WCW in a nutshell.

heyyyyyyyyyyy guys! i don’t know what to say since i’m really bad at this but you guys are cool as hell and you’re really important and your posts brighten my day and i love you so you’re getting put on here okay babes? in no particular order here are the hellasaurus-rexes

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so yeah look at these hella peeps you guys are the best

if anyone’s looking for someone to follow 100% recommended trust me i’m not a doctor but i’m pretty honest


Say goodbye to Cheng Ting!

This girl has been a problem mouse ever since she matured and has had a barbering problem ever since. She over grooms any and all cage mates until they’re bald of whiskers and fur on and around their head. She’s a sweet girl but I can’t have her with any of my girls and I can’t have her by herself eating up food and bedding supplies for her cage alone when I have three others

My good friend and cousin has decided she’ll take her in. She’s the one I adopted Cheng and her sisters from and she’s excited to be able to take her back, especially after all of her mice fell to illness at the same time. She’s got a brand new 20 gallon and beautiful set up for my lil girl and I couldn’t be happier about where she’ll live the rest of her days. She’s already a year and a half old so here’s hoping she can live a full healthy and happy life in her new home!