On this day, March 2nd, in 1942: Lou Reed is born in Brooklyn, growing up on Long Island.

Today’s soundtrack: Take your pick, I’m going with “The Blue Mask,” as I have been listening to Velvet Underground bootlegs pretty much non-stop these days.

Today’s screening: “A Symphony of Sound,” Andy’s footage of the Velvets rehearsing in the Factory.

Today’s required reading: “Let Us Now Praise Famous Death Dwarves (or how I slugged it out with Lou Reed and stayed awake)” - Lester Bangs, “Creem,” 1975.

Today’s quote: “If it’s more than three chords, it’s jazz.”

Today’s photo: Lou Reed on John Cale and Betsey Johnson’s wedding day, 1968. Photograph by Billy Name.

Today’s ill-advised tattoo: http://tinyurl.com/89kdmm4

Today’s inflation calculator: Lou wrote “Waiting for My Man” in 1965. He wrote of spending $26 on speed. That’s $192.90, in 2015 dollars. Meanwhile, he was splitting a $25/month flat on Ludlow Street with Tony Conrad.

Various ways in which things were all right/alright:

  • "Despite all the complications, you could dance to a rock ‘n’ roll station, and it was all right." - "Rock ‘n’ Roll"
  • "Lisa says that it’s all right, when she meets me at midnight" - "Lisa Says"
  • "If Shelly would just come back it would be all right." - "I Can’t Stand It."
  • "Baby be good, do what you should, you know it will work all right." - "What Goes On"
  • "Met myself in a dream and I just want to tell you everything was all right." - "Beginning To See the Light"
  • "But it’s your right, the way that you live, It’s all right, the way that you live" - "It’s Alright (The Way That You Live)"

Happy 73rd birthday, to King Neptune from 2010’s Coney Island Mermaid Parade!

[Back then] it was punk rock the way it should be: adventurous. It was about being creative, offering something different. The problem is that no one is really making great art any more.
I was trying to smash through things. Music should come crashing out of your speakers and grab you, and the lyrics should challenge whatever preconceived notions that listener has.
—  Lou Reed

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