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"Blake i have fucked up and need a place to stay" Jeff said as he rubbed the back of his head.


"Oh, that sucks dude" Blake says, standing at his door "You can stay here if you want…as long as the staff dont catch you. what about Ben?"


I found my friend standing there, up on that bridge one night. Standing right in the middle of the highway. He had lost hope, too. He thought there was no going back. But there’s always a way back. A way home. What he did, he didn’t think he could make it right, but I found him there. He was lost and had nowhere to go. He was standing on the median - Alone, hopeless. He was my good friend and he was up on that bridge thinking he didn’t have anyone left.


Surgery by aderyn: It changes you, having a bullet put in someone.

up all night by michi_thekillerThese are the longest eleven hours of John Watson’s life.

Human Error by LitLockedEverything Sherlock does not say.

The Clock Turns Backward by MoranionThe ride back from the airport, and what came after. Or: the way Sherlock’s hands wrap around John’s wrists. Or: how to love with a bullet.

What This Flesh Has Gone Through by MoranionMary never apologizes for shooting Sherlock. John never apologizes for marrying Mary while being in love with someone else as well. Sherlock never apologizes for shooting Magnussen and being forced to leave them both. It just about evens things out, really.

Nineteen Seconds of Falling by EmmyAnguaSherlock spends exactly nineteen seconds zoned out after John asks him to be best man. He retreats to his mind palace in the desperate hope of figuring out what he wants, unfortunately for him his mind palace is full of people who keep trying to give him advice.

Twist by emmagrant01A what-if remix of one scene from His Last Vow: Instead of ignoring John’s jealousy over Janine after she leaves 221B, Sherlock decides to say something.

Whatever Remains, However Improbable by ivyblossom, Loudest_Subtext_in_TelevisionThe evidence is all there: we know it’s bound to happen. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are going end up together, aren’t they? Obviously! We can show all the evidence in meta posts on tumblr (and oh we do, we do!), but we could also sit them both down and tell them it’s going to happen. And how it might happen. Doesn’t hurt to nudge them along, does it?

Shallow Grave by SilentAurorStarts as Sherlock’s plane is taking off at the end of His Last Vow. When he finds out that Moriarty is alive and that he’s being recalled from his mission, Sherlock decides that he should have told John how he felt before he left. So he walks off the plane and kisses him.

At the Heart of it All by SilentAurorJohn has been back at Baker Street for four months now and thinks it’s about time they had the Talk to see whether or not they could be more than friends. Sherlock has a lot of uncertainty about this concept for multiple reasons. Unabashed romance.

Loaded by sculleyseviltwin: “Don’t,” Sherlock breathes and closes his eyes; John is positively terrified that the moment is gone, broken, shattered and is equal parts relieved and devastated. But Sherlock’s eyes flick back open, a sheen of tears bright and unobscured. Oh, this is something indeed. “Things… change.”

Ease Your Way into Occupied Spaces by joolabeeOne thing’s certain: this wasn’t the way it was supposed to happen. (Not written post-S3, but too gorgeous to leave out)

Yellow Diamonds by Mazarin221bThere’s an eternity between the time they find themselves on the stairs and the rest of the night. 

Thirteen by lifeonmarsThere are thirteen possible ways to approach John Watson, and none of them are right.

Inhale, Exhale by EJMulfordSherlock returns a different man to the one who left, in more ways than one, and learns that sometimes there may be no going back. (Not written post-S3, but too amazing not to include)

In Care Of by quietasasleepingarmyJohn writes instructions for Sherlock’s lover on how to care for him.

Sorry everyone I was locked up but I never stopped drawing this is a piece inspired by @karrueche entitled #TheKill that I did while incarcerated. Most people know her for dating #chrisbrown but she hones more to her than what meets the eyes and this is my piece to profile that. #art #model #thekillsociety #illustration #graphite #casa #starv #handshark #artstagram #karrueche #artistic #creative