a summary of vgx in case u missed it:

  • hd remakes of hd games that just came out this year. wow. so new and innovative
  • hd remakes of hd games that look worse than the original hd version
  • video games are imaginary just like the female orgasm lol
  • nintendo is still cool don’t worry
  • gta v wins game of the year. dudebros everywhere rejoice. what a beautiful thing
  • sexism
  • rape jokes
  • sexism
  • joel mchale is the scum of the earth. wow big surprise
  • "you can play the game while your wife watches downtown abbey"
  • pewdiepie
  • horrible under-representation and misrepresentation of females in gaming
  • cool new indie games!!! too bad they only spent like 10 seconds on them lol
  • bioshock infinite wins shooter of the year. gamers everywhere are shocked. why didn’t the masterpiece “Call Of Duty: Fish That Swim Away From You!!!! Also Dog” win
  • dudebros
  • sexism
  • sexism
  • Bros Who Are Also Dudes
  • sports games driving games sports games driving games
  • sexism
  • troy baker wins best voice actor for his role as a father figure try to guess which game ha hahahahha
  • dudebros

Sorry that the sound might be a bit out of sync and the quality’s not great, it’s recorded right from the live coverage, but here’s the Lutece’s acceptance speech from winning Character(s) of the year in the 2013 VGX awards.

VGX 2013 Winners

  • Game of The Year: Grand Theft Auto V
  • Best Action Adventure Game: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
  • Best RPG: Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
  • Studio of The Year: Naughty Dog
  • Best Sports Game: NBA 2k14
  • Best Fighting Game: Injustice Gods Among Us
  • Best Male Voice Actor: Troy Baker as Joel (The Last of Us)
  • Best Female Voice Actor: Ashley Johnson as Ellie (The Last of Us)
  • Best Shooter: BioShock Infinite
  • Best Indie Game: Gone Home
  • Best Racing Game: Forza Motorsport 5