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HBO to Air ‘Banksy Does New York’ Documentary in November

After taking over the streets of the Big Apple with last October’s “Better Out Than In,” Banksy’s month-long “street residency” is set to be the subject of a new documentary from HBO. Entitled Banksy Does New York, the film — which roughly coincides with the one-year anniversary of the project — sees direction from New York-based filmmaker Chris Moukarbel and relies heavily on crowd-sourced footage for a unique look at the phenomenon from the perspective of local New Yorkers. Look for Banksy Does New York to air on HBO November 17 and, in the meantime, check out Banksy’s own video below and the @banksyny Instagram account for a look back at “Better Out Than In.”

See ’Better Out Than In’ trailer…

….It only just occurred to me how much the trailers for series 3 supported Johnlock. How SUGGESTIVE they were of Johnlock.

When you look at them one by one, you’ll notice that never, not even once, there was a mention of Mary. The only time we ever saw her in the trailers was a 3 seconds scene where she’s lying in bed next to John. But even there our attention is drawn elsewhere, because a voice-over of John saying “ I don’t care how you did it, I just want to know why” starts playing in the background.

Surely you could argue now that they didn’t want to spoil the surprise of Mary being introduced as a new character, but that doesn’t make much sense. But if she was supposed to stay on the show for a longer time (and certainly in an important role, the wife of one of the protagonists) you would introduce her with at least one simple sentence. (well, it’s not like she was ever introduced in the show as well…) Mary is not important enough to be introduced. This is exclusively about Sherlock and John. In a way that suggests that they were/are together in a romantic relationship, at least for a someone who sees this show airing on TV without having seen the first two seasons. Let’s watch the trailers through a non-viewer’s eyes, shall we?

The first trailer we got was the Teaser Trailer, which was, in broad terms, a feast for everybody who ships Johnlock. The trailer shows how Sherlock approaches his friends after two years of letting them believe he was dead. We’re shown Sherlock’s face for when he sees John again.


Or, better said: THE FIRST TIME we’re shown Sherlock’s face is the moment he see’s John again after two years. With his emotions open on his face, an almost soft and I’d even dare to say anxious look on his face. Shocked. Whatever you want to interpret it.

That was the FIRST OFFICIAL SCENE featuring Sherlock we got after series 2, after The Reichenbach Fall, the first thing we saw of Sherlock AT ALL. And, regarding what happened in Season 3….it does rather described the latest series well, doesn’t it?

Sherlock looking at John with all his emotions on his face whilst John looks away.

The second trailer which featured BBC Sherlock was the Original British Drama Trailer. The amazing thing here is that we only got snippets of series 3, scenes so short that you weren’t even sure if it WAS the show at all. Expect one thing: Sherlock saying (clearly to John): “Just the two of us against the rest of the world.” Nothing else. They didn’t show in what context it was used, they didn’t show how John head-kicked him afterwards. They only showed that moment and it doesn’t take a genius to read the meaning behind this sentence. It’s a term best used to describe a romantic couple, just you and me, no one else, the both of us against the rest of the world. As a non-viewer, I’d clearly believe they were/are in a relationship.

The next Trailer was the 30 seconds #SherlockLives trailer where we get Anderson’s infamous fanclub and alongside that,this shot of John.


The shot of a pining John staying at Sherlock’s grave. Used in the beginning of The Empty Hearse. We also get John’s angry and hurtful expression as he sees Sherlock again for the first time. This is the first trailer where John’s feelings are acknowledged. Or, better: Where his feelings for Sherlock are acknowledged. Standing at someone’s grave with an expression like this? I’d sure as hell wouldn’t associate this with ‘platonic’ if I never saw this show before. (even if you know the circumstances of the thrid season you’d still associate this as ‘pining’).

Again: If I saw this as a non-viewer, I’d think ‘So that show is about a guy who left his boyfriend and came back after some time’ .

The last and longest trailer we got, nearly one month before The Empty Hearse aired, was the Series 3 Launch Trailer. This is the first time we see Mary, but, as I stated before, it’s just for three seconds, and our attention is drawn to John’s voice and his angry expression. And then there’s the exchange between Mycroft and Sherlock: “I’ll think I’ll surprise John. He’ll be delighted ! […] “ -”Baker Street? He’s not there any more. It’s been two years. He got on with his life.” -“What life? I’ve been away.” It supports the sentence I’ve said before – this guy left his boyfriend and does now expect that said boyfriend still waits for him. As a non-viewer who’s heard the sentence ‘Just the two of us against the rest of the world’ in the previous trailer, would you really expect what this show is about? With dialogues as suggestive as that?

What I’m saying is that in the way the BBC posted (or edited, I don’t know who exactly is responsible for the editing) STRONGLY supports TJLC and Johnlock. It makes me think of the famous Softly Softly meta. The BBC know that we want queer representation. And ONLY judging by the trailers (I’m not even talking about season 3 itself now) …..I’m pretty sure we’ll get it.