This is by FAR the most terrifying ‪#‎TransformationTuesday‬ I have posted so far. I am having a HUGE love hate relationship with doing this, but I’m going to do it. And I am going to overcome my fear. Fear and hatred for my body. Fear and hatred of myself. I have worked so hard and while I still have more work to do, I NEED to be proud of how far I have come. I need to embrace it and love it. And I need to love myself. There aren’t any good examples of “before” pics for this. I would never in a million years be caught dead with my tummy hanging out let alone posting a pic on the internet. So the before pic is just a pic of me in 2012, around my heaviest and the after was taken yesterday, just before my workout. I see the transformation and some days all I can focus on is how it’s not enough, but it IS enough. I am enough. And I need to love who I am and make progress and push forward for me. Love who I am and love who I will be. Never give up on yourself, never think you aren’t good enough, because you are and whoever you are, believe me, you have value and you have love and you are beautiful. Don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise <3