My secret santa present for flawlesslyfailed. Eren and Levi walking dogs.

First of all, I suck at drawing dogs but I did my best //cries

I got the idea that Levi is completely a n00b with pets since he had never had one. In other hand, Eren is an expert because since his childhood he have had several pets.

Eventually Eren gifts a small dog to Levi and, since Levi knows nothing, he asks Eren about every single thing his dog does for knowing what to do.

I hope this’ fluffy enough for you dear uvu


Eren continued to try and make things clear to Levi that he didn’t mean to did it and he’d try not to do it again. Levi understood, but it didn’t make him any less disgusted.

~Mod Levi

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Inked and in Love//Closed RP

Mikasa walked into the small tattoo parlor and looked around. She held a small piece of paper in her pale hands and walked to the counter. “I have an appointment with…Levi?” She recalled as she spoke to the person behind the counter. “I’m Mikasa.” She smiled and nodded as she was told to take a seat. Mikasa fiddled with an earring and sighed softly, sure she was punk as all hell but she didn’t have any tattoos…