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the sleuth infers:

yo! has you’ve noticed quite recently, my
presence has seldom appeared on tumblr.
i’m afraid the cause resides on the numerous
works i have been receiving and my tennis
practices which take an extreme amount of
time from my schedule. alas, my absence
shall linger until december or so. until then,
i will & shall try to come in as much as i can.

right now, i’m going to reply to the following people
for they have thoroughly awaited for my reply.
(ps. i’m so sorry lads, i’m trash q v q) 

&& i’m also making a second main verse based
on ACD’s Holmes albeit residing in the modern ages.

minorghost 1
xclarissima 2
onemansinsanity-onecatsreality 1
moranument 3
creepytardis 1
dxdger 4
xwhiphand 2

if you’re not on the aforementioned list, pray notice me u v u.


                            happy birthday, kitty kat!

so like, i did this in a haste and it’s super crappy and stuff, but i’m such a bad friend and only found out about your birthday through skype??? anyways, i love you, man. there’s no short or two ways about it. you are one of the kindest, warmest, funniest and most intelligent people i have ever met online and you are amazing and i think you deserve every good thing that comes your way. just knowing that i have you in my life and that you consider me a friend means so much to me, like, you’ve no idea. you’re so special, and you’re my kitty kat baby and one day i’m going to swim across the atlantic ocean so we can have dragon/kitty babies. is wear. this is really a crappy message and crappy gifs but i hope it makes you smile. kitties and cumberbum. i love you. please always be happy and always feel loved and always be the amazing person that you are. from your dragon babe. 


I have been working on cc for ts4 for less than a month! I’ve got a personal goal I am trying to reach…100,000 downloads within the first month! I’m only 600 DLs away from reaching it!!!!! aaaah! yay! please visit my TSR page and download an item or two or three or thirty! ;) YOU GUYS ROCK! thanks for so much support!!!!