my whole body aches with sadness I feel myself pulling into myself again, I’m less social, sleeping less, eating less, this feels familiar.

harvey milk was literally murdered for being openly gay and ppl sit around slandering him and spreading lies about him so they can feel like ~*tru queer radicals*~

cheesy potatos + ham: cold weather favorite

always ate these as a kid. low spoons, warm, can be cheap, can make large batches for later meals, saves in fridge/re-warms in microwave well, filling + protein. does contain milk and probably soy and msg, depending on the brand. non-vegetarian unless you can improvise replacements.


  • cup to measure water/milk
  • whatever else individual brands of potatoes may require to cook
  • if baking, casserole dish
  • if microwaving, microwave safe bowl
  • if stove-top, small pot


  • any sort of fully-cooked diced ham (i like Farmland, sold at Walmart), usually sold canned or refrigerated, can replace with diced turkey or ham/turkey that is not pre-diced
  • any sort/the cheapest scalloped potato/cheesy potato-type boxed mix (I like any Betty Crocker)
  • whatever the potato mix requires for cooking, usually milk, butter, and water
  • can also add most sorts of cooked mixed veg like corn, broccoli, peas, sliced/diced carrots, green beans, etc. both taco meat and bacon bits have been suggested to me before, but i’ve never tried either. seasoning (pepper, garlic…), salt is not recommended, there’s already a ton in the boxed potatoes. extra cheese (sharp cheddar or parmesean is gr8). make it a full meal, treat yo self.


  1. Mix ingredients following directions on box.
  2. Cook veg.
  3. To cook the full dish, follow one of next two steps. Add as much or as little meat/veg as you wish.
  4. If baking, cook potatoes following directions on box, add meat and/or veg with potatoes. 
  5. If using stove-top or microwave, cook potatoes following directions on box, add meat/veg near end or after cooking on stove-top or microwave.
  6. Stir and let sit after cooking. Add extra seasonings or cheese as you stir. It will look a little watery, but it will begin to thicken as it cools. 
  7. Eat once the temperature is reasonable and the sauce coagulated and/or refrigerate/freeze.

I’m sorry, but there is no reason to say verbal/physical abuse in any sort of relationship is okay. Because it isn’t. Ever.
Do not try to justify it to me with love, or some other excuse.
There is no reason.
Love does not hurt you purposely.
I’m not going to get into the lengthiness like I feel, but yeah…
There is no reason. Ever.

like did you know that it’s possible to marry someone without being attracted to them, did you know that’s a thing that actually happens

did you know that people are pressured into marriages to people they’re not attracted to for all kinds of reasons including survival and that this has happened throughout history

did you know that you can get pregnant without having sex

did you know you can have sex with someone without being attracted to them

did you know that people can become pregnant through rape

because these are all things you are denying when you cite “they were married” or “they had kids” as conclusive proof of attraction

are you sure you want to deny these things, is it really worth it