[NEWS]150601-SHINee’s Onew and Taemin to Guest on 19+ Talk Show “Witch Hunt”

SHINee‘s Onew and Taemin will be discussing love, ladies, and relationships as guests on an upcoming episode of JTBC’s “Witch Hunt.”

According to industry insiders, the two idols are currently (June 1) taking part in a filming for the popular talk show. The episode is expected to air in mid-June.

The boys of SHINee have made numerous appearances on variety shows since making their comeback last month. Last week, they hosted an episode of tvN’s “SNL Korea,” and Key hosted his own little live show on MBC’s “My Little Television” on May 31.

Meanwhile, “Witch Hunt” attempts to make sense of women (and their often confusing behavior) from the perspective of men. The R-rated talk show airs on Fridays at 11 p.m.

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If I were a ghost on Ghost Adventures Part 3.

Zak: “If you’re here with us tonight, please try speaking into the digital recorder that i’m holding here in my hand.”

*Me trying to be sensual*: “Hey Zak, if I were alive I would totally date you.”

Aaron: “DUDE! Did it just say your name?! Let’s play it back!”
Zak: “It says "rape you!”. Listen, listen!“
Aaron: "Whoah, bro, that’s fucked up! It says "Zak…rape you!”
Zak: “We’re clearly dealing with an evil presence right now!”
*Zak starts provoking*

“Son of a bitch.”


And just like that we all start to crave for a #Queenbreaker’s Bow.

I still think that it would be hard to play with in #PvP though.

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[NEWS]150601-SHINee Ranks 1st on Weekly Album Charts for Two Weeks Running

It has been revealed that SHINee has maintained the top ranking on weekly album charts for two weeks in a row with the group’s fourth full-length album “Odd.”

The group’s newest album, which was released on May 18, has taken charge of the number one spot on the weekly album charts of Hanteo Chart andSynnara Record. This week marks SHINee’s second week (May 25 – 31) of being ranked first on these charts, putting the album’s success on display.

Even more, “Odd” has not only been receiving much love in Korea, but also earned great results in America, as it topped Billboard’s World Album Chart, as well as sixth place on the United World Chart, which is determined by Media Traffic, a site that combines album sale totals for music worldwide.

SHINee has also been winning first on music shows with title track “View,” fromMnet’s “M!Countdown” to KBS’ “Music Bank,” SBS’ “Inkigayo,” and more.

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Soooo I may or may not have stayed up all bloody night drawing this thing 8′D (It took even longer cos I’m re-watching American Horror Story. Lemme tell you, it can get spooky at night 8′D…) Anywho. This is a lill belated birthday gift for  beastvoodoo . I have the pleasure of playing Destiny with her and it’s the best! We laugh at silly names, play PvP and just have one hell of a time. And I’m so great full for what she gives me <3 So here’s her and me, doofing in Hive explosions.