I hate my art style so much right now but it’s so deeply ingrained into my psyche at this point that I have no fucking idea how to change it


your sunday evening ladyboner, courtesy of @twhiddleston wearing the shit out of suits. you’re welcome.

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Images: © Jason Hetherington for flaunt magazine​; Lorenzo Agius for the Telegraph Magazine; gregwilliamsphoto; Todd Plitt for usatoday; Darren Bell for whatsonstage; davidtitlow for esquire; jeffvespa. Additional images via torrilla.

About some of Tom’s ink:

… “Every tattoo I have means something to me. Each one is something that I’ve been through in my life or I’ve done or I’ve been. So I map that out on me, where I’ve been and where I’m going.”
… on his arm, the name of his agent - Lindy King - along with a little crown. “I said ‘if you ever get me into Hollywood, I’ll get your name tattooed on me.’ So I did.”
… above that there’s a large dragon, an ode to his now ex-wife, Sarah Ward, who was born in the year of the dragon. “That’s what you call a mistake tattoo,” he laughs. He points out a couple of other places where her initials have been tattooed over, in one case by a large rock design. “I had the boulder pushed right over that one.” (x)
… the screenwriter Kelly Marcel was there, and out of gratitude for the work she did on the Bronson script, Hardy has tattooed the nickname SKRIBE on his right arm. “Tommy is excessive, for good and for bad,” she says. “But you have to know what you’re in for with him. You don’t show up without knowing what you’re doing, because he’s going to come at you full force like an uncaged fucking lion.” (x)