My dear beloved friend:

 - No one really has it all together yet. We force so many self-pressuring parameters on our performance that most of us are neurotic, twitchy, over-productive busybodies with no real destination. In a culture where we celebrate only victory and are scared to talk about defeat: please don’t measure yourself on an impossible grading scale. Don’t measure your private moments with everyone else’s highlight reels.

 - Mistakes are how you learn. Everyone is afraid of failure: so we protect ourselves by bargaining with the teacher or begging for extensions or ensuring we never get a scraped knee. Such a pampered coddled culture will keep you feeling safe for a while, but it’ll also keep you sterile, shrink-wrapped, and cold. It’s a lifeless journey. It’s okay to make mistakes, and occasionally it’s even better. Scrape a knee, brush it off, get up and move on. Learn from the past and laugh with it too.

 - You’re doing better than you think. You’re in the middle of your motion, so it’s hard to see where you are. But so long as you’ve been taking one heavy step forward after another, no matter how awkward your stumbling, then this is worth celebrating. Every moment you’ve done right is a miracle in itself.

 - Be willing to pursue a new dream. Sometimes we try so hard to grab our old dreams that we’re not open to new ones. We look too long in the rearview instead of what’s ahead of us. I’ve missed a lot of opportunities this way. But keep your eyes open for open doors, and be flexible enough for a new vision that will be even better than the last.

 - Dear Christian: Your confidence is in Him. We are works in progress looking towards the work finished, Jesus. We believe in a God who knew we couldn’t ever reach perfection, so perfection came to us. If you feel like you’ve failed today, the very reason Jesus came was to take on your failures, your ego, your pride, your pain, your sorrows, your sin. And He’ll keep working on you until glory. Everything good in you is God in you: and anything bad in you, He’s working on that. 

This is His grace.

— J.S. from What The Church Doesn’t Talk About

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In which our big victory solves exactly nothing.

Seungri, fighting!

It appears that Seungri has been readmitted to the hospital after fainting from a high fever and will be focusing solely on recovering for the time being.

Words cannot express how much my heart is hurting for him and how long it’s been since the accident and he still hasn’t shown much improvement…

Let’s all please just keep him in mind for a speedy and full recovery before he goes off again into his hectic schedule. I hope YG and him know that all we want is for him to be fully recovered and healthy and would rather have that than being able to see him sooner.

Although our hardworking panda must be very disappointed at not being able to perform and complete his schedules, he must know that we only care for his safety and health. So please send him words of encouragement or even to the other BIGBANG members so that they can support him in our stead.

Here are his twitter, his instagram, as well as the BIGBANG Facebook page if you’d like to leave a message.

Thank you fellow VIPS and remember to take care of yourselves as well.

-Admin A


Crane is getting a lot of shit for his actions in this episode. And he deserves every bit of it. But for me, this episode really highlighted how much both Witnesses need each other. I’ll let other people talk about Crane in-depth, but in short, you saw what he did: he was emotional, which makes him reckless with both his life and Abbie’s. That’s not okay. If he listened to Abbie more, and did things like not raise nightmare monsters, everyone would probably be better off. 

In short, his mistake was focusing on people to the detriment of the mission. Abbie, on the other hand, made the opposite mistake. By focusing so much on the mission, she failed to see that they can only achieve victory with help from their allies. 

She made two critical mistakes in this episode, both of which she made without consulting Crane:

1. She encouraged Frank to play crazy (by telling the truth, ironically) and get sent to Tarrytown Psych. Okay, so it’s convenient, but she had a sister on the inside. She knew what happened in Tarrytown as much as Reyes did. Electroshock, meds, all that. She knew the risk. And as a direct result of her actions, Irving became vulnerable to War.

2. She left Jenny in jail. And why? Did she not have bail money? Had Jenny even been before a judge? Had Abbie called a lawyer? Or did she just decide it wasn’t even worth it to take normal legal steps in an attempt to stay on Reyes’ good side?

The show is really encouraging us to see Crane’s flaws right now, and they are legion and they should be addressed. But Abbie, whether out of lingering PTSD or her own Get Shit Done mentality, is making mistakes too. And those mistakes are going to have HUGE ramifications next week. As much as I love my babies, I can’t wait. 

Crane needs Abbie to tell him to get out of his own head and think practically. Abbie needs Crane to remind her that even the Witnesses cannot do this alone. It’s partnership at its best: They’re strongest when they’re together. 

St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Adam Wainwright has been voted the National League Pitcher of the Month for the month of September.

Wainwright was tied for the Major League lead in wins during the final month of the regular season, posting a perfect 5-0 record in five starts. The Cardinals ace ranked among league leaders with 39.0 innings pitched (T-3rd), while his 1.38 ERA (6 ER/39.0 INN) ranked sixth among qualifying NL pitchers. The 33 year-old recorded 29 strikeouts while issuing just five walks during the month, and he held opposing hitters to a .213 batting average.

Wainwright capped his stellar 2014 campaign with 7.0 shutout innings in an 8-0 victory over the Chicago Cubs on September 22nd at Wrigley Field for his 20th win of the season. The 20 wins tied his career high set in 2010, when the eight year veteran posted a 20-11 mark. The milestone victory came on the heels of a complete-game shutout performance on September 17th in a 2-0 win over the Milwaukee Brewers. In that outing, Wainwright held the Brewers hitless into the sixth inning, while fanning seven and throwing just 102 pitches in 9.0 innings of work. It was his third shutout of the season and ninth of his career, and it marked his second straight complete-game effort against the Brewers after firing a complete game in a 9-1 victory on September 7th at Milwaukee. Sandwiched between the two Milwaukee starts was an 8.0-inning performance on September 12th in which the three-time NL All-Star allowed just a single run while fanning eight in a 5-1 victory over the Colorado Rockies at Busch Stadium. Wainwright finished the season with a 20-9 record for the NL Central Champions, tied for second in wins among Major League hurlers. His 2.38 ERA ranked third among qualifying National Leaguers. This is his second career Pitcher of the Month Award, having won for June 2013.