The ‘Scorch Trials’ Cast Reveals Why Dylan O’Brien Is The King Of Stunts | MTV News


The ‘Scorch Trials’ Cast Interview | MTV News


The Scorch Trials cast reveal why Dylan O'Brien is the king of stunts! | MTV News!

Newt and You (Requested: // Bonfire). **(SMUT)**

The bonfire finally arrived and you couldn’t wait any longer. Just to gather around the embers, engulfed in its flames, warmth, and truth. Made up songs are sung, laughs are shared, dancing are hilarious. You enjoyed these nights so much, you’ll never get tired of it. You and Newt were enjoying the bonfire, having a ball. It was too loud though, this time you wanted to go somewhere quieter and stare at the stars and just relax, but there was no way you can do that without these slintheads being drunk and acting foolish.
“Love?” You heard Newt whispered in your ears as you flinched and stared at him. “Didn’t mean to frighten you, but do you want to go somewhere peaceful?” You nodded your head, while Newt grabbed your hand, lifting you up and walking past the other homestead and entering the one you both shared.
At first, you and Newt started a normal conversation. But you noticed his swings changing, he was drunk and you honestly hated when Newt was ever drunk. “Baby? You need to relax,” You said, rubbing Newt’s back as he laughed uncontrollably and kept falling onto the ground. You picked him up, staring at him, soft smiling. Newt couldn’t help but to kiss you, and make you fall down with him. While Newt kept kissing you, and you didn’t mind it, his hands wandered underneath your shirt, feeling the soft skin of your sides. Newt thumbs tracing the soft skin underneath your breasts, causing your nipples to harden and goose bumps to rise across your arms and shoulders. You enjoyed every minute of it, and you wanted Newt to stop, but then again you didn’t. “N-newt,” You said, and he insisted you to be quiet within a “shh,” Newt gripped your smooth thigh and hitched it up on his hip so he could see the tiny triangle of lace covering your clit; he gripped your thigh in a string hand as he grounded his bulge into you making you moan softly before he captured your mouth in a heated kiss. You and Newt tongues intertwined and you gripped his hair in your fingers as you pressed yourself even closer to him. Newt then picked you up, slammed you against the wooded wall roughly swooping down to capture you in another toe curling kiss. When you hitched your leg up on his hip, he moved his hand to rub your clit over your panties, feeling the wet spot that formed at your arousal. “Mhmm, your so wet for me,” He groaned against your mouth as he softly bit down on your lower lip and pulled it before letting it go and you moaned into his mouth. Meanwhile as you both continued to kiss, he removed your panties aside and slipped two fingers into your wet clit. You gasped and tilted your hips forward as he began to pump them in and out of you. You threw your head back, letting it against the wooded wall, as he sucked and licked a path down your jaw bone, to your neck, before sucking on the heaving cleavage that was bursting out of your top. “Cum for me, love,” Newt said lowly before pressing down on your clit and curling his fingers to rub your g-spot. You bit your lip, almost drawing blood as your body clenched in release, your clit gushing all over his fingers and hand. Newt pulled out his fingers, licking his fingers until all your juices were gone. “You taste lovely, mhm..” Newt whispered into your ears. You then felt yourself being pushed down on the cot you and Newt both shared and Newt crawled on top of you, while your knees were raised you so he could settle his hips between yours, grinding down on you as he lifted your clothing off and you pulled off his shirt, while he removed his jeans. You both were finally exposed and your both began making out a session.“Please fuck me Newt,” You moaned, as Newt smirked, slowly sunk himself into your velvet warmth. He slowly pulled out before pushing back in, starting out slow and deep so you could feel every inch of his huge member. “Harder! Faster,” You demanded, looking up at Newt desperately. Newt continually smirked and gripped your thighs and began to pound himself into you. You slammed him cock into you fast and hard as he could, he watched as you moaned loudly writhing beneath him as he fucked you roughly. “Cum for me baby,” Newt ordered, moving one hand to pinch your clit, causing your orgasm to wash over you suddenly making you cry out. In a smooth move, he flipped you over into your knees. He pushed your shoulders down so that your face was on the bed and you gripped the sheets tightly in your hands as he pushed back inside you. He gripped your hips, pulling back over him again and against your ass jiggling as his hips hit it. He gripped the flesh roughly, kneading it in his hands before smacking one cheek. He felt you gush around his cock. “You like being spanked, hm?” Newt asked, spanking you again which made you moaned, biting in the sheets as he began to spank you over and over until it was red and tended while he was still slamming inside of you. He gave a few more slow strokes into you before pulling out and falling back down onto the cot. You grinned, and bit your lips, both of you were exhausted. “I think I love it when you’re drunk, babe.” Newt chuckled at you, “I’m sobered now, love.” You giggled, still not getting over the sex you both just had. You lie down on Newt’s bare chest, almost falling asleep peacefully, but you still heard the Gladers outside, still partying. “I hope they didn’t hear us, especially me.” You spoke, while Newt kissed you softly. “If they did heard, now they know your definitely mine and only mine.”

Friendly reminder that the groups in paradise will never be able to comfortably live without remembering what Wicked did to them because every time they look at themselves in a mirror or at one another they will see the tattoos wicked gave them in order to further dehumanize them.