Some of these “world class” athletes need to reevaluate themselves. If you’re lucky enough to make it to Worlds, you should be gracious for the opportunity to even be in Florida competing right now. If you made it into FINALS, you’re so lucky. These athletes need to wake up and smell the damn roses because ANYONE that goes to Worlds need to realize how lucky they are. So many ungrateful competitors this year it makes me sick.  

Anti-GamerGate. Just this once. Let go of your fucking ideas of petty revenge and stop weaponizing tragedies. Every single time, you show your true colours. Every single time, you show you’re willing to use tragedies that are unrelated to #GamerGate and use it against us.

I wish every single sane Anti-#GamerGater goes neutral and dumps these extremist fucks. I’ve met decent Anti-#GamerGaters and they do not deserve to be lumped in with narcissistic scum.

Anti-GamerGate makes it really hard to see people like this as people and not twisted monsters.

I try my best to see you all as humans behind the screen but holy shit, you make it so hard.

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Regarding Pearl always having her foot in her mouth, something else I noticed is that often when Pearl isn’t sure how to word something, she’ll turn to others to “help her out” and say it for her (usually Garnet, but sometimes Amethyst and increasingly Steven). I think it’s kind of a knee-jerk reaction for her to turn to help when she gets flustered, whether it’s because she’s already messed it up once or simply can’t think of a perfect way to say a difficult thing.

(cont.) Of course, I think that also makes her scene with Amethyst in “On the Run” even more powerful. Steven explains that *she* needs to talk to Amethyst, and even though it’s a difficult conversation and Pearl keeps messing up and getting flustered, she powers through and says what she needs to say. It’s a subtle bit of character growth for Pearl, and a good message that sometimes *you* need to say something, even if it’s not perfect, rather than hoping for someone else to say it “better”.

That’s a good point, she does do that a lot. As much as she loves talking and explaining things, she often looks to the others when she’s at a loss, especially for less ‘fact’ based things (like in “So Many Birthdays” and “Alone Together”). It’s another thing I can relate to, since its often easier to have people who understand me speak for me than for me to try and explain and do it all wrong. Similarly, although she didn’t have anyone else speak to her, when she couldn’t figure out what she was supposed to say to Connie in “Full Disclosure”, she admitted she was at a loss and then left the conversation (which a lot of people seem to hold against her? But, I dunno, Steven put her in a really bad position of having to lie without knowing why or what to say. Which I would think would be hard for anyone to navigate but especially someone with known difficulty in social situations. Not the proper way to handle it, certainly, but not some big crime and honestly admitting she doesn’t know what’s going on is a much better response than making up a lie)

But yea, you really need to be able to talk to people yourself and try to make it through tough conversations, even with the errors you may make. It is a nice character moment for her to speak to Amethyst directly in that scene and especially that she screwed up explaining, as she often does, and had to reword it. Because I think that’s pretty important, because people, or some people at least (like myself) aren’t the best at communicating properly and its nice to allow people a chance to correct themselves. The others seem to know she has this problem and may get momentarily annoyed when she says these things but also don’t seem to hold it against her for too long, which I like. As you said, its a good message to show you need to say something and communicate yourself even if its not perfect and similarly its a good message to show it doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect as long as its genuine and you acknowledge your mistakes

While communication seems to be a major theme of season 2, its really a big theme in the show overall. How you need to be able to talk to and be honest with people and make your feelings known. And that its not an easy thing but its kind of necessary. And different people have different ways of communicating and we all kind of have to give and take to be able to understand each other, instead of always expecting people to be able to communicate the way we want them to.


Because today is Chris Evans Beard Appreciation Day. It’s all about the beard.

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