saraheq said:

hey so i was just looking at the asoiaf theory post.... and you said you don't like the cleganebowl one, but i'm just wondering, do you think sandor is dead? i have a hard time believing that he is. but is that one of the reasons you don't think that'll happen?

To the people who don’t know what “Cleganebowl” theory is: It’s basically the theory that suggests that Sandor will be the champion of the Faith and defeat Robert Strong (zombified!Gregor Clegane) at Cersei’s trial. Some even suggest that Sandor is “the valonqar” (the little brother) who will bring Cersei’s end by killing Ser Robert.

It’s such a weak theory and so ridiculously popular that I can’t…

First of all, no, I don’t think Sandor Clegane is dead. I’m 99.9% sure that he’s the gravedigger that Brienne saw at the Quiet Isle. But just because he’s alive and is associated with the people of the Faith at the moment doesn’t mean he’s going to take up arms, gallop to King’s Landing and become the shining champion of the Faith.

Most people are conveniently forgetting that he physically can’t.

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alas-mylove said:

first of all, i want to thank you for running my favorite blog on tumblr. second of all, i've read that you share my utter loathing of petyr "littlefinger" baelish, and my hope that he is going to get some comeuppance for the horrible things he's done. what exactly do you think his fate is going to be in TWoW/aDOS, if he survives that long?

You’re very welcome, and well, I’m pretty damn sure he’s going to die. I am convinced that for all ASOIAF is “dark”, GRRM is not truly nihilistic, and he’s not going to “reward” Littlefinger in the end. Though there’s not yet any in-text proof that LF is going to die, other than perhaps the so-called Harrenhal curse.

But I couldn’t tell you what his fate will be exactly, it’s not like I’ve got access to GRRM’s notes. ;)  I think it’s probable that Sansa will be his downfall (although not a literal one; the moon door idea is impossible as the Eyrie is closed for winter). With hope this will be related to Sansa learning about how Petyr betrayed her father (her real father) and what he did to Jeyne Poole, not to mention to how he sparked the War of Five Kings in the first place. (Of which Sansa knows about Jon Arryn’s poisoning at least, but does not yet have enough information to put the pieces together.) I also have a vague hope that Sansa’s hairnet (the only thing she took away from King’s Landing besides the clothes she was wearing) will play a part in Littlefinger’s death, since poison is his signature and it would be wonderfully ironic, but we’ll see if it’s ever mentioned again.

But it’s also possible it might be Lady Stoneheart who gets him in the end. Or it could be something further related to the magical side of the series (as LF has ignored that entirely and likely believes them to be pure fantasy), such as the ice zombies or dragons. (I would like to think that even if they don’t kill him, their advent will seriously fuck over his plans, but we’ll see.) Or it could be something with the Blackfish, or the lords of the Vale, or lots of other possibilities. I simply couldn’t say yet, not until I see what happens with him next.

And I know people want Littlefinger to die right away in TWOW, but I think that’s very unlikely, unfortunately. Like pretty much all of ASOIAF, things will get worse before they get better, and he’ll probably appear to be succeeding for quite some time. In fact, he’ll probably survive to ADOS, and his end could be part of the climax of the political plot. So I’m sorry to tell you to not get your hopes up… well, not for the next couple of years at least.

What to Read While Waiting for The Winds of Winter


You’ve gotten through all of ASOIAF, including the short stories for Dunk & Egg and the Dance with Dragons, so now what?  Contrary to what many may believe, including people that know us in real life, the ladies of FireandLunch actually read a variety of things.  And since it may be a while for TWOW, we thought we would share some recommendations that are at least somewhat similar or related to ASOIAF/GoT.  And please share any other recommendations you have!  It’s going to be a long wait for winter…..

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To Prince Doran of House Martell,

You will remember me, I pray. I knew your sister well,
and was a leal servant of your good-brother. I grieve
for them as you do. I did not die, no more than did
your sister’s son. To save his life we kept him hidden,
but the time for hiding is done. A dragon has returned
to Westeros to claim his birthright and seek vengeance
for his father, and for the princess Elia, his mother. 
In her name I turn to Dorne. Do not forsake us.

Jon Connington, Lord of Griffin’s Roost, Hand of the True King


i was reading some of my posts from 2012 when i was pretty certain that twow would be released in 2014 oh my god 2012 me i have really bad news for you

sansa is absolutely going to poison SOMEONE in twow. i’m not positive it’ll be sweetrobin (could be harry tbf. there are no other real options tho) but its not looking good for him. sansa and LF, individually, have started giving sweetrobin potentially fatal doses of sweetsleep. which we learn is actually a poison through aryas pov. SR’s already had two doses and 3’s the magic number here. one more dose will kill him. in affc arya and sansa are both responsible for the deaths of singers too. varying degrees of guilt whatever the point stands because

in adwd arya poisons a man. and sansa did have a chap removed from this book. its a necessary evil that i mention the “”controversial”” chap. sorry. poison is a woman’s weapon ect. the fact that littlefinger is constantly getting women to poison people for him and then pinning it on others. sansa included.

like i guess it’s possible sansa could stop the cycle all together but….i doubt it lol. this needs to happen. it’s more likely she goes ahead with the killing part but frames littlefinger for it. i mean this is how he’s got to go down imo. by sansa taking all the things he’s taught her and turning it around on him. lbr sansa’s not going to literally slay him.


kathrynchristie replied to your post: “RE: TWoW chapters 3 and 118 — Hahahahahah! Good for you! ;) There were a lot of people who asked me if the reader was going to find out the story behind the stuffed animal.”:

That was not the first little Easter egg reference back to Kate’s chapters, but no one (I mean seriously I think no one) caught the last one. So in happy some people caught this one. ;)

Oh that’s mean! Now I just want to figure out the other one! I hate feeling like I’m missing something. :o

ghiscariblood said:

hey, in your Theon family meta you said you had a theory about Theon and Asha's future, I'm curious as to what that was?

I’m so glad you asked me this, because this is something I’ve been meaning to talk about for a while. [There are spoilers for Theon’s sample chapter in TWOW from here on out!]

This is really more like wishful thinking than an actual theory. GRRM is an expert at destroying our expectations, so it’s really hard to predict what will happen to the characters, but this is what I hope will happen to Theon in TWOW.

This probably sounds crazy, but I really want Theon to go to Braavos. And here are my reasons for this:

1. According to the sample chapter, we know that Justin Massey is heading to Braavos to conduct business for Stannis, and that he wants to take Asha with him. Stannis seems to be against his wishes concerning Asha, but it’s possible that Justin could find some way to free her and take her with him anyway.

2. If Justin does manage to take Asha with him, I like to think that Asha would try convincing him to rescue Theon as well (if Theon is still alive at this point). Justin’s a pretty ambiguous character and it’s hard to tell where he stands exactly, but I think he would save Asha’s brother if she asked him to.

3. So let’s pretend that everything goes according to plan. Away to Braavos! I think a completely new setting would be really good for Theon, especially a setting that’s far removed from Westeros. He’s come so far after his Reek experience and I want to see him get his strength back so he can finally be somebody, and a foreign land would be a good place for him to do this. Half of Theon’s life has consisted of struggling between two cultures, after all, and being in a place like Braavos would help him let go of all that. He could start over and rebuild himself.

4. It would be really unwise for Theon to stay in Westeros anyway. If Stannis doesn’t kill him, then somebody else surely will, since everyone and his mom thinks he should die for being a “kinslayer” and a turncloak. He probably shouldn’t return home, either, since he’s really in no position to take the Seastone Chair. He might have the strongest claim, but he doesn’t have the physical or mental strength to take the chair from Euron, and even if he did manage to take it, the ironborn wouldn’t accept him in the post-torture state that he’s in.

5. There’s also the fact that Arya’s in Braavos. She’s all by herself and thinks she lost her whole family, so it would be interesting if somebody from her past at Winterfell showed up. Plus, the fact that Theon had to pretend that Jeyne Poole was Arya so she could marry Ramsay. I’d love to see him meet back up with the real Arya!

6. Braavos would be a good place for Asha as well. She’d be back on the water, but without the antics of her crazy uncles screwing everything up, and maybe she and Theon could finally build a normal sibling relationship.

7. There’s also the fact that I’m really fond of Braavos in general. It’s definitely my favorite setting outside of Westeros!

So there it is. All my crazy hopes and dreams! Hopefully GRRM doesn’t crush them too badly.