I really truly fear for the woman that marries a Muslim man who lacks an understanding of how marriage works, and manipulates hadith to oppress his wife. It’s easy for men to intentionally (or unintentionally) take something out of context, twist hadith in their favor, and abuse their power (something I’ve seen happen way too many times).

God forbid any of us marry such a misogynistic man that doesn’t fear Allah.



School Grade: 3rd (8 years old)

This character was formerly written 惡, which is a combination of 亞 next/sub- and 心 heart/feelings. Here 亞 is a phonetic element expressing “ugly/ugly and twisted.” Together with 心 it gives “ugly, twisted feelings,” and has since come to mean “bad” in a broad sense.

There are things all Tao stans can relate to:

1) Anger when you see malicious rumors about him on a weekly basis that people blindly believe.

2) Sadness when you know he does not deserve any of this hatred. 

3) Worry when he does even the simplest of things in fear of media backlash.

4) Protectiveness because he just seems to fragile to you.

5) Resentment towards those who do him harm for things he never did.

6) Anxiety whenever he posts something on social media, just waiting for people to twist his words.

7) Confusion as to why people would do such things to him, as you just cannot find a logical reason behind it.

8) Admiration when you see how mentally strong he actually is.

9) Adoration for his sweet personality that you would have never expected a 21 year old man to have.

10) Uselessness when you realize that you cannot do anything to stop people from mentally and emotionally ruining him.

Why do other fans call us Tao fans  “maternal” or that we’re the more “protective fandom”? Because we have to be. I sometimes get so angry at the shit Tao gets, that I literally need to punch something. Although I am not the person to be emotionally invested in celebrities, he is a different story. Everything he does, he makes it very personal for his fans, and I appreciate that. I cannot stand by and watch good people like him get hurt for reasons I cannot even understand. It sickens me. I know that all Tao fans know what I am talking about—we’ve all felt this, and it’s tiring.

Whatever Tao chooses to do later on, I just wish him happiness.



Taylor as you may already know, I (your bestie Lauren) run a Facebook group for all us Qld Swifties as a place for us to chat and fangirl, we call ourselves the QLD Swiftie Squad and currently we have over 80 people in the group. A while back some of us decided to do something cute for you and this was the result - we recreated our favourite polaroids from your album and put a little Aussie twist on them. We are SO excited to see you on December 5th in Brisbane (all of us listed below along with the other 50 or so in the group - I will have everyone’s details so hit me up lol), some of us are even travelling to Sydney and Melbourne to see you as well, and a couple are actually travelling to Nashville! We love you so so SO much and hope you like our like our little creation :) xx

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So I’ve asked the story writers of MKX if Liu Kang and Kitana are themselves in the ending or still corrupted by evil magic.

The answer is that they are corrupted still, but it seems that there might some difference or twist to what extent they remained corrupted.

Maybe some of their true personalities might start taking over after some time?

I actually think this might have a huge and great potential.

Can you imagine Liu Kang and Kitana becoming good rulers of the Netherrealm? They might make this realm a better place eventually and all these tormented souls might find peace by thanks to the guidance of shaolin monk and princess of a peaceful Edenia.

I think it would be great if entire Netherrealm got some positive changes under Liu Kang and Kitana’s rule, they probably can bring back everyone to their former selves too after breaking through this curse themselves.

How much of a wishiful thinking is that though?

swagrias asked:

YoungerElsa Au where 8 year old Elsa puts her ice powers to use, pranking Hans every moment she gets

(Oh, so I was gonna write more ghost, but then this came and…what was I doing again?)

So, Coronation Day.  Yippee.  Okay, Anna could admit that perhaps she should be a little more excited about this.  After all, it’s not every day you get crowned Queen.  And officially put in charge of everything.

Oh god, they’re crowning her Queen.  Arendelle is doomed.

Part of her curses the twist of fate that made her the older daughter.  Sometimes, she wondered if Elsa would do a better job, even if she was eight years old.

A sharp yelp, a slight chill in the hallways, and a platinum blonde missile that skids to a stop, on actual ice, right in front of her.  Okay, maybe not such a good idea. 

Anna sighs.

She glances behind her and sees an impish grin on her sister’s tiny face before Elsa attempts to hide it.  “Do I want to know?”

Elsa shrugs.  “Southern Isles sent a prince.”

“Is it the one who they keep bugging me about?”  The Southern Isles had been annoyingly persistent in sending marriage offers.  Like eleven of them.  Some of them to men already married, older than her father, or both.

Elsa wrinkles her nose.  “He has stupid sideburns.”

Anna groans as she turns around to face her.  “Great.  Dare I ask what you did?”

“Nothing!”  Her little sister’s face is the picture of innocence.  Anna doesn’t buy it for a second.

“Am I going to have to try to avoid an international incident?”

Elsa shrugs.  “Probably not?  I mean, most people would probably think snow in summer is a sign he’s crazy.”

“Tell me you didn’t…”

Her mouth sets in a mulish line.  “He deserved it.”

Well then.

Despite being all of eight, Elsa seems to be one of those people who can get a read on a person pretty quickly.  So, if she says the prince deserved it, he probably did.  Even after three years, Elsa is still a little wary of using her magic.

Anna tries not to frown at the memory.  For some reason, Papa and Mama had separated the two of them, and Elsa had pretty much been locked in her room.  No amount of begging or yelling on Anna’s part got anywhere.  And then their parents went on a trip.  And never came back.

Elsa hadn’t gone to the funeral.  But Anna had heard the little sobs afterwards and demanded the keys to her sister’s room before she took a goddamn axe to the door because there was no way Anna was leaving her five-year-old sister alone.

The ice was a surprise.

So they dealt.  Things were a little weird, a little rocky, but it was just the two of them and Anna was determined to figure it out.

And here they were.  Her about to become Queen and her imp of a sister apparently running interference on annoying nobles.

Anna could work with that.

“So, I was thinking…” she says as she starts walking, her sister scampering behind her.

She swears she can literally see Elsa’s ears perk up.  “Yeah?”

“So, normally, munchkins like you aren’t really supposed to go to Coronation parties.  Probably a bunch of old people doing dull stuff.”  Anna tries to keep a straight face at Elsa’s snort.  “Yeah, I’m not looking forward to it either.  So!  I was thinking.  I’m gonna be Queen, right?  I can do what I want?  How would you like it if I snuck you in?”

Her sister narrows her eyes.  “And?”

“Well, it’d be boring normally, right?  But I might need you to help me keep a certain person from the Southern Isles…a little busy.”

There’s a speculative gleam in Elsa’s eyes, promising mischief.  “How busy?”

Anna grins.  “Busy enough.  Don’t want him getting any ideas into his head.  After all…”

Elsa grins as she joins in “…we know better!”