The throne is mine, as Robert’s heir. That is law. After me, it must pass to my daughter.

Shireen and Stannis Baratheon ± book quotes (requested by anonymous.)

sugarmamaxo said:

So have you seem the set pic of Maisie Williams in Braavos? It looks like her head is shaved and she is wearing a new costume. Pretty fascinating stuff. Also, Mace Tyrell and Meryn Trant were on the set as well. Fans speculate that Mace will replace the envoy and Meryn will replace Raff. Do you think they're already going to get to the Mercy stuff?

I have! Umm, I’m not sure if her hair is short or if its the distance from the camera. You’ll notice that the other girls depicted in the picture have braided hair that is pulled close to their head thereby appearing short from a distance but is in actuality long.

That makes sense about Mace/Meryn. It’s not like show fans even know who Raff is. Also, I heard that the Mercy scene- as well as unpublished Arya material!!!*- is going to be featured in season 5. 

So I definitely think the Mercy scene is going to be included. 

I’d tell everyone to expect gratuitous and noncanon violence, sex, and killing for Arya season 5. But actually. She’s 17 filming now and they had Sophie kiss LF’s actor (who’s in his forties or something) when she was 17 and Arya was propositioned in season 4, so I’m not sure they’ll care to much about the Mercy/Raff stuff- they didn’t actually get sexual.

Everything we hear about the show is not certain until it actually airs. Personally, I don’t want the show to spoil the books for me. Part of me is naively optimistically hoping that this means that GRRM foresees TWoW being published before season 5 and has given D&D the go ahead and some of the scenes to use. But that’s, as I’ve said, naively optimistic of me.


kathrynchristie replied to your post: “RE: TWoW chapters 3 and 118 — Hahahahahah! Good for you! ;) There were a lot of people who asked me if the reader was going to find out the story behind the stuffed animal.”:

That was not the first little Easter egg reference back to Kate’s chapters, but no one (I mean seriously I think no one) caught the last one. So in happy some people caught this one. ;)

Oh that’s mean! Now I just want to figure out the other one! I hate feeling like I’m missing something. :o

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do you know if rickon and osha will be in season 5 too or?

I have no idea! A commenter in TWOW who says to have reliable sources has said that some Manderly sigils have been spotted in filming sets. If this is true, then there’s a real possibility of having at least news of Rickon. If they decide to skip the Skagos thing altogether (since Osha and Rickon took a different route than in the books, and also separated form the group much later) it might even mean that they’re already with the Manderlys (granted that’s what will happen in TWoW, which we don’t know).

We can only speculate, because, as far as I know, there is no news regarding Art Parkinson or Natalia Tena being back in the production yet :)

I was so glad to find out that bran MIGHT not be in s5. I’m not ready to see d&d’s version of twow spoilers. I’m really not.

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Favourite leo movie? :)

Oh god. I really can’t pick just one. I LOVE Total Eclipse. But I also worship The Man in the Iron Mask and Romeo and Juliet (of which I know almost every word). And of course I really love Titanic. I completely LOVED him in Django Unchained, Shutter Island and The Quick and the Dead. And I think The Aviator was one of his best performances to date. So yeah… these are all my favorites.