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The Helicopter can be a stressful thing but waiting for the helicopter, it’s quite relax.

Starring jocurr in the last 2 shots

This is the Tree Planting series  (still another few days before i start sharing normal pictures again)

© Jeremi Bourassa  <—- (that’s my website, currently running a promo fundraiser, 5$ for a digital download, there’s a choice of about 10 shots)

Quick Updates

Sorry I disappeared for two days there, everyone. School and life in general get in the way, as always. Admin Rhett and our Intern are also busy preparing to return to college.

1. I will be posting the final accepted request shortly. Any other requests are going under the limbo list. “Limbo requests” are requests that have been correctly filled out, they have just not yet been accepted by an admin due to the fact our requests lists are ridiculously long already. They will be accepted at a later date.

2. The GTS Shiny Service is returning tomorrow with a new pokémon! I got lots of anonymous messages regarding when it would resume, but I didn’t really bother answering them. Sorry about that, but you could’ve found an answer by reading the gardevoir/gallade service post!

This new GTS Service Week will come with new rules in order to prevent people from receiving more than one clone. Please make sure you read the post fully when it is up on Friday.

Thanks for reading!
-Admin Helene