The Vow

A/N i was watching the movie The Vow and this just kind of happened. i’ve been sitting on it for ages, reworking and stuff because it was shit originally lol oops. this one is ridiculously long and i cried when i wrote it, so go get some snacks and duvet before you start, seriously, it’s so long what am i doing with my life. this took me so long to write oh my god i’m so glad to finally get rid of it gah. i also sneakily worked myself into this one hahaha yolo lmao  

please enjoy or i’ll be sad 



Jake was sitting in the studio, with a guitar on his lap, when he got the phone call. He remembers, to this day, the precise moment, the exact minute his world fell apart.


He’d been taking a brief break from recording his first full length studio album. It had started as one of the best days of his life.It’s scary how fast things can change.

He’d been left alone for a few minutes, and he was distractedly plucking at his guitar strings. He played a few chords, and started to sing quietly.

That’s when his phone rang. He set his guitar on the stand and pulled it out, frowning at the unfamiliar number for a second before he picked it up.

“May I speak to Mr Jake Edwards, please?”

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What if Loki is trapped into a cycle; each week he would wake up in another universe where Thor doesn’t know him; every first day Thor would meet him and Loki would have a week to make him fall in love with him – or rather remember that Thor loves him.

(If you like the idea, please feel free to use it ^ç^)

And then I started having ideas on what happened and basically starting to write a little something… And I thought it would be fun if everyone would write one of Loki’s week XD

Anyway, here is what I wrote – WIP!

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