One of the reasons I’m always concerned about art being taken out of schools is because it doesn’t mean that if you study art you’re going to become a pianist or an actor or a painter, but it does mean you’ll learn to think beyond true and false answers. You’ll learn to think for yourself in a totally new way, and that’s what creative arts education does.
—  Raúl Esparza, perfectly summarizing what those who structure the school curriculum fail to understand
Feds Are Increasing Their Marijuana Growth Because Of Cannabinoid Research

(HuffPost) The federal government is currently growing a lot more marijuana than it has in the past because it expects higher demand from researchers for cannabidiol, or CBD, a non-psychoactive compound in marijuana that has shown tremendous promise for medical use.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse, which “oversees the cultivation, production and distribution of research-grade marijuana on behalf of the United States government” and made the initial request for more research-grade cannabis, told The Huffington Post on Friday that the agency is growing marijuana with varying concentrations of CBD and THC. THC, the psychoactive ingredient that produces the “high” sensation, is used along with CBD in medical research and medical marijuana.

"We are targeting concentrations that are low in CBD, equal concentrations 50/50 CBD/THC, and high CBD," NIDA explained. "We will know the final THC/CBD concentrations once the marijuana is harvested this fall and analyzed."

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one thing though

normally I’d be making this face ( >:T ) about the outfits in RWBY that are really impractical and obviously for the male gaze 


(ignoring the overabundance of high heels, which come on, it’s a cartoon, let’s suspend our disbelief for a bit)

there are only three that are really fanservice-y

Yang, Emerald, and Pyrrha.

Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Penny, Nora, Cinder, Glynda— all the important named female characters who have speaking roles— their outfits vary from Ruby’s “conservative little 15 year old baby goth” to Glynda’s “professional who is currently instructing at a school” to Blake’s “I’m comfortable baring my midriff” to Cinder’s slinky red dress, and even she’s wearing a pair of shorts underneath the dress.

So, I don’t really have an issue with Yang or Emerald’s outfits. The excuse of well that’s how they want to dress…. I think this might be the first time in the history of any female character design ever that this excuse rings true. Were they designed to be sexy? Yeah. That hasn’t changed, and they’re obviously designed to be sexy and fanservice-y for the male gaze. Or in my case the bisexual gaze.

But, there’s nothing wrong with designing a sexy girl character. It’s only a problem when EVERY girl character is, inexplicably, a double D cup lascivious sex kitten who wears almost nothing.

That’s not the case in RWBY. Every girl in RWBY dresses how they want to dress.

Pyrrha’s armor makes no goddamn sense though, hot damn.

anonymous said:

What does intersectional feminism mean to you?

intersectional feminism recognizes that while every woman experiences binary gender based oppression, each individual woman experiences varying degrees of oppression based on race, sexuality, non-binary gender, ableism etc.

and those differences should be treated with equity, not equality or tolerance.

also that women should rule the world with men on leashes duh *pls read this part as a joke for fucks sake*

If the Big Brother HGs were Superheros.

Name: Derrick Levasseur
Ability: Mind-Control (Often referred to as “Misting”)
Details: He can control the minds of others with the victims completely subject to his mental control. If the victims were placed into a semi-conscious state, they may not have any recollection of the previous actions that they performed while under its effect.
Weaknesses: Sweatpants andThe Bearded Bandit Donny who was immune to his abilities.
Name: Frankie J. Grande
Ability: Pheromone Manipulation
Details: He has complete control over anyone and everyone’s pheromones and he himself can release pheromones that induce attraction between the subject and himself. The strength of the ability varies and can at times be strong enough to induce sleep, change emotions, or draw crowds. Pheromones may induce pleasure, or may put subjects into a state of high suggestibility (either of which is useful for limited mind control).
Weaknesses: Being disliked.
Name: Cody Calafiore
Ability: Seduction Intuition
Details: He possesses the innate seductive skills and charming allure which he can use to easily and efficiently seduce and manipulate anyone of either the same or opposite sex. This ability gives him a near irresistible level of charm that can be used to influence many opponents and often compel them to mindlessly stroke his hair for hours on end.
Weaknesses: Rejection and Daddy Derrick’s mist.

Name: Christine Brecht
Ability: Super Sonic Laughter
Details: She can generate an extremely powerful cackle of high amplitude; however the power is as useless as she is.
Weaknesses: Her husband.  
Name: Caleb Reynolds
Ability: Peak Human Strength
Details: He is capable of lifting many times his own body weight, which entails to doing the following actions: staying on a spinning log the longest while putting on a show, walking non-stop for three hours in the freezing cold, barely eating for three weeks in a row and still maintaining his muscle mass, and chasing after an uninterested girl for three months with no signs of fatigue.
Weaknesses: Pickles.
Name: Nicole Franzel
Ability: Feistiness  
Details: She has the ability to be feisty at critical moments in the game. This ability often compels her to make big game moves that no one other than herself has had the guts to make.
Weaknesses: PDA.

Name: Victoria Rafaeli
Ability: Unthreatenability
Details: She can make herself appear to be unthreatening to her fellow competitors. Far superior to invisibility, her power allows her to act and speak freely while never being considered a threat and consequentially it may guarantee her a spot in the final two or three on the basis that they all believe she could never win anything. Little do they know.
Weaknesses: The absence of mirrors.


The Elephant’s Trunk

  • 150,000 separate muscles, no bones
  • superior sense of smell, maybe the best in the animal kingdom and 4x stronger than a bloodhound
  • can lift over 700 lbs or pick up a few blades of grass
  • can hold up to 2.5 gallons of water for drinking or showering
  • african elephants have two trunk “fingers”, asian elephants have only one
  • the trunk is extremely sensitive, infused with the same vibration-sensing pacinian cells as are found in your fingertips
  • trunk length and dexterity allows the elephant to browse over hugely varied vegetation, from grass under their feet to branches high above their heads
  • as one of the most versatile appendages in the animal kingdom, elephants use their trunks for anything from holding sticks to scratch hard to reach places, comforting each other, trumpeting and even snorkeling
Psychopathic types

I published a post a while ago where I asked people to take a psychopathy test on the internet and to send me their results and MBTI personality type. The respond has been amazing; 422 persons sent me their answers, and here are the results:

The test that was used in this survey consists of 27 statements, which you answer to by checking how much you feel each question applies to you on a scale that varies from “disagree” to “neutral” to “agree”. After finishing the test you receive two scores that shows where you landed on the Levenson Self-Report Psychopathy Scale (LSRP), which is basically a scale on how psychopathic you are on a scale from 1 (low) to 5 (high). The first score is where you landed on the Primary Psychopathy scale, which consists the interpersonal and affective aspect of psychopathy. The second score is where you landed on the Secondary Psychopathy scale, which consists the social deviance aspect of psychopathy. (Link to test)

Here is a chart of how the average person from each type scored based on the answers I received:



  • ENTP         33
  • INTP          61
  • ENTJ         10
  • INTJ           84
  • ENFP         17    
  • INFP           52 
  • ENFJ          9
  • INFJ           82
  • ESTP         12
  • ISTP          13
  • ESFP*         2
  • ISFP          13
  • ESTJ          6
  • ISTJ          16
  • ESFJ          3
  • ISFJ           9



PP= Primary Psychopathy

SP= Secondary Psychopathy

*Because of few responds from ESFPs, the statistics for this type are very uncertain.

So what is a psychopath?

A psychopath is a person with antisocial personality disorder (APD). Common traits for psychopaths are:

◦   An inability to possess feelings of regret and remorse

◦   A disregard for rules and norms

◦   A disregard for other people´s rights

◦   Tendencies to display violent behavior

Psychopaths are persons who do not have a moral compass like healthy persons do, and they do often have other personality disorders in addition linked to APD such as narcissism and sadism. Tendencies like torturing animals, bullying, using deception, and irresponsibility is often early signs at psychopathy, and they usually start showing when the person is around 15 years, but they can emerge even earlier. 

This test divides between the terms primary and secondary psychopath, and this is what we often call “psychopath” and “sociopath” in popular culture. Primary psychopathy is what most people would call the “original” psychopath. Description of primary psychopaths: “Primary psychopathy is the affective aspects of psychopathy; a lack of empathy for other people and tolerance for antisocial orientations.” This is our Hannibal Lecter and Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. They do often have a normal life, a family and a steady job, but all this is a part of a social mask they put on for others to hide their personality. They go under the interpersonal aspect of psychopathy, as earlier mentioned, and this is because they are very careful about showing their true self. To keep their social mask on, they do often find a victim, like a partner or a coworker, to control and mentally torture in private.

Secondary psychopath is the sociopathic type. Description of secondary psychopaths: “Secondary psychopathy is the antisocial aspects of psychopathy; rule breaking and a lack of effort towards socially rewarded behavior”. Sociopaths are more spontaneous and impulsive than the “original” psychopath, and do often live on the edge on society with criminal records. This is our Alex from A Clockwork Orange, the Heath Ledger´s Joker, and Jim Moriarity from BBC´s Sherlock. They are not as concerned to keep their mask on, and do often display antisocial behavior. Sociopaths can form bonds with a few persons or to a group they want to protect because their psychopathic behavior is focused towards society. 

Most psychologists today do not divide the terms sociopath and psychopath anymore because a lot of people with APS show tendencies from both types, and they are caused by the same problem. The only places where they still divide between these terms are in prisons, due to different behavior. 

Most people have some psychopathic tendencies, but it´s different how many and how strong they are from person to person. APD is a mental illness, which has no known way to cure, and to label someone with this mental illness takes a bit more than asking them to take an internet test.

About the results:

Highest rating:

An ESTP was placed on 4,9 and 4,9 on both the primary and secondary scale

Lowest rating:

Both an INFJ, who was placed on 1,3 on the primary and 1,1 on the secondary scale, and an INTP who got 1 on the primary and 1,4 on the secondary scale.

ENTPs are known to be the most sociopathic type, which this something these statistics confirm.

You may have noticed the types have different colors that indicate which temperament they belong to. When you look at how the types inside each temperament, they are spread out a lot on the diagram.


Instead you can spot a clear connection between the types who shares the same rational function placed either as their dominant or auxiliary function. So I made a chart for the how the average TP, FP, TJ, and SJ scored:


(ENFPs scores not included)

It came as a bit surprising at first to me, but it is actually very logical. Both the FPs and the TPs were placed higher on the secondary psychopath scale than the Js. Perceivers are the most spontaneous types due to their Se/Ne, and are likeliest to take spontaneous decisions. Judgers on the other hand are more organized and are more likely to come up with one plan and stick to it. TJs scored the highest on the primary psychopath scale, and this is most likely due to their Te. Te is more about controlling and organizing the environment around itself, and Down in the left corner you find the FJs - the least psychopathic types. Their dominant or auxiliary function is Fe, which often makes these types the most empathic in the sense of caring for other people feelings, which is the exact opposite of psychopathic behavior. 

The test

I have also received some feedback about the test. Some people complained about the statements you were asked to answer being unclear and difficult to understand, and I agree that the test was not the best. Questions like “When I get frustrated, I often “let off steam” by blowing my top." and "I make a point of trying not to hurt others in pursuit of my goals." can be interpreted in a lot of different ways, and this is why it was important that I received a lot of answers from each type, so the inaccuracies did not affect the results too much. And this is an free internet test, so it´s expected to not be the best.

How many psychopaths answered?

It is estimated that the percentage psychopaths in the US population is between 1%-4% (fun fact: That means it is more likely to be a psychopath than an INFJ or INTJ). Most psychopaths are high functioning and manage to live a normal life. “Not all psychopaths are killers, but most killers are psychopaths” - M.E. Thomas (author of Confession Of A Sociopath). So I decided to how many persons (in percentages) got abnormal high and low results compared to the rest. I chose two limits; an upper and a lower, based on what most people answered. The lower limit was scores from and under 1.5, and the upper limit was 4 or higher.

How many who scored abnormally low: 09.4%

How many scored abnormally high: 10.4%

So how many psychopaths answered? Probably none. I received some messages where they were a bit concerned because they scored high on one of the scales, but none of you should worry. Firstly, this was a random internet test, and secondly (and most important): this is Tumblr. You would need to search for a long time before finding a real psychopath.

  • Ben:I think I’ve made it fairly clear from the start that I don’t really do social media. It’s never really been part of it for me, so I’ve been fortunate that hasn’t been a pressure. But yeah, with this record the success of the first one meant that everyone is very expectant for it to be successful and then you’re like ‘well how do you make a successful record?’ and you have all those conversations and it’s like ‘hang on, that’s got nothing to do with actually putting together a record’ and it’s really counter productive. So there’s that whole weight that goes on to making a second record and it took a bit of time out to get rid of that, to get rid of those feelings that I owed anyone anything or that I had to please a certain demographic of people that would have liked the old record but perhaps might not like the new one. I’ve been surprised by how many people really liked “End of the Affair” and were really into that. Now I realise that it’s not such a courageous track but when we first put it down I was like ‘this is really different from the first record’ and I think with that track I wanted to challenge people. I wanted to challenge myself more than anything because it takes a while not to want to please everyone all the time and to be comfortable with the fact that you don’t have to sell a lot of records to be successful in music. That’s a conversation I have with myself quite a lot.

anonymous said:

What does it feel like to have a gender? I don't really know what it feels like, but I'm not sure if that means I'm cis or if it could mean I'm agender.

It’s more trouble than it’s worth. I don’t recommend it. </half-joking>

I think it varies a lot with the individual. So I can only discuss what it feels like for me. Take this post with a grain of salt—it might not apply to you.

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Name: Brenda

Nickname: Bren (only by siblings) 

Birthday: Oct 7th

Gender: Female

Sexuality: hetero

Height: 5’ 4” 

Time Zone: Central Standard

What time and date is it there: August 30th, 10:25 am

Average hours of sleep I get each night: varies

The last thing I Googled was: HAHAHA, um, ‘third degree burns’ 

My most used phrase on Tumblr(s): probably OMG - everything TMNT related makes me hyperventilate like a teenager despite my decrepit age. 

First word that comes to mind: Quiet! (As in: shut up brain, I’m trying to hear what word pops into my mind.)

What I last said to a family member: ‘Billy Pilgrim reminds me of your brother, Nick.’ - Hubby is reading Slaughter House Five right next to me.

One place that makes me happy &why: the NW Pacific coast, more generally, the ocean - wanted to see it all my life, was 23 when I finally did, it has left its imprint on my soul. One day I want to live where I can hear it.

How many blankets I sleep under: depends - it gets mighty cold in Chicago during the winter and very hot and humid in the summer!

Favorite beverage(s): thick hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows

The last movie I watched in the cinema: TMNT over and over again. Before that Guardians of the Galaxy (which I loved!)

Three things I can’t live without: My husband, my writing, books

Something I plan on learning: more Spanish (I know a bit, but want to be fluent), how to make homemade croissants (I love bread baking), drawing more accurately, and just how bad my original fiction actually is when I start submitting it. XD

A piece of advice for all my followers: Don’t beat yourself up when you’re feeling down. Roll with it.  Let the river of your emotions carry you to where you need to be. You’ll reach the other side eventually and be whole once more.

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I'm just (squeals) so thankful for your detailed and accurate and heart-wrenching scenarios. Especially the one you answered for me! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Now, to mend our hearts (cuz they need it), how do those same boys go about gifting that love interest back during White Day? I know you can come up with something great! =)

(You’re welcome! We had a lot of fun typing that (´∇ノ`*)ノ Sorry you had to wait so long for your reply! I tried to vary all the gifts that they returned to their love interest… I think I succeeded? uwu And I just found out that people actually give white lingerie to women on White Day…?

Also, this post is a follow up to this ask! Just in case you were wondering. It is also really long, so I’ll be adding a read more so those on mobile won’t break their fingers from scrolling.(ノ´д`) It has defeated my previous post in length and according to MS Word, it’s 3.2k words long…)

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blairwaldorffs said:

hey, I've got a question maybe you can answer - if in House dormitories year 1 boys share a room etc and there are 5 boys in a room, does it mean there are only 10 people in a year? (5 boys and 5 girls) and if yes, then how it is that exactly 10 people get sorted into each House? are there no years when majority went to 2 Houses? Does the sorting hat think 'oh man, I've already sorted 5 boys into Gryffindor, can't put more there'? I find this really odd

The math does indeed indicate that there are only roughly 10-12 people in a year (and therefore about 280 students at Hogwarts, which conflicts with both JKR’s varying estimates placing the castle population at two to three times that number, the overall population of the Wizarding World in Britain, and the 100,000 wizards at the World Cup with tickets being hard to come by…but does match the internal evidence at Hogwarts we have, including things like having one professor per subject, the class size, and things like that. Given that JKR has confirmed Hogwarts is the only wizarding school in Britain and that there aren’t thousands of home-schooled wizards, this poses larger problems in terms of population and math, but JKR Does Not Do Math is a trope that you basically just have to accept, ignoring the places where this doesn’t work out.) 

Basically, all book-related evidence indicates that there are only 10 people per year - but your Sorting dilemma is something that would have to be faced no matter what the class size, the larger question of “does the Sorting Hat try to meet a quota?” 

I think the answer to that is no - the Weasleys aren’t a Gryffindor family just because the Hat is trying to meet its Gryff quota by the time it hits the letter W. Given that this is a world where choice is an overwhelmingly important theme, I think it’s safe to say that the Yaxleys, Zabinis, and Zellers of the world are not being screwed over by an arbitrary quota, and that the Hat doesn’t feel pressure to make House numbers exactly equal.

I do think that we’re supposed to presuppose that the traits are about equal - that there are roughly equal numbers of people who prize bravery, intelligence, ambition, and hard work in this world. Also, given that Sorting “usually runs in families” in the WW - far more often than it seems to IRL, in terms of people who’ve Sorted their families - you’d have a roughly equal basis for the Houses on that alone, once you’d established an equal pattern (assuming that each House is equally successful and willing to reproduce - assume an equal birth rate for homey Hufflepuffs and daredevil Gryffindors.)

In any case, I think we’re supposed to assume that humanity is fundamentally quartered (any system that Sorts people - think the faction system in Divergent, too - also seems to assume that humanity will end up dividing itself into roughly equal groups.) This does rely on the supposition that each trait is equally valuable, or that roughly equal numbers of people will find one trait more valuable than the others, but again that’s an assumption we’re inherently supposed to make - and it does look like fandom bears that out, as far as I can tell, although of course that’s hard to measure (Tumblr fandom has a shortage of Gryffindors, but the more casual fandom has a very large percentage of Gryffs; Ravenclaw had a numbers edge in Beta that vanished after the public opening; Hufflepuff account abandonment was a huge problem, but that’s more of an issue with how Hufflepuff was portrayed versus a reflection of how many people have Hufflepuff values.) 

An interesting alternative assumption would be that Hufflepuff would end up with the largest numbers and Slytherin with the fewest (especially if you go with a blood-purity-heavy-Slyth vs. fanon-revision Slyth, so that Muggle-borns are excluded), but I don’t think that’s borne out by the text - everything we see, notably the Great House tables and the fact that all four Houses have about equal chances at the House Cup - indicate that the numbers of students are roughly equal. 

That said, I don’t think there are exactly 10 students in each House, or exactly 5 boys and 5 girls (in fact, although I think JKR is likely to retcon it on Pottermore, I tend to personally believe that there are only 8 Gryffindors in Harry’s year - Hermione, Lavender, and Parvati as the only girls, with the boggart’s changing form in PoA due to it being confused and not due to the presence of two female students who Harry never notices, mentions, or hears anything about in the course of seven years.) I think that the Hat does an honest Sorting of each and every student, and that the law of averages/reversion to the mean guarantees that it averages out over the course of seven years - so that there may be 13 Gryffs and 8 Slyths one year, or 9 Ravenclaw girls and 3 ‘Claw boys one year and then 5 boys and 2 girls the next - but that eventually, this results in House sizes that are roughly equal, even if individual classes may have a dearth of Gryffs or an in-House gender imbalance. (Slytherin in Harry’s year probably has 9 students: Draco Malfoy, Theodore Nott, Blaise Zabini, Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, Tracey Davis, Millicent Bulstrode, Pansy Parkinson, and Daphne Greengrass…I think I’m not missing anybody there.) 

I don’t think you’d typically see years where EVERYBODY goes to Gryff or Slyth and nobody goes to Puff or Claw, or years where you have an all-female Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff class - again, the law of averages, combining with in-world factors (kids who come in wanting to be in a certain House, familial connections, the odds of having all 40 kids in a year valuing bravery more than anything versus any other virtue) - would probably lead to a natural distribution that’s at least semi-equal. Even post-war, where Slytherin’s reputation might have taken a hit because of Voldemort and the Death Eaters/the lack of Slyths in the DA, you’d still see kids who wanted to be there because of their families, or people who responded to a Slyth backlash with more emphatic Slytherin pride. 

Again, I think you’d see some years with skewed ratios, imbalances, etc., (and Harry’s year probably has more Slyths than Gryffs, and so is representative of that trend), but that over 7 years this would generally work itself out so that numbers are roughly equal. 

Also, there obviously aren’t going to be exactly 40 students entering Hogwarts every year anyway - some years will naturally have larger classes than others, and I’ve seen it suggested that Harry’s class may be one of the smallest, since they were born at the height of a war when birthrates would naturally be lower, since people would be scared about bringing children into a world that might soon be conquered by Voldemort. (My own personal headcanon has it that the Next Generation has larger class sizes - about 15-16 students per House per year, possibly even slightly more - because of a postwar baby boom, similar to what happened post-WWII IRL.) 

Overall, this might end up contributing slightly to House Cup imbalances - older students seem to earn more House points - but in terms of House Cups and what we see in the books, I’d say that’s the least of Hogwarts’s worries in terms of fairness. (And, in terms of the Sorting Hat - thematically, it’s going to be much more concerned with Sorting based on traits, and it would just be wrong if neither your choices nor your abilities mattered as much as the fact that the last five people to be Sorted ahead of you were all Slytherins and the Hat doesn’t have any Hufflepuffs yet.) The Hat is going to Sort based on traits and desires and let the numbers sort themselves out - because they should do so over the long run even if they don’t within any given year, and because we’re apparently supposed to see these traits as naturally inherent/important to one-fourth of the population. 


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  • How many blankets I sleep under: 1-2
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  • The last movie I watched in the cinema was: Sex Tape with a few friends.
  • Three things I can’t live without: My Computer, My friends, food and water.
  • Something I plan on learning: Graphic Design
  • A piece of advice for all my followers: No matter what happens, life gets better. I’m always here to listen to whatever is bothering you.
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anonymous said:

Molto spesso non mi trovo d'accordo con ciò che scrivi, perché non sono idee che condivido, ma adoro il tuo modo di pensare e di esporre i tuoi pensieri. In primis perché resti fedele a te stessa, inoltre perché sono curiosa e mi piace ascoltare le varie opinioni, seppur vadano in contrasto con le mie. E nulla, ti faccio i miei complimenti, sei meravigliosa, dentro e fuori. Farai strada. Un abbraccio.

Accetto il fatto che molte delle mie idee - per via della loro sostanziale stranezza - siano facilmente non condivisibili, quindi non c’è problema. E ti ringrazio tanto, un abbraccio anche a te.