She’s just there to confess and go out in a dramatic way. It’s over within seconds.  If she had really wanted to save Naruto, she would have come up with a plan (with multiple people) and attack together. 

There’s nothing ‘selfless’ or ‘beautiful’ about this fight. Hinata is not there for Naruto, she’s there for herself. She knew she didn’t stand a chance against Pein, yet she attacks head-on anyway. In a way, you can almost consider it a suicide-attempt. 

At this point, i was seriously side-eyeing Hinata and her actions, but Neji’s death is what really ruined her character for me. 

So let’s move on to Neji’s death:

Hinata hasn’t said a single thing to/about Neji that didn’t somehow involve Naruto as well. Nothing about the bond she supposedly had with him, nothing about their clan and it’s fucked-up system, nothing. In the second picture i posted here she’ll be fucking stepping on his still-warm corpse (and even his goddamn eyes are still open) if she takes another step, yet all she’s doing is creaming herself over how she’s finally holding Naruto-kun’s warm, big and manly hand.  

I consider this one of the most selfish, disgusting things any character has ever done in this show. Seriously.


Hinata is the stereotypical ‘perfect girl’  

She’s submissive, looks cute, meek, pretty, supposedly sweet, has big boobs, and is shy. She also constantly (and don’t even try to deny this) needs a man to save her.

Hinata is nothing but a fanservice character, made for 15 year old little boys so they can jerk it to her tits while fantasizing over how they’ll be her knight in shining armour and ‘save her’ from her shyness. It’s fucking gross. 


And yes anon, Hinata’s love for Naruto may not have been as shallow as Sakura’s love for Sasuke, but it honestly isn’t much better. 

Apparently, Hinata noticed Naruto’s loneliness from a very early age. Yet, “because she was shy” she chose to do nothing and watch from the sidelines, when she could have saved him from his loneliness instead. 

All Naruto wanted was a friend. She could have been that friend. She could have saved a 6? year old child from years and yeart of loneliness by JUST opening her goddamn mouth and she made the conscious decision not to. She could have been his saviour, his first bond, but she wasn’t.

Because she was too shy.