color-me-damned said:

I super hate tina and super love bette but know it's all the construct of the show, like, obviously bette cheating on tina and then coerced her into sex when tina found out about it is not acceptable. not to mention tina had just suffered a miscarriage. so ughhhhh in real life I'm sure I'd side with tina even though her hair in season 3 is 100% gross and hetero and anyway just wanted your opinion

On Tina? She’s my second favorite character. Personally I’d understand why someone might find her dull, but she’s the one character who’s never done anything absolutely terrible in the entire run of the series. So I don’t understand the hate. I don’t think the chat room thing was that big of a deal at all. So idk I like her because she’s the most well rounded, regular character of the group, which balances out my other favorite, Jenny.