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Maybe we should try to just clear this up in one go... You said you're heterosexual, but are you hetero-romantic? Are you and Tim just trolling the fandom or do you have, perhaps not sexual, but romantic feelings for each other?

I’ll give you that answer, when you can tell me how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

Granny Smith Apple Cupcakes

- Apple cupcakes w/Cream Cheese frosting. Fondant leaves. Wilton© Light Green Colored Sugars & Dark Green Colored Sugars

- I used real apple tree stems and here is why - Have you ever smelled the stems that’s been freshly cut from an apple tree? if not, why not give it a try! the apple stems carries this sweet scent and the scent permeate into the cupcake itself, hence using the stems. Yes, i could use other materials (pretzels, tootsie roll, black licorice…) but the stems has always been my preferred choice. (Eating a dessert, any desserts, should be an experience in taste, texture and aesthetically pleasing to your eyes. Harmonious combination is essential)

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Demian Diné Yazhi’
Custer’s Last Stand, 2014

As part of the Wendy Red Star’s Wild West & Congress of Rough Riders of the World.

Bad Days

Crunch “ugh!”

Crunch “Darn it!”

Crunch “nnf!”

There was a crunch and another frustrated noise as Eugene pulled the tootsie pop stick out of his mouth and pulled out a new one out of his bag. Honestly, he would never figure out how many licks it took to get to the center if he kept biting them in half. After the third or fifth lick, had just lost all self control. He popped the other one in his mouth and was about to start his count again when he heard it.

He was still down the hallway from his apartment, but he could hear the folk music from here, the tenor voice singing for lost love and the strumming of banjos permeated the hallway. That meant it was really, really loud. No wonder he was getting strange looks in the elevator up and everyone had refused his offer of lollipops. This mean one thing: Calixto had a bad day, and judging by how loud the music was it was a very bad day.

Eugene sucked pensively on his lollipop as he stood at his apartment door, keys in hand, feeling the bass in the song make his door vibrate. He was more than a little worried; what could possibly have gotten Calixto in such a mood? But now wasn’t the time to dawdle, his best friend needed him! He quickly turned the key in the door and opened it, wincing as the smell of alcohol hit his nose.

“Calixto?” he called, “Buddy?”

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Peppermint: a candied kiss; our muses fight over the last candy…the one who does manage to grab it gets a sweet surprise, when the other muse kisses them, pulling away with a satisfied smirk, and the sweet treat between their lips.

If there was one thing you didn’t do, it was to expect Jimmy Neutron to let you take the final tootsie roll. He was a pretty nice guy but what many people failed to observe was his massive sweet tooth. Quickly his arm shot out to grab the candy, hoping to get to it before Marley go the chance to.


Massaging & tickling my girlfriend’s tiny size 5 tootsies. Super ticklish girl, super beautiful friend. Thank the housemate for the shots :)

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