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Wait, what does hiatus apocalypse mean?

Bagels. Fallen Angels. Croatoan Virus. Breakfast food. So much breakfast food. The spn fandom’s obsession with breakfast food came out of no where…kind of like its obsession with lamps.

I actually explained it a bit more in this post:


Lying on my stomach on the bed, I was going through twitter. Suddenly I saw a fan’s tweet about an old cover of Calum. I quickly clicked on the link and a teenage boy in black and white was on my screen. I smiled at his cuteness.

I felt my boyfriend’s body lie next to me. I smiled at him and he rolled his eyes.

“Not this again, Y/N,” he mumbled as he leaned his head on my shoulder. I giggled, but my attention quickly came back to the boy on my screen.

The younger Calum started to sing and I couldn’t get my eyes off of my phone. I had never heard of this song before, but I loved it.

“Y/N,” Calum softly whined.

I didn’t reply and waited until the two minutes and thirteen seconds to be over.

“Oh my God, Calum, that’s my favorite cover of all time,” I exclaimed as I sat on the bed. He stayed on his stomach and looked at me with a raised eyebrow.


I shook my head, “No, it’s so good. You looked so sad,” I replied as I played his cover once again. I started to play with his hair as I listened to the cover.

When the cover ended for the fifth time tonight, Calum was getting tired of hearing his voice.

“Stop, baby.”

“No,” I giggled.

“If I sing it for you now instead, will you stop?” He asked.

“Deal,” I said as I pouted my lips.

He stood up and gave me a kiss before he went searching for his guitar.

Many of Horor (When We Collide)


“Okay. What rhymes with love?” Calum asked you. 

You were both lying on opposite ends of the couch, feet intertwined and you had volunteered to help with the band’s songwriting. 

After thinking for a moment you answered, counting the suggestions off on your fingers.

“Uh, dove, glove, gov, shove-” 

“Alright alright, I get it.” He replied.

“Wait there’s more! Tove, smove, jove, fuv-”

“Ok, now you’re just making words up.” He says laughing.

“You caught me.” You said with an over dramatic sigh.


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I’m honestly surprised that he still has a Twitter after everything. I’m happy that he does but I wouldn’t be surprised if he finally got fed up with the bullshit and stopped getting on Twitter. And I bet the same people would still talk.

they’d probably brag about it, seeing it as a success.

when i wanted to delete my blog, Lindsey emailed me and told me this

‘You can’t let these motherfuckers win! If people are trying to destroy you, know that it is because you threaten them in some way. The more light you shine into the world, the more people who live in darkness will try to snuff it out. FUCK THEM!’

and I’m sure shes told Gerard the same thing before (and vice versa)

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Randy rubbed his hands together as he looked around the kitchen. The kids were away for the weekend and it was just Randy and Maria home. “Baby, come help me fix dinner.” He called out pulling off his shirt and laying it across the chair. He didn’t really need pants either. So he stepped out of his jeans laying them on the back of the chair as well. Comfortable in his boxers he washed up and looked through the fridge, waiting for a reply from his fiancee.

Brotherly Advice

Ash looked at his brother in shock since him being there was weird. Pulling on a shirt he cocked his head. “What do you mean? Sam you need to calm down, do you want some scotch?” Ash didn’t wait for his reply already knowing the answer as he grabbed two glasses. He could tell Sam was pissed as he stared at him pouring the drinks and handing a glass to Sam.

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wait i got this i can answer for misha “all chickens are good chickens, angel.”

thank you misha jr

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that’s a trick question all chickens oh fuck off august

YEAH YEAH WHATEVER BUT!!!! is my chicken BETTER!!!!


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[ sms ] oh. wait [ sms ] omg thats hard [ sms ] watermelon [ sms ] NO APPLE

[ text ] actually, don’t.
[ text ] i’ll bring both.
[ text ] tell me you have junk food
[ text ] or do i need to bring some of that, too??