Don turned the corner and saw Nina waiting outside his apartment. A little ball of excitement formed inside his chest when she turned her head and looked at him. He quickened his pace, eager to get to her. 



They just stood there, awkwardly, a few seconds. He wanted to kiss her, hug her, touch her in some way. He could tell from her expression and tone that she was still upset, but he took it at as good sign that she was here, at least. 

"I didn’t think I’d see you today" he started as he searched the bottom of his backpack for his keys. "I haven’t heard from you in awhile."

"I think we need to talk. Don’t you?"

"Sure, okay. You could have waited for me inside though. It’s cold out here" he replied as he opened the door. 

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''Tyler, my cousin wants to know if we could watch Katarina, her sister is sick and they need someone to look after her while they take her to the doctor'' the robot blinked at him. Waiting for a reply as he seemed eager to take care of a tiny child, he used his begging eyes just in case.

Cousin? *The young man asked before looking over his shoulder and paling a little at the expression Avery was giving.*….I am not allowed to say no I can already tell.

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Request; Naruto is reading some important scrolls at the dinner table and Hinata keeps distracting him


i tried not to be smutty about this because my smut writing isn’t good, like at all, like i sound like an eight grader trying to sext on i.m. so please don’t ever ask for smut. like please.


naruto held in a breath.

she had walked in only fifteen minutes ago, and right from the get-go he could see it in her eyes; she had no intention of just standing by and waiting patiently today.

"um, hinata-chan, these documents are important."

she hums her reply as she stands behind him, running her hands down the length of his chest slowly, so damn teasingly slow. 

breathe, he battled with himself, they have to be submitted today or shikamaru will hang you.

she moves away then in one fluid motion and he releases the breath he had been holding.

coughing he continues to write, hoping to be able to finish this today without any more….distractions.

but just as he’s about to sign his name, her lips are pressing against his neck and he can’t help but let his head fall back.

"i thought those were important," she teases softly.

he blinks up at her slowly, nodding his head once as she presses her lips against his neck once more.

"you should finish or shikamaru-kun will be mad," she whispers against his ear.

"i sh-should," he says dazedly, before blinking, bolting upright, "i mean i should, i will.”

he signs the paper before moving onto the last manilla folder, he holds his breath and hopes that his beautiful wife will allow him to finish without any more interruptions.

but he’s only half way through filling the sheet in before he feels her soft lips on the base of his throat again.

releasing a strangled moan, he fights the urge he has to slide off all this damn paperwork and teach her a thing or two about being distracting.

"are you done?" she asks.

"no," he says, meeting her lips in a gentle kiss, "you’re distracting me again."

"i’m so sorry, esteemed hokage-sama,” she whispers.

and that’s when the very thin thread of patience he had within him finally snaps, rendering him void of anything but the absolute need to make her moan that out in his ear instead.

he wastes no time in settling her on the desk, papers scattering about as he begins to pepper kisses down the column of her neck.

and just when he’s about to slip off every scrap of clothing on her body the door slams open and he’s left to gape as hinata squeaks out, burying her face in his chest.

"damn it, naruto, one day,” shikamaru grits his teeth, “can i come here one day and actually see you doing your job?”

naruto chuckles sheepishly, giving him an apologetic look, “sorry.”

"sorry doesn’t cut the three hours we now have to spend reorganizing these."

"i’ll help!" hinata offers immediately, slipping off the desk.

but before she can so much as grab another paper, shikamaru stops her, a stern look on his face, scrutinizing her carefully. 

"oh no you don’t," he says, "you’ll only coax him into doing something else, kami knows naruto has no restraint and your his wife, you will wait at home for him."

naruto laughs, “no need she can-“

i said, she will wait home,” shikamaru drawls, eyes flashing with something dangerous.

"yes, sir," they both say, heads bowed.

Replies to the Bennett Sisters

Wait, which one do you guys think is Ellie? The platinum blonde or the medium golden blonde? I just realized now that my post was way confusing since they switched order, and I think you’re probably talking about Sid? LOL, but if you all are talking about Elodie I’m setting up an appointment with the ophthalmologist ASAP to get my eyes checked out. XD

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Wait but the fact that EXO wil make a comeback through their concerts in SK means we as international fans/fans without tickets will have to depend on the fans who are actually going for footage, audio etc.??!?!?? Omfg what


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Please help me. Do you know if this is a symptom of anxiety? Worrying constantly about things that don't concern me? And worrying for others? Like my friend is waiting for a reply from a salon where she had a trial, but im so nervous for her??? what is this?

Probably anxiety, that is a symptom.
I’m not a doctor but so I recommend going to one x

superamatista replied to your post: WAIT I may be wrong about the gotg/sin…

maybe she’s Bareet? (Peter’s one-night stand from the beginning)

naw, smaller even than that… @v@ she’s credited as “pit boss”…we think we found her in the scene after the betting on Knowhere has devolved into the fight, telling them she’ll kick them out.  but that person never gets a closeup so…yeah. ;v;

churchepsilon replied to your post:

on canadian netflix, new episodes of the 100 are uploaded the day after they air. idk if it’s like that with american netflix tho B(

even the netflix in canada is nicer than america

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Hey dear! this is irene, i am here to ask if you are interested in cooperating with us? Posting our products on your blog and get cash payments or free clothes in reward.If yes, would you please provide your email to me for further information. Waiting for your reply.


I’m truly sorry but I am having to go through my drafts and drop a number of threads. I got myself well in over my head again and just can no bring myself to get them all done. I will have to drop about 20ish (23 to be exact) and still have another 25 + whats already in my queue and replies im waiting on. 

I cant messages everyone I’m dropping a thread with but if you don’t see a reply in a few days, then I am sorry. PLEASE don’t send anon’s saying ‘but you have 5 million threads with so-many-stories-to-tell lonely-outcasts, slicesxofxdeath, ofviolentdeath scatteredconnections ETC because I ahve dropped things with all of them too over time and I’m not going to deal with crap like that any more.

I am sorry and please do not take this as me not wanting to RP with you, take it as me getting in well over my head and needing to find a way out.