“Lee Pace, wow. You know, when he went into the shoot for the promo shots for Thranduil, you might not know this, but he was a model before he was an actor. So he actually knew what he was doing. He would just whip his cape off and pull these amazing shots. Every photo with his sword – I mean, it just looked like he was making love to the sword. When I went back and looked at all of his promo photos, we could have used them all. It’s a shame only four or five were released.” –Daniel Falconer, Weta designer. (x)

Elves and Dwarves: Alliances

It’s not lore-breaking at all! There have been quite a few elves who developed good relations with dwarves in Middle Earth’s history! Sometimes the relationship was purely business, such as:

  • Thingol hiring the dwarves of Nogrod and Belegost to build Menegroth (though the relationship soured in the end.)
  • Finrod hiring the dwarves of Nogrod and Belegost to build Nargothrond. They also exchanged the Nauglamir for some of Finrod’s treasure from Valinor.
  • Caranthir doing regular trade with the dwarves of Nogrod and Belegost, and also teaching them some of the craftsmanship the Noldor had learned in Valinor.
  • Thranduil and the elves of Mirkwood doing trade with the dwarves of Erebor (though obviously that relationship soured a bit too.)

Other times the relationship went beyond simple business and trade:

  • Eol was said to prefer the company of dwarves to that of most other elves. He traded and met with dwarves often, until eventually “as their friendship grew he would at times go and dwell as guest in the deep mansions of Nogrod or Belegost. There he learned much of metalwork, and came to great skill therein.” Given how secretive the dwarves are said to be, this is pretty impressive. Not only was Eol a welcome guest and student, but when Eol’s son Maeglin is older he too was welcomed in the dwarf halls.
  • In the Second Age the elvish realm of Eregion was established just outside the western door of Moria. Well, sort of. It was established just west of Moria, but the two groups got along so well that the dwarves built a western door, and then “locked” it with a riddle so hilariously simple at the time that it was clearly never meant to be closed. The two groups worked so well together that Tolkien said “Eregion became far stronger, and Khazad-dûm far more beautiful, than either would have done alone.” Celebrimbor was a great example of this relationship, who together with the dwarf Narvi carved the western door to Moria. Galadriel also got along well with the dwarves in this period, given that she was able to lead a group of elves through Moria to Lorien in the east without any problems.
  • And of course there’s Legolas. His dwarf relationship was the most personal (and specific, since he befriended a single dwarf, as opposed to an entire community), but still clear proof that elf/dwarf friendships are anything but impossible.

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SOURCES: The Silmarillion, The Unfinished Tales (”The History of Galadriel and Celeborn”), LOTR

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