(this video has subtitles in case our english is hardly understandable for you)
You guys have supported our idea and therefore we (virtualgalaxies, jooody-15​ and carefree-starcounter​) decided to officially announce it and invite you all to #PhandomTumblrVideoMeetup!
While Dan and Phil are in Japan, why wait for the videos? Film your own all over the world! Make them be proud of you!
Feel a sparkle of youtuber in yourself! ~(*o*~) like we did yeah

We all know how warm-welcoming and friendly Phandom is, so let’s make this a thing! Know everyone around you a little bit better and show tumblr the amazing person you surely are ~ ♡♡♡ 
If you don’t want to show yourself, you still can like, reblog everyone else’s videos and make new friends! 
If you have any questions, address them to virtualgalaxies or jooody-15​, we’ll be happy to answer them.
And please reblog and tell your friends and followers about #PhandomTumblrVideoMeetup! The more people will participate, the more amazing it will be. :3 IT IS SO EXCITING I KNOW

Remember the date and time: 18th of April, 18:00 (BST). Post your short selfie-video under the tag and meet other people!

P.S. If you’re willing to be the part of the final montage of all your beautiful selfie-videos, please tag your post with #PTVMedit as well (^_^) / Bye!

Hi guys it’s Annie! I didn’t really know what to say oops but here is my face and what I sound like! (Also my hair looks ew sozzles and I apparently can’t make videos for the life of me *oh dear*)

I looovvveee this idea and I hope everyone who wants to uploads a video as they give awesome insight into people’s lives and yayay (: Dubaiiiii x

My late video for the Phandom Tumblr Video Meetup!
I wanted to be a youtuber, and you can see why I shouldn’t be allowed to do it.
My favourite color is creative blue, my hands are living their own life, and my dream is to make a game together with Dan and Phil.
The rest weirdness is in the video. Nice to meet you!~(*з*)~

i also had a funny endscreen dance but it was too traumatizing for the humanity

20 beautiful (people) baby pictures. I changed it because I thought this was more fun. Tagged by gingerandirish and who-did-thaat This is me when I had no teeth and curly hair and aspirations. bilnk182 jupiters-fat-arse misssoupbrain laganfly cuaileanoirissuileantlath thatoneirishgirl cuntsnatchmcbumcuddle arrestomomentvm neverlandali

chrisutopia hanorahw casuallyhumpingmypillow maitrebate unoriginalimagination tiocfaidharlulz irishduck colorful-macintosh jhxm scatterthetwinks an-irish-stripper jamus-13 ritoruhana enstasis weldiabhaltuirseach That could be more than 20 I can’t count

Kick In The Teeth

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