Tokyo ghoul Re: 28 impressions

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1. Sasaki engages in a fierce battle with Seidou. Seidou is having an upper hand. Rather than killing him right away, he is enjoying while ‘torturing’ Sasaki and mocking his weakness. He is entremely jelous of “kaneki’s power and consider him as his rival and likely he was considered the ‘second’ best when he was in Aogiri. However, he is utterly disappointed when Sasaki seems to be too weak for him and attempts to bring out his true potential by calling his ‘real’ name. 

2. The way Seidou uses resembles that of Eto’s (as if siting ‘literature’) suggesting that she could be the main person one who turtured him during his captive years.

3. Shirazu’s super hearing sense allows him to spot Nutcracker’s kagune traps hidden within walls which becomes activated upon contact stimuli. 

4. It appears that Nutcracker is attacked by Saiko’s Kagune. However, it seems more likely that she is pierced by her own traps (activated by the Quinx’s kagune).  

5. Saiko has activated her Kagune, but the true appearence remains ‘a secret’. 

6. Scarecrow is in the control room, communicating with another secret group. However, he accidentally activates the intercom, broadcasting Sasaki vs. Seido’s battle conversation (and screams). His identity is still a mystery at this stage, but it is possible that he is not affiliated with the clowns or aogiri, and could be ‘floppy’. 

7. Akira vs. Misa - Akira is having an upper hand. On the other hand, Ayato emerges in his half kakuja form, killing off several CCG officials. However, Hinami senses something is wrong and commands their team to retreat. 

10. Uta finally removes his mask when he hears the battle between Sasaki and Seidou. 

11. Akira demands Washuu to tell her who is Sasaki fighting against, but he remains quiet (something seems really fishy here). 

12. The chapter ends with Hinami hearing the fight between Sasaki and Seidou (can’t see her expression behind the mask, but it is highly likely that she recognises Sasaki = Kaneki)

13. Shirazu finishes off Nutcracker, and she has a flashback of her sad childhood. She was seen mocked by some men, wanted money so that she could buy pretty dresses. Her final words are “i want to become beautiful” (not sure if she is truely dead yet or just mortally wounded). Shirazu realises (like the previous Kaneki) that ghouls can be like humans as well. 

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You know, I hate the changes they made but I seriously don't understand how they can use 2015 logic in a world that's supposed to be in an age where rape and murder is something from everyday. You don't see people complaining about the gruesome deaths or turtures, you see them complaining about this and I don't really understand it.

I’m sorry that you feel that way but I honestly do not have the time or energy to sit here and argue about why you are wrong.

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Femdom dominatrix spank and turture hard belly of slave


Laufen und die Sonne dich beobachten lassen.

Dem Gedankenspiel folgen und dich Schritt für Schritt treiben lassen, durch die so vertrauten Gassen und Alleen.

Und Meter für Meter den Strick abwickeln, du bist die Spule und um deine Brust windet sich dieses Seil und nimmt dir die Luft.

Doch je mehr Shritte du tust, um so leichter fällt das Atmen und der Strick fällt Stück für Stück.

Und du scheuchst die schwarzen Katzen, die streunenden Gedanken aus deinem Kopf.

Du biegst ab und plötzlich siehst du dich alleine steh´n an diesem Irrweg und weißt nicht wo hin es gehen soll, wo hin du gehen sollst. 

Und ein kleines Schaudern fährt dir durch die Glieder.

Was wenn du dich verläufst?

So ganz allein?

Ein Kloß im Hals, ein Stein im Schuh, du besinnst dich.

Und der Splitt knirscht unter deinen Sohlen, denn du bist nicht allein.

Denn wer da schon immer bei dir war…

und wer da immer sein wird…

bist du.

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Chances of you building a semi-powerful turtle deck?

Well, since there’s only ever been 8 turtles printed(Outside of Changelings), it will be a difficult thing to do. We can definitely throw it on the list and give it a try. I can’t really guarantee a crazy strong power level, though. =)

P.S. turtur-the-turtle, was this you? 



Du wirst von Wut angetrieben. Wie der Wind in den Segeln, treibt die Wut dich voran.

Und so sitzt du alleine im Boot, das sich Leben nennt, und treibst vor dich hin und bevor du zu dümpeln beginnst, kommt der Zorn und ist der Wind in deinen Flügeln, sind die Wellen noch so hoch.

Und die Wut ist es, die dich nach vorne - und nicht mehr wirr umher blicken lässt, während du auf deiner Nussschale ins Auge des Sturms segelst. 

Und wird es still auf dem Meer, ist dein Blick trüb und du siehst nur sehr langsam, wen du in Rage derangiert hast - und das bist vielleicht nur du selbst.

is that your way of taking revenge?
making me think that you want to remember me or just to turture me
La tórtola europea declarada Ave del Año 2015 “Francisco Javier Fernandez Auditor"

La tórtola europea (Streptopelia turtur) ha sido elegida como Ave del Año 2015 por la Sociedad Española de Ornitología SEO/BirdLife, título que designa a aquellas especies que sufren en la actualidad problemas de conservación.

Javier Fernandez Auditor
Via: http://ift.tt/1dmQoe5
La tórtola europea declarada Ave del Año 2015

La tórtola europea (Streptopelia turtur) ha sido elegida como Ave del Año 2015 por la Sociedad Española de Ornitología SEO/BirdLife, título que designa a aquellas especies que sufren en la actualidad problemas de conservación.

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—  Histoire D'O, P.52