19 Kids and Counting is so painful to watch.

Only the scenes with the two oldest couples.  There’s so many times that they show them looking & smiling at each other and you’re anticipating them going in for the kiss, but they can’t & it’s so awkward.

But, as much as I find all their courting rules weird & extreme, I do admire them for being able keep to them.  Because of where & how I grew up, I obviously find it odd that they don’t have any physical relationship (that’s pretty much unheard of where I’m from).  But, I find it great that they value that emotional & mental intimacy of the relationship first.  Because, let’s be real, if you can’t connect with someone on an emotional level, you don’t really have a relationship.  I feel like far too many people rush into the physical portion (not saying that’s a bad thing), that they sometimes to to wrapped up in that and forget that you do really need to have a deep connection with someone.  A good physical relationship is definitely key, but I believe a true relationship rests in that emotional bond you have with someone.

Although I don’t agree with everything they enforce, I’m definitely intrigued by their family & values.  And I really give them all props because lord knows I wouldn’t be able to wait until engagement to hold my partner’s hand and marriage to do the dirty deed.