More life lessons, because y’all have been asking - 

  • Go out and touch the world. Doesn’t matter where you live, whether it’s a metropolitan wasteland or the middle of a rainforest, I promise there is something worth touching, something worth sticking your hands into and getting a bit dirty. Don’t walk passively through life, actively engage in it by feeling what’s around you. Literally.
  • Sing when you feel like shit. Having an off day? Friends all out doing something cool and you weren’t invited? Fired? Whatever, if you feel like crying, sing instead - belt something out at the top of your lungs (my fave is Angels by Robbie Williams) and just keep singing until you either don’t feel like crying any more, or there are tears running down your face and you’re still putting music out into the universe. I guarantee, after five minutes you will feel ten times better.
  • If the singing is working, dance too. You never know, you might actually make yourself laugh.
  • Do not give unsolicited advice. Talk as much as you want on your own platforms about how you think people should do shit, but unless someone has specifically asked for your opinion, do not enter their space and address them personally. I keep seeing awesome babes receiving messages like, “Oh you’re so pretty, you could definitely improve your eyebrow game though!” which is the rudest shit ever, straight up. Unless a person asked you for your advice, they probably do not want it - it doesn’t matter if you think you’re being helpful, most people do not walk through their day to day lives wondering how they could most effectively change themselves to please those around them.
  • Take the time to truly look at your lovers. Memorise their faces, memorise the crease of their eyes when they’re doubled over with laughter; it’s the first step towards knowing what will make them laugh so you can do it again and again. Not only will you be able to recall their every expression at ease, you will get to know them so well, understand so much more about how they tick, that you will fall into an easy synchronicity that enriches relationships tenfold. Oh, and your lover is totally hot.
  • If you asked for it, take it. If you wanted constructive criticism, take it on. If you cheated on a test, be prepared to fail the course. If you signed up for extra hours at work, drink more coffee and shut up about being tired. Claim ownership of yourself, your life and your day to day actions - you have no idea how much better you’ll start feeling and acting once you hold yourself accountable.
  • Go swimming more often, I dare you. 
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