A telescope on Earth has spotted huge storms on the planet Uranus

Astronomers using the Keck Observatory in Hawaii have recently seen a number of storms develop on the planet. The new storm is reminiscent of a feature known as the Berg (named because the storm looked like an iceberg sloughing off an ice shelf), which disappeared in 2009, but could even have dated back to NASA’s Voyager probe’s flyby of the planet in 1986.

Voyager’s Neptune

Cruising through the outer solar system, the Voyager 2 spacecraft made its closest approach to Neptune on August 25, 1989, the only spacecraft to visit the most distant ice giant planet. Based on the images recorded during its close encounter and in the following days, this inspired composited scene covers the dim outer planet, largest moon Triton, and faint system of rings. From just beyond Neptune’s orbit, the interplanetary perspective looks back toward the Sun, capturing the planet and Triton as thin sunlit crescents. Cirrus clouds and a dark band circle Neptune’s south polar region, with a cloudy vortex above the pole itself. Parts of the very faint ring system along with the three bright ring arcs were first imaged by Voyager during the fly-by, though the faintest segments are modeled in this composited picture.

Composite Image Credit & Copyright: Assembly/Processing - Rolf Olsen,
Data - Voyager 2, NASA Planetary Data System

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— Christopher Columbus during his first voyage, 1492-1493.

insertcoolpunhere said:

We need headcanons for Mrs Ack! I've made a blog for her <3 (url: mrs-ack) Any ideas?

First of all… followed

Second of all… she is a GD DOLL


Third of all… potential headcanons

  • She grew up knowing she’s attractive. You can see it in her mannerisms—touching her hair and cheeks, giving side eyes.  She’s not cocky about it, but she understands that her attractiveness is an attribute she has always had
  • She’s not a fighter.  She’s soft and pretty and likes being so.  Don’t get confused—she can take care of herself (passed dragon training and all that) but she’s openly a nurturer over a warrior
  • She was in an arranged marriage with Ack (actual Viking in HTTYD1—I’ll find the footage later) and is 7 years younger than him.  He was an acquaintance up until they were on a voyage together and got talking as they manned parallel oars.  After that voyage, he came up to her and asked if he could court her.  He was likable and kind, and there was no one around her generation that she was remotely interested in.  She allowed it.
  • She grew to truly love him after marriage.  They fit.  It was platonic and easy at first—an agreeable business. Then it became warm and sweet.  Then it became deep and reliable, comfortable love.


Day OFFICIALLY made: tor.com has republished an Imperial Radch story by Ann Leckie, called “Night’s Slow Poison.” If you can’t wait for Ancillary Sword to come out, here’s a chance to dip your toes back into her amazing world.  

From tor.com: “Night’s Slow Poison” is from the same setting as Ancillary Justice, and tells a rich, claustrophobic story of a galactic voyage that forces one guardsmen to confront his uneasy family history through the lens of a passenger with his lost lover’s eyes.

The Jewel of Athat was mainly a cargo ship, and most spaces were narrow and cramped. Like the Outer Station, where it was docked, it was austere, its decks and bulkheads scuffed and dingy with age. Inarakhat Kels, armed, and properly masked, had already turned away one passenger, and now he stood in the passageway that led from the station to the ship, awaiting the next…

Read the rest here.

— Petra