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Tokyo Ghoul:re | Ch. 18 - “A prosthetic?! That’s Suzuya!”

Tokyo Ghoul: re Chapter 19 Spoiler Summary

- Chapter title: Party:19

- CCG Mission 1: The annihilation of all ghouls in the Auction. Especially Big Madame. They have also expected Aogiri Tree to be present.
- CCG Mission 2: Save the civilians. There is a high chance that they are auctioned as goods. Saving them is a priority.

- Matsuri finds the second mission troublesome. He thinks getting Big Madame is more important.
- Matsuri intends to use this mission as a stepping stone to get him promoted to Special Class.

- S-rate Ghoul: Naki (White Suit)
- S-rate Ghoul: Miza (Female?)

Naki: What are those people?
Naki: Are they “cho-cho” unstable?
Miza: It’s “emotionally” unstable! *** Basically, Naki as usual made a mistake saying the word. This time he tried to say 情緒 “jo-cho”, which means “emotionally”, but he screwed up and said “cho-cho” instead, of which Miza had to correct him.

- Naki slaughters a bunch of CCG investigators.
- Akira takes Tateshima and Isai Team with her, in pursuit of the “White Suit”, which likely refers to Naki.
- Matsuri orders Hirako, Shimoguchi and Shibashi Team to block the exit so no one can escape.

- Sasaki and the Qs are talking about Mutsuki. Everyone is worried with the exception of Urie who is aiming for the awards as usual.

Shirazu: Maybe right now Tooru is so scared that he wets himself. Ka-ka~
Saiko: Ufufu~
Sasaki: Let’s meet up quickly so Mutsuki-kun won’t have to wet himself.
Shirazu: Yep!
Shirazu: (…That loser, wait for me!)
Urie: Let’s hurry up!
Urie: (It seems that you can get Osmanthus Award in this type of mission. I have to get there quickly before other teams get it.) *** Osmanthus Award Kanji can also be read as “Kaneki”.
Saiko: (Please be safe, Mucchan-ko, even if Saiko is useless.)

- Suzuya VS Ayato!
- Suzuya throws his Scorpions towards Ayato.
- Ayato dodges some of them and uses his Kagune to deflect the rest.
- Abara arrives.

Abara: …With opponent like Rabbit-san, it’s bad if it’s not Jason.
Suzuya: Hanbee, hurry up. The wig is a hindrance.

- Miza messages Hinami to support Naki, as he goes out of control as usual.
- Saeki (Torso) witnesses Mutsuki being dragged by Nutcracker.

- What Uta whispered to Mutsuki was “The mission has failed. No help will come.”
- Mutsuki tackles Nutcracker.
- Kanae appears before Mutsuki at the end of chapter.

Kanae: Hey! Little kitty!
Kanae: What are you doing?