NGC 6240: Merging Galaxies : NGC 6240 offers a rare, nearby glimpse of a cosmic catastrophe in its final throes. The titanic galaxy-galaxy collision takes place a mere 400 million light-years away in the constellation Ophiuchus. The merging galaxies spew distorted tidal tails of stars, gas, and dust and undergo fast and furious bursts of star formation. The two supermassive black holes in the original galactic cores will also coalesce into a single, even more massive black hole and soon, only one large galaxy will remain. This dramatic image of the scene is a composite of narrowband and near-infrared to visible broadband data from Hubble’s ACS and WPC3 cameras, a view that spans over 300,000 light-years at the estimated distance of NGC 6240. via NASA


Tom Hardy in Cosmopolitan UKJune 2015 | photo by Greg Williams

5 Things You Need to Know about Tom Hardy

#1 He’s a dedicated husband and dad. Tom, 37, married Charlotte Riley (whom he co-starred with in a TV adaptation of Wuthering Heights) in secret last year, and has a son from a previous relationship. “I’ll do anything to learn about the nature of intimacy in order to be both a better [husband] and a better father,” he says.

#2 He’s known for playing tough guys in films such as Layer Cake and The Dark Knight Rises. For his new movie Mad Max: Fury Road he spent six months in the Namibian desert…

#3 … but off duty he’s a total home bird. He cries at Titanic and his specialty is cheese toasties. Ahh.

#4 Tom grew up in west London and is, he says, a real mummy’s boy: “I was an only child and I was used to getting a lot of attention from my mother… I do demand a lot of fuss made of me. The flipside of that is that if you’re my partner, you’d have a lot of attention back because you’d be the sole focus of my interest.”

#5 He’s strong physically and mentally, having beaten drug and alcohol problems. “I went entirely off the rails,” he’s said. “I’m lucky I didn’t have some terrible accident, or end up in prison or dead, because that’s where I was going. Now I know my beast and I know how to manage it.”

Indefinite ban on deviantart

Ok, I am calm enough to type this so here goes.

Earlier this afternoon I noticed I was logged out of DA so I tried to log back in as usual.  This happens every now and then because of cookies and DA tweaking their website and refreshing their page.

I usually log back in and it is no biggie.

This time when I log back in I find out I have been indefinitely banned.

Turns out the last image I posted - the cheeky Raven ass pose - was deemed a sexualized depiction of an underage character and less than a minute afterwards the ban was put in place.

I drew the character as the adult Rachel Roth with the arm and leg stockings but in my haste to color I apparently used a skin color which was too similar to the Teen Titans Go version of Raven.  I remember when I was coloring here that I was randomly going through skin tones and remember that raven can go from flesh, to red to even grey and made the mistake of choosing the paler grey.

Now this is different from an account deactivation because with that everything is wiped.

This is a ban which I am watching because they are now going through my sta.sh and storage to look for more stuff they can call a violation.

Basically, whomever acted on the violation was itching to invoke the ban so they could take their time finding more stuff to back their invocation - we are talking minutes afterwards since I am watching it happen live via my notes.

I will update on what is happening with regards to the obviously vindictive banning and my hopefully effective appeal.

(please reblog this post so that there is chance most of my DA watchers get the head’s up on what happened to me)

Zodiac signs and their anime boyfriends

Aries: Son Hak (Yona of the Dawn)

Taurus: Ryoma Ichijou (Love Stage!!)

Gemini: Nagisa Hazuki (Free!)

Cancer: Daryun (Arslan Senki)

Leo: Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High School Host Club)

Virgo: Clear (DRAMAtical Murder)

Libra: Freed Justine (Fairy Tail)

Scorpio: Ryouta Kise (Kuroko no Basket)

Sagittarius: Eren Jaeger (Attack on Titan)

Capricorn: Tobio Kageyama (Haikyuu!!)

Aquarius:  Mikoto Mikoshiba (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)

Pisces: Decim (Death Parade)