New dish towel just in time for Halloween! Or just for the everyday witch. 

Black screenprint with hand embroidered flames. 

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I know some knitters prefer to concentrate on one project at a time. I get bored if it is just one monotonous thing (even if the knitting it isn’t monotonous), so I always have a few projects on the go. As of this morning I had two projects going - one tricker one - a tailored woven-look jacket for my mum, and a more light-hearted knit of a slip stitch tea-towel. But I have just finished my tea towel, the length of it has been dictate by the yarn - I used up everything but the last couple of inches of the white skein - that is just the way I like it - no loose leftovers. 

More details about the projects on revelry 1 and 2

i just see john cena as this endless fountain of wisdom like the type of guy who would be there if you had a bad day and and ask whats the matter and you’re just like “i don’t know john today just sucked” and he’d be like “well you can make it better” and idk id just be like thanks john

Hey all. Unfortunately still having cat woes here at penguin towers. My friend’s cat Layla who I’m cat-sitting for is still missing; been doing lots of postering and leafleting in the area, calling and searching, and trying local rescues and vets. Had several reported sightings in their street but they’ve all been a case of mistaken identity with a cat of similar colouring a few houses up. Boo, but at least it’s nice that people are definitely keeping a look out for her.

Then I had my life shorted by several years through stress courtesy of the vampire-like fluffball up there. Monty had developed a lump on his side which I didn’t think was anything too suspicious because of the placement over his ribs and sudden appearance - most likely a small abscess due to playfighting or scrapping with other cats. He seemed fine in himself but was licking at it, so I figured it should get checked out & antibiotics just in case.

Today I worked from home and took him down at lunchtime, warning the vet he was nervy and doesn’t like being touched by people. Well, other than me now, the ankle-rubbing tart! But despite the vet calling in a nurse to help hold him he proceeded to dart out of his box and under a counter, wedged himself at the back against the wall and growled, hissed and yowled his head off… In the end cajoling and dragging him out proved impossible so he had to be pushed out with a window pole and grabbed by a nurse wearing gauntlets. We may have held up lunchtime surgery appointments a bit!

Twenty minutes and two tiny little jabs later he was back home looking slightly affronted but accepting chin-strokes, the wee devil, but at least it’s good he’s not holding a grudge. Well, not against me anyway! So that’s one set of cat-stress over; still hoping for good news on the missing Layla front soon.

etsyfindoftheday 2 | 9.29.14

‘eat well, travel often’ tea towel by mofehome

there are so many things to love about this rustic tea towel … the rough-edged white cotton, the minimal typographic print, and the print’s sentiments all make me smile :)