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Hello Kitty Bento Box ($51)

On the menu until until November 21 is the Hello Kitty Bento Box ($51) includes:

  • Hello Kitty Burger with housemade pink cheese, teriyaki onions, kombu pickles and miso mayo Fries with smoked salt and bacon spread
  • Spicy tuna salad with seared albacore, sriracha dressing, crispy rice, avocado, and yellow Frisée.
  • Strawberries ‘n’ cream cruller donut topped with vanilla ice cream
  • Chilled green tea latte made with coconut milk, matcha powder and a Hello Kitty branded logo dusted on top

ultralumlumlum said:

Hey! So I don't know if Belle was based on Audrey, but I'm sure Princess Aurora's movements and walk were based on Audrey. Apparently they were going to make Aurora look like Audrey as well but changed last minute. Am I right?

Hey!  In all sincerity, I’m not up to date with my Disney Princesses but I read about Belle being based on Audrey in Roman Holiday from another tumblr post.  However, you could be very right about Aurora too!  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen either film.  



Not only was Audrey Hepburn used as one of the visual models for animators when creating the Disney character Belle from the 1991 film, Beauty and the Beast, but the ball gown Belle wears in the now famous waltz scene from the Oscar-nominated Disney flick is directly inspired by the royal gown Audrey Hepburn wore in the 1953 film Roman Holiday - her Hollywood debut. Hepburn was used as model primarily for her face’s round features. The Disney animators wanted to make Belle more ‘European-looking,’ than some previous princesses, which led them to Hepburn’s earlier film roles as guidance.