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Maybe this is a bad idea, terrible idea, but who in their right minds would even have thought of Yoon Bomi, a cute idol with “fairy” concept is getting herself wasted at two in the morning at a bar in Hongdae? Oversize sweatshirt with hoodie on, snapback and glasses to disguise herself, after about eight shots and the need to do her “business”, Bomi stumbles out of the bathroom and heading back to the bar for more, bumping into someone on her way. Irritated at the person (though It is clearly her fault, yet she is too drunk to care at the moment) and with everything that’s been building up inside her, she snaps ❝Watch where the fuck you are going, will ya? You are on my way.❞

Nav K - Chill
Music: Lowercase Noises - Rushes

[All rights to the music belong to the original artist, Lowercase Noises, and have been used herein solely for nonprofit, noncommercial purposes.]


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Engagement in conversation is confirmation of intellect and a combination of predicates that evoke provocation. So upon confrontation my mind takes sets and compilations of audio-visual concentration. Once I discovered she spoke my language I crossed her off every list, suddenly tempted to lick the condensation off her lips. I hoped to god I wasn’t complicating or over compensating for beauty beyond contemplation. But I was hoping to collaborate on that canvas, stroke her like a candid work of art expanded into enchanted flesh and form. I’d implore her to stay so we could explore the human race and celebrate, never denigrate the bliss that we’d be in. Until we levitate to the point of elevation in attempt to compose a dictionary of skin. So while I fantasize about everything between her lips and thighs, I match her stride and my insides start to spill. I say:

I’m no soothsayer I’m just a smooth layer of chill. I’m here to inundate you with words you’ve already heard but in a different sequence of meaning and need. And I know of you’ve been told that you’re beautiful, but I’m here to make you believe it indeed.

- Nav K