Someone wanted some world info about Spellbound so I thought I’d condense the past two days’ shenanigans into one post.  Thanks for bearing with me, all, after this it’s back to business as usual!  I’ll keep this on the back burner.

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BONUS: Sundry Ancestors, Exiles, Miscellaneous Info

General World/Story Info

Spellbound is the AU I’ve been making up by the seat of my pants, learning more about it with every character people sent me to describe.

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1 MORE DAY UNTIL THE GRAND OPENING OF GHE SODA PARLOR!!!!! (Oct.25th to 26th) 10:am till everyone’s met! 1200 Clinton St, Nashville, TN 37203 Suite 20

I think your soul and mine must be very old friends

October 23, 2014
Knoxville,TN | Tennessee Theatre

01 - At Least That’s What You Said
02 - Company In My Back
03 - Poor Places
04 - Art of Almost
05 - I Might
06 - Country Disappeared
07 - What’s The World Got in Store
08 - At My Window Sad and Lonely
09 - Should’ve Been in Love
10 - I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
11 - One Wing
12 - Via Chicago
13 - Whole Love
14 - Box Full of Letters
15 - I’m Always In Love
16 - Ashes of American Flags
17 - Jesus, Etc.
18 - Born Alone
19 - Passenger Side
20 - Theologians
21 - The Late Greats
22 - A Magazine Called Sunset
23 - Heavy Metal Drummer
24 - I’m the Man Who Loves You
25 - Dawned On Me
26 - A Shot in the Arm

27 - Impossible Germany
28 - The Lonely 1

29 - Misunderstood
30 - California Stars 

Poster by Justin Helton / Status Serigraph

but really if anyone isnt doing anything with their life and wants to live in TN I have a room opening up and your totall bills will always be $250 or less  month.

man I went to a diner wit my squadron tn and this lil shorty and I got up to pee and this lil bih thought itd be cute to take some of my soup
I aint even eat it I was like nah I lost my appetite so she ate the whole thing
Ima rob her next time I see her