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BEN was out walking in the woods, as he was trying to find his way home “Damn, am i lost again?” he mumbled to himself


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A bright light appeared some ways away from him and a masked teenage girl was shoved out into a bush. “Ow ow! Blaine, you didn’t have to push!” She shouted and stood up as the light disappeared.

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The Killers “Mr. Brightside” @ Le Cabaret du Capitole, Québec City 2014/07/06- full video in my youtube channel: Openthesky_letmefly - last song from that Magic Night❤❤ #intimateshow #thekillersquebeccity #thekillers #lecabaretducapitole #thevictims #lesvictimes #brandonflowers #hiatustour2014

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The Killers | This Is Your Life | Liverpool O2 Academy | 15/08/2014 | My Video #thekillers #thisisyourlife #live #dayandage #video #thewave #music #bands


I found my friend standing there, up on that bridge one night. Standing right in the middle of the highway. He had lost hope, too. He thought there was no going back. But there’s always a way back. A way home. What he did, he didn’t think he could make it right, but I found him there. He was lost and had nowhere to go. He was standing on the median - Alone, hopeless. He was my good friend and he was up on that bridge thinking he didn’t have anyone left.

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Day made! Brandon and Ronnie from The Killers going into the O2 Academy, Liverpool #thekillers #brandonflowers #victims #mrbrightside