this is a list of some of my fav blogs. honestly all of my mutuals are great and i probably forgot some blogs but here it is. the 2014 Winter Follow Forever™ 

# - F

8bite agendr aigis2 autisticmakishima bipropellant bobbyblackquill bowserclaus bparakita chtot ciphergod damnulen death-howl deceitfulroach2 demonies diancite diangelo2 ekisame endocitosis festivekidzbop92

G - M

goldenwebs hotpriests hotvietsingles inuzuk isaacmendz jefftonyamv kagunes klaviergavin lakewitch lightchao luxrav matchbookseeksmaniac meikyarakuta mickeyriku mishear monopropellant

N - Z

nbcatgirl nge octillerie ohri puroland quagsires reclist sabelye sadifura slugfucker slurpuff smalloki spendon sproduce toothiest toudoo weregod winterwinnie wooliest yoggsaron yuujis zee

everyone is making follow forevers as the year comes to a close so i figured i’d follow the trend. ;;; i’m sorry if i don’t manage to include you on the list! happy holidays everyone!  ​

rapbattle anstruthers birdstump chrom mistyfalcon spaceamie hauntees jasontoddwashere izvki spookymaiden eracleas hintatas 1itotes ryugazaki sasakihaise salaminanami swiftersilver filthymitts maidboys kilubot zoldycs kakaqai liuxini xllumi oldcodexes midorimashintarou tenjoubaby khdays ttoxin

Thank you both!

  • who is the aesthetic blogger

Beatrice Baudelaire II. Half of her posts are secretly coded. Half just look cool. 

  • who is the sj blogger

Kit Snicket, for all the obvious reasons. Beatrice Baudelaire I was also a social justice blogger. 

  • who is the fandom blogger

Klaus. He’s in a ridiculous amount of tiny fandoms, but practically none of the big ones. About half of his posts correspond to books that nobody else has ever read. 

  • who puts everything under a read more

Violet Baudelaire. She’s never felt very comfortable talking about herself, but she’s found that venting on her blog is a good way to deal with stress. 

  • who posts the most selfies

Sunny. She posts a lot of pictures, period. Yes, many are of her, but many more are of her siblings. She barely remembers her life before the fire. A part of her is convinced that if anything happens to Klaus, Violet, or Beatrice II, her pictures of them will be enough to keep them safe and stop them from fading out of her mind as her parents did. 

(of course, Esmé posts plenty of selfies as well)

  • who is the biggest meme enthusiast

Nero. He’s overly obnoxious about it and tries to make every popular meme work with violins. He doesn’t succeed in this. At all. 

  • who makes really quality themes

Quigley Quagmire. He’s got quite the eye for design. 

  • who reblogs posts with pointless comments

Mr. Poe. Not that anyone really minds, as he has practically no followers. 

  • who has the most followers

Lemony. He’s always being followed

  • who uses 12 emojis in every post

Charles does this, as do the Volunteers Fighting Disease (they run a positivity blog). 

  • who had a really embarrassing superwholock phase that no one is allowed to speak of ever again

Carmelita. She’s still going through it, actually. 

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