Fifth Harmony you sneaky little sh*ts

Camila - A part of Taylor’s squad and most importantly Selena’s (and Lauren’s) nugget + Ariana Grande + idek anymore

Ally - Friends with Scott aka Pentatonix (who sold more than Taylor on amazon js) + Jake Miller + Echosmith + Hoodie Allen + JLO!

Dinah - had dinner with Ciara and know hella lot of athletes + Zendaya +

Normani - Texts Mel B and Zendaya is in her squad

Lauren - Friends with future models, daughter grammy winner Carlos Vives and Este from Haim loves her and The Vamps … WHO AM I KIDDING SOMEONE HOOK HER UP WITH HAYLEY AND THE 1975

(feel free to help me add to this list)


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- the walking dead

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Financial Updates.

Things have been on the up and up around here! My ex-housemate is finally getting some cash together to pay me what he owes for his last month here, and I’ve been able to finish up some commissions that put much-needed funds into my savings account. 

I heard back from Oregon Human Services about my SNAP benefits, and once I bring proof of income to their office and get approved, I’ll have food stamps that will allow me to vamp up my crappy diet (and hopefully improve my health). I also won’t be needing to spend so much money on food now, and can channel those funds toward other important things - namely, the mortgage, and utility bills. 

The hunt for a new housemate has been ongoing. One dude came by to check the place out, but was rather presumptuous about my stance on marijuana, and kept talking about how “this would be a great place to set up a growing operation!” which omitted him from the runnings then and there  (don’t get me wrong - It’s great that weed will soon be legal to grow in small quantities in Oregon, but fuck you if you think that you can waltz in here and set up an entire “operation”). Moving on. 

Haven’t heard back from the folks who wanted to rent the RV space from me, but they are a busy couple. They put a deposit down and said I’d hear back from them in two weeks’ time. If that time passes and we still have no word, I’ll re-post the listing on Craigslist and see who else we can find. 

Dating Bradley Simpson would include:

- Ticklefights
- Giggling
- Singing to you
- Lots of holding hands
- Walking Jess together- Running your fingers through his hair
- Dancing like loons
- Making faces at each other
- Giving you multiple petnames
- Singing along with the radio
- Quicky’s before the show
- Weird use of emoji’s in whatsapp
- Calling him Frodo
- Calling him fucktard
- Snapchat like all the fucking time
- Fake arguements on twitter while sitting in the same room and laughing your asses off
- Actual fake arguements to confuse your friends
- Butterfly kisses
- Shower/Bath sex
- Wearing matching clothes.

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