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Imagine Rickon seeing Sansa after all this time and for a second thinking it's his mom :'(

I know! It always pains me to think how young Rickon was when everyone left (not by volition, of course, except for Ned and the girls who would have counted on being in touch with him in any case), and how little he must remember of his family :( Except for Bran, who spent more time with him, all of them must be a blur, and the idea of Rickon hazzily remembering his mum as a mane of red hair and blue eyes like his, and mistaking Sansa with her is simply heartbreaking.

As to precisely what happened [just before Tywin’s death], that’s something I don’t really want to talk about because there’s still aspects of it I haven’t revealed that will be revealed in later books. But the role of Varys in all of this is also something to be considered.

Gather ‘round, folks, because I am here to spin you the tale of A Eunuch’s Vengeance: How Tywin Lannister unwittingly gave the Seven Kingdoms peace, plenty, and justice blood and fire during its darkest hour.

Warning: Crack Conspiracy Theory Ahead; TWOW SPOILERS

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I hate everything David&Dan choose to be and after that fiasco called season four I was like, “I won’t ever watch this show again!” But at the same time I’m excited for season five because lbr I won’t be able to read TWoW before I have children, so I’m going to watch season five with ardent attention, hate myself for it and keep complaining about the show endlessly. It’s a vicious cycle.

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What are your on Jared Leto as Joker and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

At first I thought that he was an odd cast for the Joker because he’s the most beautiful man I’ve seen in my whole life, nonetheless, the only movie I’ve seen him in is ”American Psycho”… But, thanks to Kiara and all the pictures and videos she tags me in (thank u) I feel that he’s gonna be a great Joker. I have faith in him uwu 
I think that Margot is the perfect choice for Suicide Squad/New 52 Harley. All I saw in some scenes of The Wolf of Wall Street was Harley Quinn, specially when she was mad and screaming c: Besides, Margot said she wants to do justice to Harley, and that makes me really happy. 



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aryatheunicorn said: Every time I read about Nymeria, I can see why Arya named her wolf after her. I wish GRRM had written a book all about her.

Yes, Arya chose the name wisely. She’s also the only Stark kid who named her wolf after a real person, so that’s interesting. That would be cool, but the in-universe book I’d like to read most is Septon Barth’s “Unnatural History.” Sometimes I wish GRRM would write it, but then I remember I want to read TWoW before I have grandchildren.

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YOOOOOOOO: http://grrm.livejournal.com/412882.html
"Reluctantly, however, I’ve just had to scratch Saratoga off my list of 2015 appearances.
I have too much to do. Too many things on my plate. Son of Kong foremost amongst them.

(Should I complete and deliver WINDS OF WINTER before these cons roll round, I reserve the right to change my mind).”
That con is in 7 months or so. We could be having a late 15 or early 16 release before the final season of the show (=
Elio has even written an article about it, so I think there’s something here.

I saw that this morning on facebook!  Looks promising!  I’m perpetually not getting my hopes up because I know that putting time-pressure on writing sucks, but it definitely looks like something to be optimistic about.  Especially since GRRM is so close-lipped about his writing schedule for TWOW.

*Fingers crossed* :D

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I'm not sure if anyone's asked you this before, but do you think any of the Stark children will learn of LSH's existence? (PS: I read like 60% of your blog in a day and I'm probably going to ask you more questions :P)

People have asked me similar questions, but it was more in the sense of whether one of the Stark kids would be the one who ends Lady Stoneheart, so not exactly what you’re asking.

Whether they’ll learn about her… well, I expect Bran will be fairly omniscient through much of TWOW, and there are weirwood roots in the Brotherhood’s cave, so I think it’s a fair given he’ll learn. (But possibly block it out the same way he did Robb’s death.) Arya may return to the Riverlands and Sansa may also end up there at some point, so there’s a big chance for those two as well. (Note Arya is the one many think will be the one who puts LS down in the end, tragically, ironically. There’s a possibility for Sansa also, though I mostly hope LS is the one who gives Littlefinger what for.)

Rickon, I sure hope he never learns about what happened to his mother, and luckily he’s probably too far away for it to matter. (Though most likely he’ll learn the truth at some point in the post-series future.) And Jon… he’s also probably way too far away for LS’s existence to ever become relevant to him, except in the way that he might become a fire zombie himself.

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an article mentioned that TWoW is set to be released on October (2015). Do you have an idea if this is true??

I laughed and then I cried.

Unless GRRM has been deceiving us all along, is actually done with the book and plans to drop it with surprise… no, I’m pretty sure that’s not true. It’s not “official,” in any case, because GRRM always refused to give a publication date for TWoW. (Which article is this, by the way?)

My estimation is somewhere between 2017-2018. I’m a pessimist.

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There's footage of Sansa at the cripts of Winterfell from the new S5 trailer, what do you think about that massive change? Do you think that it's actually a TWOW spoiler?

I’m oddly excited about it?  Like I really want to see her and Theon interact since I really find looking at both of their captivity’s differences and similarities fascinating and Alfie and Sophie are both such good actors.  I imagine it will feel like the Arya/Tywin things in S2—like super not canon, but really good television.  (Like, two people pretending to be “someone else” and “themselves” at the same time—that’s going to be fascinating.)

I’m not worried about her being Jeyne (rumors about this “winterfell worker”; also it making less than zero sense given the politics that they’re building on the show: Cersei thinks Sansa helped kill Joffrey; both the Boltons and Petyr Baelish’s “power” still derives from Cersei’s to some extent so they really don’t want Sansa to be an overt Stark and she’s not going to pretend to be Arya; also she’s still married to Tyrion, and an anullment will bring down Cersei on their necks—in the books Petyr’s clearly waiting before he breaks that one out) so I guess I’m just kind of intrigued to see what they do.  Especially with respect to Sansa, but also for a few other things, I’ve been viewing GOT increasingly as “spoilers for what won’t happen in asoiaf”.  Obviously that won’t be entirely true, but I don’t really look at any of it as an indication of what GRRM is going to do/how he’s going to do it.  Like, it looks like whatever’s happening in Winterfell this season won’t align with ADWD, so I don’t know why it would align with TWOW.  If it aligns with one more than the other, it will be ADWD, by virtue of Theon still being there and not having escaped yet.  And the things that happen during Theon’s timeline in ADWD are really far and away detached from whatever Sansa is getting up to, so…it’s clearly not canon.  At all.

As to her being in Winterfell…I’ve always been of the opinion that all the of the remaining Starks will make it back to Winterfell one way or another.  So, I guess it’s a “spoiler” if it confirms that belief, but…if/when Sansa makes it back, it very clearly won’t be under these circumstances so…IDK.  

I dunno.  I’m sort of holding out judgement on a lot w/r/t/this plotline.  Like I have no idea what it is, and I don’t view GOT and ASOIAF as the same canon anymore, so to me it’s just speculating on an unknown that is detached from the book series.  And that’s fun, but in this case, I’m not looking at the show to validate what I think will happen in TWOW—at least, not before the season has actually happened and I’m not looking at a full piece of media.

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Hello Butterfly!

Quick Question: who do you think will confirm R+L=J first, the books or the show? Do you think that the show is even going to address it?

At this point, probably the show first. Unless GRRM manages a miracle and gets out ADOS before the last season, that is. Or unless it’s covered in TWOW, which is possible, but I doubt it. I mean, I could be wrong, but it feels like a mystery GRRM would want to draw out until the last book. Unless it somehow becomes relevant re Azor Ahai and Jon’s resurrection and all, or if GRRM wants to reveal at least one mystery before the show does… idk, we’ll see.

And I do think the show’s going to address it, because it’s what won D&D the job.