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am v curious as to whether this finn scorpio races sequel will take place a few years after the end of TSR or immediately after? what do you reckon?

Who can know the mind of Maggie? Who can understand her ways?

Probably anything I can think of will be wrong? Companion books can mean anything. But I’m ecstatic she’s going with Finn as a narrator, as he has always been one of my favorite characters (of any book, ever), but I’m somewhat surprised. I always thought that if she wrote another Scorpio book, she’d either write a prequel set around St. Columba’s time or earlier, or she’d jump substantially forward in time. I imagined two things would remain constant: Thisby and the capaill uisce. But I’m having a hard time imagining either Thisby or the capaill uisce being that weighty in a Finn-centric book.

I used to feel that Finn’s character development would come at the result of leaving the island. I’ve pictured him going off to America for a while, like he said he’d do if he were Gabe. But assuming he stays on the island, how would the island manifest in his story? Finn seems to love his home, but he’s a bit of an aberration. He hates blood. He’d never survive in the mills. He doesn’t live and breathe the horses. Seawater doesn’t run through his veins. And yet, when his face is covered by charcoal and chalk, we’re reminded there’s something in him that’s as wild and otherworldly as Thisby itself. It’s different than how it is with Sean and Puck, though; they’re the cliffs and the sea and the horses and the races.

Also, what would he have to do with capaill uisce, other than…er, gambling? Living with Sean and Puck and their assortment of horses (I’m stubbornly believing this is their reality)? And would we be okay if the races weren’t a central part of the story? I still sort of feel like it should be set around the time of the races because that’s when Thisby really comes alive (so, at the very least, something of a time jump). Unless, of course, springtime brings out killer rabbits or something. (Joking aside, I’m all for expanding the mythology of the island.)

I’m so curious to see where Maggie will take this. Will we finally get confirmation on a time period? Will outside historical events come into play? Will the book be 90% automobiles?

What do you think? What would you love to see in the companion?

The party searches the mushroom forest for danger or reward.  Still one of my all-time favorite images of dungeon exploration.  (David Sutherland and Dave Trampier, credited as “DIS & DAT”, from the monochrome cover of module B1: In Search of the Unknown by Mike Carr, TSR, 1979.)


Another CC Find On TSR! I Hope You guys Like It As Much As I Do, Though Most Of My Sims Aren’t Leaning Toward The Fierce, Intelligent And Confident Side Which I Classify These Under  ᕦʕ . ☯ ᴥ ☯ . ʔᕤ

My Grade:  🐢🐢🐢 Three Turtles ^^

Artist - Ernhn

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                                                                                              “Tell me what it’s like—the race.”

“What it’s like is a battle. A mess of horses and men and blood. The fastest and strongest of what is left from two weeks of preparation on the sand. It’s the surf in your face, the deadly magic of November on your skin, the Scorpio drums in the place of your heartbeat. It’s speed, if you’re lucky. It’s life and it’s death or it’s both, and there’s nothing like it.”