Cloud Garden
  • Cloud Garden
  • Namco, Dweezil Zappa, Tommy Tallarico
  • Pac-Man World Rally


Pac-Man might not seem like a series known for its soundtracks, those unforgettable arcade sounds still manage to inspire some great tracks. The soundtrack to Pac-Man World Rally is especially impressive, incorporating classic tunes into new forms. The Cloud Garden theme cleverly works in the classic Start music, the Act 1 theme (“They Meet”) from Ms. Pac-Man, and the Forest theme from the obscure SNES title Pac-In-Time.

Who brought us such a rockin’ mix of this odd collection of tunes, you ask? Why, none other than Dweezil Zappa (rock guitarist and son of the legendary Frank Zappa) and Tommy Tallarico (composer and co-founder of Video Games Live)!

We can’t imagine what bizarre events led to this collaboration, but we’re glad it happened. Enjoy!

I feel it's time for some World War One mythbusts!

British Army officers weren’t all “posh” - no less than 1,016 had worked in coal mines before the war.

On average, a British soldier on the western front spent 3 days a month on the front line, 7 in reserve, and the rest away from the fighting recuperating. 

Statistically most British soldiers actually gained weight during their time overseas (unlike their French and German counterparts).

Despite the myth that ordinary soldiers were sent to their death by posh cowards, the reverse is actually true - 20% of private school-educated “upper class” soldiers were killed during the war compared to 11% of “ordinary” soldiers. 

Roughly the same number of horses died on the Western Front as humans. 

9/10 Tommies survived the trenches. 

Most people didn’t think it would all be “over by Christmas” - for one, the Secretary of State for War predicted a long slog in 1914. 


Not in HQ yet, but here’s a better look at the first official behind-the-scenes photos of the Shelby brothers in Series 2. Click to view full size. They’re filming scenes at the Garrison, which has been blinged out in gold leaf since we last saw it. Peaky Gold. Other changes — the ties, and director Colm McCarthy in the director’s seat. And read the article in the October issue of Total Film at the link. (X)

The thing I think I love most about this is that I’m pretty sure that it’s the only gay joke that has ever appeared in Young Avengers. In most cases when there’s a gay character, they end up being the butt of the joke and their gayness is constantly used as a punchline, but the joke here isn’t even so much “Billy is gay” it’s really more “Tommy is a pervert for thinking about the Playboy Mansion in the middle of a mission” and I really appreciate that.