You were picking through the catered food waiting for the director to call you up for your next scene.
“Hey y/n, can I ask you something?” Thomas asked nervously.
“Sure Newt,” you winked and he blushed.
“Um, well I was wondering,” he ran a hand through his hair, “if you wanted to be my Valentine?” He handed you a bouquet of flowers that was hiding behind his back and sheepishly grinned. “What do you say?”

I did one for you and one for your friend, I hope you liked them 😊

"Something Carlos actually handed out to his students, stapled to the back of his syllabus because he is actually the biggest dork known to man.*laughs*"    
~ Rashida the Doctor

The thing I love the most about The Maze Runner movie is that in the book, Alby’s death meant nothing but in the movie, Alby’s death meant everything.

Imagine #12: Take the deal

Request: fvngirl said:I have a request. Can you write a short story where Thomas has a crush on the reader and he does cute stuff to win her over. Fluff?

Note: I tried to do this and I’m actually happy with the result. I hope you like it too!

Thomas x reader
Words: 985
Warnings: none

You were walking in the Glade, trying to find a spot to rest. Everyone was working hard, but you didn’t feel like doing anything. You needed some time to think and just relax. A lot was going on in the Glade. A new greenie had arrived, Thomas. He became a Runner and Minho even wanted him to be the Keeper of the Runners. Then there was the thing that he killed a Griever and survived a night in the Maze. There was just a lot going on. You just needed a break. A break from the Glade and everything else.
You walked to the Deadheads. Not everyone wanted to go into the woods, just a few. There were enough trees to hide and find a good spot. You walked into the Deadheads. You wanted to get as far away as possible. You found a corner, surrounded by the woods, where you could lean to the walls of the Maze. You settled and let your head rest. You closed your eyes and soon you drifted off.
You heard some branches break and a few leaves crunch. Someone was there with you, walking around, almost finding you. You opened your eyes and saw Thomas standing next to a tree.
‘’That’s my spot.’’ He said to you, as you were an intruder in his house.
‘’Well, it’s was empty so I guess it’s mine now.’’ You said with a smile and didn’t move.
‘’I’m.. I want it back.’’ He said to you.
‘’Yeah, you don’t get it back that easily, greenbean.’’ You said to him, joking.
‘’I’ll find a way.’’ He said to you and disappeared. You shrugged your shoulders and went back to relaxing. Thomas was kind of cute, though. He was good looking and was always nice. He tried to do his best even when he didn’t know what he was supposed to do. You especially liked it when Thomas had almost beaten Gally. That shuck-face. Someone who didn’t like Gally was a friend of yours. So you supposed you could see Thomas as a friend.
‘’Hey.’’ Your heard Thomas say. You were surprised to see him back again so soon. A blush came to your face of the thoughts you had a few seconds ago.
‘’I brought you a blanket and something to eat.’’ He said to you.
‘’Wow, you’re a nice one greenie.’’ You said to him with a smile. You stood up to take the blanket and the food. Thomas handed it to you and then moved past you. Almost falling down to get into the spot where you just sat. ‘’You shouldn’t have left.’’ He said to you with a smile. You looked at him, planning on getting the spot back. You kneeled down in front of him, looking in his eyes.
‘’You stupid shank. I was here first. Move.’’ You said to him, grabbing his shoulders.
‘’No.’’ He looked you dead in the eye. He was really stubborn. You started pulling on him, trying to get him to another spot. You moved, now pulling on his one arm while you were kneeling next to him. He gave in a little, just to let you win. You pulled harder and he rolled towards you, falling on top of you.
‘’This is not supposed to happen. I was supposed to take the spot now.’’ You growled. Thomas was laying on top of you, his hands planted on both sides of your face. ‘’Guess that didn’t work out. I’ll give you a deal.’’ He said jokingly. Not moving. ‘’You go out of my way greenie and then we’ll talk.’’ You said to Thomas. ‘’No.’’
‘’What, you don’t trust me?’’ You asked him.
‘’Not with no one in that spot.’’ He said to you. You just had to deal with his body on yours. You liked it actually, it made you feel.. funny. You felt a weird feeling in your stomach, like something was tickling you. You looked down to see Thomas had moved his hand and was tickling you.
‘’Oh no, you didn’t.’’ You said to him. You started laughing and tried to push Thomas away. You couldn’t get him off of you. ‘’Okay, okay, I give in. You can have the spot.’’ You said to him. He stopped tickling you and rushed to the spot.
‘’This wasn’t the deal I had planned.’’ He said to you. Well, a deal could only make it better, right. There could be a chance you ended up having the spot.
‘’Speak.’’ You ordered him. You were all business now, there was no way you would be leaving without success.
‘’You can sit next to me, we can cuddle. Could be fun you know.’’ He said to you with a smile, moving the blanket so you could both be under it. You laughed. ‘’I hope you have something better.’’
‘’I have a plan B. You get the spot, for now. But you have to go on a date with me, the date will end with the other deal I just offered you.’’ He said to you, playful. It sounded nice. You would get some time to relax and a date with Thomas didn’t sound so bad.
‘’A date?’’ You asked him.
‘’Yeah, you know a date. Two people who go do something, get to know each other and stuff.’’ He explained. ‘’I know what it is, Greenie.’’ You said to him.
‘’Take the deal or leave.’’ He said to you with a big smile on his face.
‘’Okay, I’ll take the deal. Now leave, I want to have the spot now.’’ You said to him with a smile. He stood up and let you take the spot. He kneeled in front of you.
‘’Already looking forward to sharing this spot with you.’’ He said and laughed. You rolled your eyes. ‘’You wish.’’ You answered him. ‘’I know you like it.’’ He gave you a wink and took off.

Admit It Shuck Face

Request: OMG YAY OKAY GALLY IMAGINE. Where gally is the same old rule following asshole but he has a giant crush on the reader and when thomas tries talking to him about it he acts like he doesn’t because it’s thomas he’s talking to but he eventually gets it out of him. Then thomas makes Gally talk to the reader because he knows she likes him ok that was a lot sorry I’ll go

(Gally’s POV)

It was another boring morning in the glade. Don’t get me wrong it’s beautiful here and the people are nice, It just gets boring sometimes. I saw y/n talking to Thomas and a feeling inside me started, jealousy. I don’t get why y/n is even friends with Thomas he’s such a shank. 

I was walking to Frypans kitchen to get my breakfast, when Thomas was behind. “Hey there Gally” Thomas greeted. I could feel his breath on my neck from him being too close behind me. 

"Go away shank" I said taking my food to a spot on a tree log to eat. He was stilling following, ‘what’s his problem?’ I thought. 

"You know Gally I see the way you look at her" Thomas begins to talk. He was serious, this was no joke. 

"Y/n?" I asked, obviously it was she’s the only girl glader in the glade. I just didn’t want to talk about her with Thomas. 

"Obviously. I see you glancing at her almost all the time" 

"No I don’t, you don’t even know what I’d be looking at. I don’t care about y/n" I lied. I’m trying to brush off this conversation but I have a feeling that Thomas wasn’t going to quit, there was something he wanted. 

"Y/n cares about you though. I think she might even like you back" He confessed. I saw him talking to y/n a few minutes ago but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the topic of their discussion. 

"Don’t fucking joke around with me shuck face. Whatever the hell you want just ask." I said standing up with anger. I was pissed off because I just wanted to enjoy my breakfast and get the day going. 

"I’m trying to help you out Gally" Thomas said surprisingly calm. I tried walking away from him but like once again, he followed. 

"Help me out with what Thomas? Y/N doesn’t even give me one look or barley talks to me! How could she ever like me? I’m just a klunking shank" I raised my voice at him. 

Thomas just gave me a smile like he was right. “I knew it Gally, you do like her. You should go talk to her change the fact that you guys barley talk. She’s just over there” he said pointing to her sleeping area. 

I just nodded at Thomas and walked. I was nervous as hell, but I guess Thomas was right. I don’t see how someone so pretty and smart like y/n could ever like a guy like me? All I do is build stuff, I’m not talented or anything. If I were wrong I’d say she has a thing for Thomas. 

When I got closer she stood up and broke the distance. He shimmering eyes sparkled in the sunlight. My hands were starting to sweat but I tried to play it cool. Y/N gave me one of her beautiful smiles and said “hey Gally”. 

"Hey y/n. I was just talking to Thomas and he said I should come say hi." I said awkwardly. I shouldn’t have said that. 

"So what are you up to?" Y/N questioned.

"I was about to go to my job, but I thought you’d be more fun than work" I announced not realizing I just said something flirty. Y/N was blushing and I felt a sense of proudness in myself. 

"Thanks. Hey Gally can I ask you something?" She asked seeming nervous about something. Y/N walked closer to me. 

"You can ask me anything, I don’t judge" I said and it barley came out as a whisper. She was so close to me I was nervous, I was so close to her pink lips.

"Do you like me?" She looked into my eyes all hopeful. I wanted to lift her up and spin her around and kiss her. But me being me, I just answered. 

"Of course y/n you’re the most coolest person in the glade" Y/N seemed happy with my answer because she kissed my cheek. 

"You’re cute but I meant like, like-like" she expressing. My face was probably so bright red I’m shocked she’s not running from me. 

"I-I, Um, sorry, I’m just so nervous" I uttered whilst fidgeting with my hands. "Yes, I think you’re the most prettiest person and you’re so smart, talented and kind. I hope that answered your question" I finally could get out of my mouth. She wrapped her arms around me pulling me into a tight hug. I held her waist and we swayed a little. 

"That answered my question perfectly. I’m nervous too Gally because I like you too, like-like" Y/N laughed into my ear. And this morning I thought it was going to be another boring day? Klunk that, this is the best day ever to have happen in the glade. 



You went out to lunch with your friend Dylan after filming. You talked about the scenes you did and normal things, and then the topic of Valentines Day came up.
“Ya my date kind of bailed on me,” you said sadly.
“Oh really,” Dylan tensed up.
“Are you okay?” You asked.
“Oh ya I’m fine. You know I’m dateless too,” he said nervously.
“Oh really?” You cocked an eyebrow jokingly.
“Um, ya. You know I was hoping to take a really pretty girl out.”
“Ya,” you hung your head, picturing you home alone watching Netflix while your crush Dylan was out with some really pretty girl.
“Um, y/n?” Dylan said rubbing his neck, “this isn’t easy to ask, I get shy around pretty girls.”
“It’s no big deal, just ask the girl you like. If you want you can practice on me.”
“Ok. Will you be my Valentine?”
“That was good, now go ask her!”
“Ok, I kind of just did.”
“Y/N, will you be my valentine?” He smirked.