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Dark!John Fic Recs

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if you’re a John!fan, this is not your list!

What Doesn’t Kill Us  Normal doesn’t mean anything when it comes to Winchesters, and they do what they have to to keep the team together. (This fic includes abuser!Dean but is one of my ‘faves’) pretty dark, I loved the Dean’s pov. fucked up stuff!)

Daddy, Please, No    After Mary’s death, John is very lonely, and he can’t help but notice how attracted he is to Sam (who is eight). So, feeling absolutely disgusted with himself, John attempts to drink his feelings away. But that doesn’t help; only makes them stronger, and harder to control. One night, while he’s drunk out of his mind, he goes into Sam’s room and starts touching him. And once he’s started, he does it every night, his actions getting bolder until he finally rapes Sam (who is now eleven). After the rape, Sam becomes anti-social, and jumpy. He won’t let anyone but John touch him (only because he’s scared to flinch away from John). Not even Dean. And Dean noticed it, and goes to investigate, trying to get Sam to open up to him. And when he doesn’t, he scopes out his room at night, finally catching John in the act. Once John’s been caught, Dean takes Sam and runs to Bobby’s house

Bitter Trust  Dean went to college instead of Sam. After being abused by his father for 2 years, Sam goes to Dean and asks for help under the pretense of finding their father who isn’t actually missing because he misses Dean and wants to be with him again.

It’s Better to Ask Forgiveness Than to Beg Permission  (GEN) Sam has a special request.

The Long Way Home Dean makes a decision to force his Dad to become the father his brother needs, but when he finds out how badly his plan backfires, it’s going to take everything he has with the help of his friends to bring Sammy home. (GEN)

Waking Up!verse (WIP) John Winchester isn’t the best father in the world, and Dean made a deal with a demon long before Sam was stabbed.

Splintered Dean is always in the middle, struggling to hold his family together, to take care of his father and Sam…no matter what that means…no matter what that costs.

Sins of the Father     Sam get hurt during a hunt and Dean comes to realize some things about his feelings for his brother and some ugly truths about his father

The Bringer    Sam has a special destiny, but is it for good or for evil? Dean may be the deciding factor. Wincest. And a happy ending was had by all except for the two who don’t get a happy ending. What the hell. Nobody liked them anyway.

Between the Shadows (GEN)  Follows Devil’s Trap. The Winchester family is faced with something it never saw coming not even in their worst fears, especially Dean’s

Mother Mary Comes to Me   Sam sometimes reminds John of his mother. When John sees more than a resemblance, he lets himself believe something that can’t possibly be true. Sam pays the price

Playing Monsters It was just a game … a game that those boys used to play. They’d pretend that they were monster hunters, that they were some kind of heroes. The problem was that they started to believe that all of that nonsense was real, you see.

If There’s Life After This Sam and Dean go to another school while on yet another hunt, expecting the usual blending in, research, killing whatever’s hurting the local populace, and burning rubber out of town when they’re done. But what happens when they discover that some of the worst monsters are plain, old humans? What happens when one of their own is the victim? Will Sam and Dean be able to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives?

The Touch of His Hand   Sam is fourteen when his psychic ability manifests, in the form of powerful, uncontrollable visions that leave him incapacitated by pain. Fear of his father’s reaction to having a son with supernatural powers leaves him only one person to turn to: his brother Dean. As his feelings for Dean grow stronger and the visions take more out of him, both brothers will have to make decisions on what is important, and where you go when you have nowhere left to turn

The Comfort of Brothers  Dean takes care of Sam after John abuses him.

With These Broken Wings I’m Fallin’ Dean has spent his life following in his father’s footsteps, hunting down evil and never getting close to anyone. All of that changes though when he meets Sam.

To Fight in the Shade  During a hot summer in a cabin in a remote part of Alabama, John trains Sam and Dean for their future as hunters. Dad expects the boys to pay attention and work hard. Dean loves hunting and is happy as can be. The only thing that makes him mad is the fact that Sam is as unhappy as he can be because Sam doesnt love hunting or anything to do with it. To Sam, its the summer from hell because the only thing he wants to do is go to school and play soccer. But theyre not in school, and Dad thinks soccer will attract the wrong type of attention so hes forbidden soccer to Sa

Tell Me To Stay  Sam has been accepted into Stanford. He finally tells Dean while the two of them are holed up in a rainy little town, Dad investigating a simple hunt and burn that Dean opts out of. What follows is Dean’s need to decide on his loyalties, and confront just what his job is really about.

Freak Camp ‘Verse  The same old Sam/Dean love story, with a darkfic twist. Sam grows up in a concentration camp for monsters, and Dean is raised as an only child and a hunter. Together, they make each other human.

Sin’s a Curse and the Cure Is Worse  John finds out and loses it, violently

Pieces of Us   John Winchester loved his son, Dean, desired him and cherished him. He was the perfect boy. John Winchester despised his offspring, Sam, hated him with a passion because of how his late wife and now his eldest boy loved the whore. So, John took his due from the slut and made sure that Sam understood that it was all his fault

Dying From a Broken Heart   The big fight between John and Sam…can Sam’s heart take it?


Sam and Dean Winchester

“Oh look it’s miss I don’t need you it’s just some vampires I can handle it.” Sam mocks while Dean laughs, coming into view of their younger sister.

“Just shut up and untie me you assholes.” You scoff, giving your older brothers the death glare they deserve.

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some people are blaming sam

some are blaming dean

am i literally the only one blaming the mark? that mark is a little bitch and it’s tearing them all apart. dean would never have meant what he said, and sam would never have wanted to betray dean unless it was absolutely necessary.

lets face it, if the mark was a person he would be a bigger asshole than medatron.

destielhiseyesopened replied to your post: In what realm is this slut shaming nec…

Def not necessary. At least it was called out by another character though, I guess, instead of outright normalized. But they definitely could have presented Dean as a callous asshole in some other way.

Yuuup. I’m glad it was called out but I’m sick of the “she was someone’s little girl” argument. 

Like no. 

She was a person. She was herself. She was killed. 

Feel bad because of the loss of human life not that “she belonged to someone else.”

goyour-own-way replied to your post: really?? Dean is a self-pitying asshole??  And now…

I think it was around this time last year when we got that line from Sam to Dean: “Stow your baggage.” Which pretty much sums up how everyone in the show, and many people in the fandom, want Dean to cope.

Pretty much. And then they want him to open up more. Why? So he can be told to “get over it”? Here’s a tip: If you want someone to open up and be vulnerable with you, don’t tell them to “suck it up” when they do.

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Explain why it sucks?

  • There is so much hate and deception among characters who are supposed to be a team.
  • Dean is an entire asshole now.
  • Castiel has become a begging wimp getting beat up by Dean, instead of the take-charge, badass warrior angel that he is.
  • They’re not so much fighting evil/monsters as just floundering in it
  • Nobody can or will trust anybody
  • The scene shots/camera work have become dark almost all the time, making it very difficult to discern what is going on

All this is very upsetting to me.  I loved this show and the characters and want good things for them.  Their lives and line of work have been shitty enough already.  But the show just keeps going deeper into a pit that it doesn’t seem like it can come back from.  That is a very sad thought indeed.

anonymous asked:

But there is a difference between criticizing someone's actions and calling him an asshole imho... :-/ I mean, if name-calling is love in your book, that's all right and your business, but don't be surprised if people won't take it that way.

Oh anon. 

Please read the post, and have a read in some of Tess’ (the writer of the post) meta on travellerintime 

saying that someone acts as an asshole, and explaining WHEN and WHY and WHAT made him act this way, and to point out it’s actually heartbreaking he doesn’t have better coping skills in those specific instances , is NOT name calling in my book. 

if in this meta, Tess, or I would refer to Dean as ‘the asshole’ then that’s name calling. 

saying someone acts in aassholeish way, is not name calling - especially not when pointing out said scenes and really seeing him acitng like that. what would you have us call it? ‘dean was acting unkindly’? will that be better? 

queen-of-carven-stone replied to your post “I can see the fic you’re writing in the reblogs of that post and I am…”

Avani is not planning on being kind to Dean. Hallucifer may make a reappearance, and I have no idea how I might redeem Dean…

and this is why you want avani to write it.

L just tries to make Dean realize what an asshole he is so the boys can start to heal, because deep down, she’s a fluff writer.

Avani has no mercy for Dean.  This is gonna be sooooo good.

Ok so I’m working on a supernatural drinking game for the post AHBL random episode marathon. These are mostly just taken off other lists people have made and pieced together but there’s a few new ones

Drink every time any of the following is said:
Hello Dean
Hello Boys
Sammy (twice if Sam tells them off)
So get this
You’re my brother/family
We’ve already spoken to the police

Drink every time:
Cas doesn’t understand a reference
Garth makes a Bobby reference
Charlie makes a pop culture reference
Crowley’s a sarcastic asshole
Crowley shows emotion
Young John looks confused
A prophet is shown
Anyone cries
Anyone dies
Burning bones
Heat of the Moment plays
Blood splatters
Someone appears way too fast and way too silently (includes angels)
Classic rock plays
The standard motel set is used
There’s an exorcism
There’s a flashback
There’s a glorious Impala shot
They refuse to say the word kill (ice etc)
They use fake names
They argue over taking a job
They call Bobby
They mention dad’s journal
Dean drinks
Dean mentions pie
Dean calls the impala “Baby”
Dean hits on/checks out a girl
Sam’s bitch face
Sam eats healthy
Sam drives the impala
A girl likes Sam more than Dean

Bonus round: put a hat on the corner of the tv and drink whenever someone wears it

No matter the series, my fave is always either a problematic asshole murderer or a precious baby duck who can do no wrong. Whichever category they fall into, they are always always my

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What will she post about Dean? A picture of his hat? A mountain? The same stupid hints?? Shippers can't get into arguments because they are immature 30 something women just like renee. Their post are childish and they are the same assholes lurking this blog then they go back to the ambrenee bitch. -SA


We’ve got a class blog for my religious studies class, and every class period someone puts up a blog topic and everyone else comments on it. This class is crosslisted with women’s studies and the majority of the posts seem to have nothing to do with religion at all, which is disappointing to me, as that’s not really the point of the class and I don’t particularly relish being forced to interact in a classroom setting with someone spewing incorrect rape statistics (if I can’t be a bitter asshole with a collection of reaction GIFs what’s even the point, right?).

But occasionally people will actually talk about religion and it’s really weird. There are so many inaccurate and flat-out wrong ideas out there. Granted, I spend a lot of time with religious subjects and maybe part of this is me expecting other people to have the same level of knowledge that I do, which is not a fair assumption to make (I’m sure I’d sound pretty stupid if I had to go give my interpretation of electrical engineering or some subject I didn’t spend an absurd amount of time studying), but I’m pretty sure some of it is stuff that should be more common knowledge than it is. We’re not talking sticky theological questions, this is surface-level errors leading to wacky conclusions, like trying to analyze Catholicism based on your assumption that Mary is some kind of Catholic goddess. You don’t have to be an expert to know better.

If you’re going to write a post about Wicca and witchcraft, maybe know there’s a difference (all of the comments are to the effect of “wait people believe they’re witches?”). If someone writes a post about the Virgin of Guadalupe, maybe don’t comment with the conclusion that she’s “basically Mexico’s Jesus” or that she’s somehow her own religion. There’s a blog post that just went up talking about Kabbalah and 10 different comments expressing surprise that it’s Jewish. Another person talked about the appeal of folk religion and the whole comment section turned into “omg you can’t say that, calling it folk religion is insulting” and I’m over here trying to explain to people that it is a valid term with a specific meaning and attempting to define “folk tradition” in one sentence to a bunch of freshmen (not even the experts can agree on a good definition, this is an impossible task). A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing…I try to be more polite than I would be on Tumblr but I’m not just going to let people get away with horribly erroneous views without trying in my own futile way to correct it.

I complain a lot about the intellectual level of a lot of Tumblr debates, but at least there’s people interacting and responding to each other. Sure, you might say some really stupid shit and not listen to the other side, but you are forced to defend your beliefs when you’re responding to someone, and that’s very valuable. The problem with a set-up like the class blog though is that everyone leaves their comment so they can get their point and there’s no real back-and-forth. I’m like “hey, let’s have an actual conversation, because you’re all saying the same things over and over and a lot of it is based on an incomplete understanding of the actual tradition in question,” but I think I’m pretty much just lost in the shuffle. Oh well. I try.

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Awful! This is just wonderfully awful and you have me spiraling into abandoned!Dean feels like crazy with this!! Because this is probably exactly how it went down. Where are my tissues?!

*hands you tissues* I have a lot of pent up abandoned!dean emotions and I have to let them out a bit at a time…

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in one way, i blame it on the mark, y know? after…

Well, the beating up could have come because of the mark, but Dean has already been a huge asshole a long time now and he doesn’t get better, his relationship with Sam doesn’t get better, anything doesn’t get better at all!

And then now they killed Charlie, the only recurrent queer character they ever had, one more woman and for what I listened to (because I didn’t watch the more recent epis yet) she died in the most ridiculous way, just to make the brothers still more fucked up and raise their sorrow.


I don’t hate Dean, but he is such asshole these days…and when he isn’t, he doesn’t even seem genuine.