33 weeks! At our last visit to the Dr. on Tuesssdeyyy (gotta pronounce it that way “twoz-dee” 😂) the OG OB told us that lil miss Avarielle is head down all ready to roll on out lol & @khadick even got to feel her head in there…weird…but prob pretty cool for him lol 7 weeks to go tops unless this little player decides to make an early escape! Super excited to meet my little mini-me 😁 #fitpregnancy #33weeks #thirdtrimester #homestretch #7weeksout 😂

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are yo ustill on a tiny chat? could we join? had a bad trigger and trying to distract my co con brother

Okay, we are on our twozland1 tinychat if anyone wants to join. Password is twoz as usual. ~Sarah