Elég régóta nem mondom, hogy “örökké”, mert nem létezik örökké.Ez a szó értelmetlen időpocsékolás, mert nincs “legjobb barátok örökre”, nincs örökké tartó rajongás, nincs örökké tartó szerelem, nincs örökké tartó fiatalság, mert a barátnőddel más lesz majd az életcélotok és az idő elteltével eltávolodtok majd, a kedvenc bandád nem fog a világ végezetéig együtt maradni, a barátoddal szakítani fogtok majd, pár boldog év után, az idő pedig telik és megöregedsz. De jó esetben a szívedben őrzöd ezeket halálod napjáig, mert meghatározó dolgok voltak az életedben. Viszont az életed sem tart örökké.

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oké, oké mindjárt leállok a posztolással vesszekmeg, csak elkezdtem inni a saját egészségemre most és a tükörelőtt táncolok. lécci este ha láttok gyertek oda és kérdezzétek meg, hogy szia. és te amúgy mit dolgozol? mert végre nem kell teliberöhögnöm az embereket és arról magyarázkodni, hogy hááát, most jöttem haza londonból és az anyámék tartanak el.

jesszusom de boldog vagyok, beszarnátok, ha látnátok!!

Big fat Friday fiver
  1. Before noon today I’d traveled 60 miles (an hour & 20 minutes’ drive) up to Wartburg TN, had 7 vials of blood drawn for tests, stopped at our church to pick Betsy (the youngest) up from Des (the longsuffering eldest who’d had her overnight 2 nights), gone to the mall in Knoxville to pick up a package for Veronica, and come back home.  If, as my doctor thinks, I’ve been running on sheer adrenaline for years, there’s maybe a good reason.
  2. My parents have spent a lifetime collecting things and spending money as fast as they can make it.  Of all the tons of ebay-worthy stuff they own, I only want my grandmother’s little carved Art-Deco cherry desk, and possibly my dad’s BMW motorcycle.  I’m the only one who rides.  He has 2 vintage BSAs also but I’d probably kill myself on them since the shift/brake pattern is opposite other bikes, but that’s another story.  Anyway for reasons, I rarely communicate with my parents.  I’ll be lucky if someone lets me know when they die.  My sister (who doesn’t like me because I’m just too WEIRD for her) and her husband and kid LIVE with my parents (most of the last 4 years).  How do I let somebody know that I’d like to have those 2 things before they have a giant yard sale, without sounding crass?
  3. I took a little nap when I got home today and while I was resting, the kittens managed to get my ball of yarn for the socks I’m knitting OUT of my purse to play with it, and broke it free of the knitting, for the SECOND time this week.  Garrr.
  4. I don’t follow porn blogs.  I follow people who post things that are meaningful to them, fandoms I like, pit bull dogs, and knitting.  I like glimpses into their personal insights as well as pretty reblogs.  And I do agree that if something appeals to a person or they like it, they should be able to post whatever they want on their blog.  But it’s disconcerting when someone I follow suddenly posts a gif of anal sex or a huge penis.  It’s like, scroll, scroll, oh kickass handknitted socks, scroll, my day was like this, scroll, oh oops hello there’s a dick.  Most of the time my laptop is in the living room and my kids are wandering about so I have to have a sudden panic of whether my 7 year old saw the woman getting pounded with her tits flopping about. :o/
  5. It surprises me how many people don’t train their kids to someday be adults.  I’ll hear people say, “My kid went off to college (or got married) and had to call home to ask how to do laundry.”  REALLY?  You mean your kid spent at least 18 years in your house (some stay longer than that, believe me) and couldn’t cook other than a Hot Pocket, couldn’t scrub the toilet, couldn’t plan and budget a meal, couldn’t iron a dress shirt, couldn’t read a map or balance their bank account, couldn’t do laundry?  Did you do them any favors then?  Maybe it’s just me, but I want my kids to LEAVE someday and not have to worry about their survival skills.
HBB Buzz: Come Alive Tour Review, Nashville


By: Allison Lawrence, allisonbrooke93

It is the night after The Come Alive tour ended in Nashville, TN. I am still all starry-eyed over last night. That could be because I become the human form of the heart eyes emoji whenever I see Trevor Wentworth of Our Last Night, but that’s another story!

The Come Alive Tour featured Stages and Stereos, Heartist, Our Last Night, and Set It Off. OLN and SIO co-headlined this one. They alternated the last set of the night. Since I attended the Atlanta show in July, and Nashville last night, I was lucky enough to see each headline a date. To be quite honest, this was my favorite tour of summer 2014, and last nights of tour always hold a special place in the hearts of those on the tour…but also the fans that went.

Here are a few highlights from The Come Alive tour/last night:

1. Stages and Stereos are a band to look out for. Most of you may recognize Alex Reed as a former Go Radio member. Now, he plays guitar for Stages and adds so much energy to their live sow. While this band may have originally formed in 2007, their opening set proves that they have a lot left in them. Recently, the group worked with ZK Productions to record their latest EP. Zach and Kenneth have worked with the likes of All Time Low and We The Kings, just to name a couple. From the groove of the bass and the energy of the guitars and vocals, this band is one to pay attention to.

2. Every tour needs that outlier who just seems to fit. When i saw the tour in Atlanta, I was confused as to why Heartist was on the tour. I remembered that band from the blessthefall spring tour. That tour was so hardcore compared to this. But, they still fit. While this band may have more breakdowns, screams, and circles pits than their tourmates, they still fit. They bring the energy, hair flips galore, and the rock with enough hardcore edge to stand out.

3. Our Last Night are truly just beginning. For those of you who don’t know, OLN is about to turn 10 years old as a band. They play their anniversary show in Boston this Friday. That is absolutely mental, consider that Trevor (lead vocals) just turned 21 this summer. But believe me, they are just really beginning. This bands brings it all. Trevor rarely stands still, as he constantly jumps all over the stage singing, or gets down on his knees during the deep screams that certain heavier songs require. The constant back and forth of vocals between him and his brother, Matt, keep the crowd interested. This band can run with the hardcore scene but also capture the emotion and soft sides of a ballad. If you ever get the chance to hear them play “Sunrise” live, I dare you to try and not cry. It also doesn’t hurt that Trevor is such a babe and super sassy. All members of that band are sassy though.

4. Set It Off never disappoint. That’s a tall statement to say, trust me, I know. But, I have seen SIO 11 times now. They never let me down. Cody Carson is truly a superstar. This band is unique in so many ways. From Cody and Dan having the school trained band knowledge on their side, to the theatrics that they bring to the live show, to classical elements amongst harder sounding songs….this band is wonderful. Cody is known for using the crowd in his routine trust fall, which scares the crap out of me. Cody also kind of has this bipolar thing going on while singing. He can be completely intense, insane, and DARK one minute. But the next, he is preaching to the crowd about chasing your dreams and causing us to cry during “Dream Catcher.” He lives it all on the stage. Watch out for the band’s new album, “Duality,” out in October!

5. Tour means family, and family means hope. Some last nights of tour end with pranks. But this tour ended with just a giant family coming together as one. Every night, the bands talk about a nonprofit called “Hope for the Day.” This charity uses music and other art forms as a way to prevent suicide. On the last night, as SIO talked about the charity, every single band member on the tour flooded the stage into what was basically just a hug fest. You could feel the love radiating from stage. This tour was a family. Every band was so sweet and cared about the other bands plus fans. Essentially, you could say that the winner of the night was that The Come Alive tour as a whole gave people hope. Seeing a tour this tight knit can be rare. But this photo says it all.


Photo by: Chris Martin

All in all, The Come Alive Tour was a success. As the tour flyer above shows, many dates of the tour sold out! Most of the Texas shows sold out, which is not listed on the flyer above. Ending the tour in the music city of Nashville was the perfect end to tour. All I felt all night long were good vibes, friendship, and the beat of loud music being played. While one thing I personally took away from this tour is that Trevor Wentworth will always be a total babe, this tour was pretty amazing. Hope those of you who went had a good night!.


A mai rajzfilmek eléggé életem

X: Szerezzünk neki barátnőt!
Y: Mi? MIért?
X: Mert nyomorú életet él és szeretet kell neki